Tuesday, November 25, 2008

4 months old on November 25, 2008

Today the boys are 4 months old!! I can't believe how big they are getting. I worked from 7-11 (my part-time hours for now) and then picked the boys up at daycare and we went to a play date with Jayla Sullivan who is 6 months old (Jake and Janel Sullivan's little girl) and Jerzey Haluska who is 5 months old(Adam and Kendra Haluska's little girl) at Janel's house in Huxley. The kids all just stared and smiled so big at each other it was so cute to see them interact!!

Joel, Jayla, Jerzey & Jackson
Joel holding Jayla's hand...so cute!!

I then took the boys to their 4 month apt where Jon met us. Jackson weighed 14 pounds 5 ounces (40th percentile) and is 25 1/4 inches long, or tall I guess (60th percentile). Joel weighes 13 pounds 6 ounces (25th percentile) and is 24 1/4 inches tall (40th percentile). Dr. Schutte was very impressed with how strong they both are...they were standing for her and were VERY strong with their heads, she said the strength of a 6 month old, so that made us feel good. The poor guys also had to have their 2nd round of shots...made mommy sad to have to hold their hands above their head while they got poked :( We brought them home, gave them some Tylenol and they slept for an hour and 45 minutes!! They were tired most of the night and we put them to bed at 7:45.

Tomorrow we go back to JC Penny for 4 month pictures we have to capture how fast these sweet boys are growing!!

Daddy and Joel after shots

Mommy and Jackson after shots

Back to work....

Well next Monday the 1st I am back to work full-time. I am actually kind of excited to get back into the swing of things. I really liked being home all the time when I was home all the time but then when I went part-time for 6 weeks I really liked that too!! But I think going back full-time will be really good, I'm excited just to get back into our "normal" routine. Jon and I are excited to carpool again since we haven't been with me working weird hours and most of all I am excited about "my time" during my lunch hour. I haven't been taking lunch at work while I was part-time so I havne't had time to do anything!! Before my maternity leave I would run on my lunch and I am SOO looking forward to getting back into that again!! It has been so hard to get to the gym in the evenings. Jon gets home from work, and then it's time to feed the boys, we eat and gosh by then it's 7 and we are trying to put the boys to bed before 9 so that doesn't leave much time to play with them, enjoy each other and get ready for the next day. So getting back to work full-time with be bittersweet, I'm going to miss my time with my boys but I'll be a better mom because I will have "me time".

Our routine for the next week will be wake up at 5 Jon and I get ready, wake the boys up at 5:30 feed them and leave the house by 6:10, drop off at daycare at 6:15, I'll drop Jon off by 6:30 and head downtown to be there at 7. Then I leave work at 4, pick Jon up at 4:30 and get the boys before 5.

We love daycare!!!

I thought I would give everyone an update about how daycare is going. Our daycare lady, Lori lives just up the road from us in a big white farm house. She is about our parents age so it's like going to grandma and grandpa's house everyday. They love it and are ALWAYS good for her!! She watches her other 2 grand kids, Trinity and Owen, and they are at preschool everyday for 2 hours so the boys get to watch other kids run around and play which Lori said they are really entertained by the other kids. She also has 5 other kids that are there before and after school, the boys haven't met them much yet because I'm still part-time at work. But next week they'll get to see them all.

I'm going to eat you brother!!!

Our morning routine is to feed the boys in our bed and then take them to their room and change and dress them. I put one on the changing table and lay the other one in the crib. When I'm done I put them both in one crib for them to play together while I get stuff around upstairs. I snapped some cute pictures of them the other day...Joel trying to eat his brother, he can't reach his elbow so he might as well eat Jackson's!! I also gave them their stuffed toys to eat and they loved that as well...anything that can go into the mouth!!

Jump, jump, jump, jump...

These boys love to stand and jump with their legs so now its time to get into their exersaucers and jumperoos. They love these toys but there are so many toys for them to play with on there that they stare for a little bit and then just start reaching for everything!! They will really enjoy these in a couple months when they can reach farther and play with more of the toys...we usually just give them a rattle or keys to hold onto while they are in there because the other toys are push button or spinners or something else that is still a little hard for them to play with.

Our Bebe Pods

Jackson and Joel love to sit up and not lay down so much so I pulled out their Bebe Pods, like a Bumbo and put them in it with their little trays on and they loved it!! They had their toys on the tray to grab at and they were in heaven!!

Both of the boys are getting so good at grabbing for a toy out of our hands and then putting it up toward their mouth. I love to watch them put things in their mouth because you can just see their brain working in order to get it there. Just last night Jacskon was holding his bottle and would take it out of his mouth, put it back in and then take it out again just because he could do it and wanted to make sure he could...it is so fun to watch them learn these things!!

I'm a stander!!!

Joel is quite the stander. He loves to sit on your leg when his feet can touch the ground and then stand up. He just giggles and smiles and bobbles his whole body around, like a little weeble. We can't believe how strong he is!! Jackson would just rather sit there and watch although this morning he really took an interest in standing on the bed.

Twin Santas

I wanted to have a picture of the boys in Santa hats so I could make some thank-yous that we will send for their Christmas gifts and to use for address labels. So I laid them out on the floor and started snapping away...they were so happy and also wondering what their crazy mommy was doing making them wear these strange hats!! Because they look so much a like I made sure to put Baby A, Jackson on the left and Baby B, Joel on the right...that way I and others could tell them apart!!

Jackson & Joel



Monday, November 10, 2008

A busy weekend...

Well the boys are really feeling better. While they were sick they only wanted their mommy to cuddle with...and now they are back to their old selves feeling better and being happy. They are both still a little snotty and I have to use that darned old bulb syringe...which they HATE!!! But they are feeling much better.

We had a busy weekend daddy and Uncle Ben went to the Iowa game and boy what a game it was!! Daddy has been sick now and he lost his voice before the game and all that excitement during the game sure didn't help either but he went to the doctor this morning and it isn't strep just a viral infection but he stayed home today since he is supposed to rest his voice. He is ironing all of the boys' clothes for mommy today...there is a huge laundry basket piled full probably a 2 hour job!!!

On Saturday mommy and Nana and Papa took the boys to New Hampton to see one of mommy's friends get married. It was a long drive but the boys were SOOO good!! We left the reception at 8 when Jackson started to get fussy and they slept from 8:30-11:30 and when we got home we fed them and put them to bed and they slept until 9:15 on Sunday!! I think the whole experience wore them out!! Sunday we all just hung out and caught up from the week, since daddy couldn't talk he whispered all day which made it hard to help take care of the boys because when they started to cry he couldn't comfort them with his voice so mommy was busy yesterday!!!

Joel & Jackson

Joel & Jackson

Mommy, Sophie and Jackson

Monday, November 3, 2008

Our 1st Cold :(

Jennifer had been sick for the last week and a half we were all excited that Jackson and Joel hadn't gotten sick yet...well we spoke too soon. On Satuday afternoon we noticed that they were really stuffing and coughing a lot and it all went downhill from there. Jackson has been the worst, really congested and just feeling awful. Joel hasn't been as bad and hopefully will stay that way. They hate the bulb syringe and I hate using it on them. Last night before their bath we steamed up the bathroom and we all sat in there for 20 minutes we also bought some saline drops to squirt in their noses to help clear things up. Today they are sounding better and hopefully in the next few days it will clear up. We feel so bad for them that we can't make them feel better and to make matters worse they only want their mommy...daddy said he is going to put her up for Mother of the Year for being able to quiet and calm to sick crying babies at once :)

Sick JacksonMommy taking care of sick boys
Sick Joel

Going to pick out a Christmas tree

On Saturday since it was such a nice day we all went to Rettig's tree farm by Bondurant to tag our Christmas tree. We liked the first one we saw but decided to keep looking....well we ended up going back and tagging the very first one!! We took the boys and we each had one in our Baby Bjorns. Jon had Jackson and Jen had Joel. We had a good time and the boys just took it all in...well Jackson did but Joel slept.

Jackson and Joel

Mommy with Joel

Daddy and Jackson

Mommy feeding her boys

This is my way that I came up with that works for me to feed the boys when I'm by myself, this works at the mall, in the car and pretty much anywhere it is just me and them!!!

We love being naked!!!

Babies skin is so soft and so many times we feed them either in their jammies or dressed for the day...it's fun to feed them in just their diaper so we can rub all over their soft skin.

Jackson and Joel

Our 1st Halloween

Happy Halloween!!!

On Halloween we took the boys and surprised Grandma and Grandpa Waters in Marshalltown!! They were so excited to see their favorite little pea pods show up Trick-or-Treating!! Aunt Janna even made a special trip home to see them. We stopped at Corey and Rachel's house in Marshalltown and then went to Baxter's Trick-or-Treating day and saw "Aunt" Abbey, "Aunt" Jill and "Aunt Kari".


We had a blast dressing the boys up for Halloween. Jennifer bought little pea pod costumes at Babies R Us for the boys and they didn't mind wearing them at all!!! We took the boys into Accel Fitness where Jon works one day a week and then went to Great Grandma Millies and then went to some friends' houses in our neighborhood and went and saw Uncle Ben and Aunt Kyli and then headed to Maxwell to Great Grandma Schauper and Uncle Ronnys and finished at Nana and Papa's house where we had our supper. The boys were so good the whole time!!! Oh and mom and dad got the candy when we went house to house :)

Photo shoot...

We love to take pictures of the boys and they love to smile at the camera and are such little flirts!!!


3 Months Old...and smiling all the time!!

Jackson & Joel were 3 months old on October 25th. On the 24th Jennifer took them in for a weight check and Jackson weighed 12 pounds 15 ounces and Joel weighed 12 pounds 5 ounces.

The boys are really starting to recognize each other and smile at each other when they are face to face. They really recognize Mommy and Daddy and smile at them at the drop of a hat. They are so much fun and talk and coo all the time!!


Jon got his eyes dialated and he decided that he was going to put them on Jackson while he was sleeping.

Holding our Rattles!!


The boys have gotten really good about holding toys. They love putting their hands in their mouths so we gave them toys to hang onto and it was exciting to see them develop their motor skills and then raise their hand to put the toys in their mouths.

Homecoming Pep Rally

Uncle Michael made the Homecoming Court and we all went to the Pep Rally on Thursday before the big Homecoming game. Uncle Michael wasn't elected Homecoming King but the boys sure had a good time listening to the band and people talk and were the best boys ever!! Here is a picture of Daddy and Joel.