Monday, December 29, 2008


Jackson 1st bite of sweet potatoes

Well we started the last veggie on Saturday, sweet potatoes. The boys really liked this one, no surprise there. It seemed a little runny so we added some cereal to thicken it up a little. Today was our last day of veggies, they'll now continue to get them for lunch but now at night we'll be starting our fruits, we'll probably start out with applesauce, something safe to begin with!!

Joel 1st bite of sweet potatoes

5 Months Old on December 25, 2008

Well on Christmas the boys were 5 months old...goodness where has the time gone!! I took them in on the 24th for a weight check and Jackson weighs 15 pounds 1 ounce and Joel weighs 14 pounds 9 ounces...he's catching his big brother!!! We are officially out of size 1 diapers we had actually been using the 1-2 from Sam's and we have graduated to size 2 diapers. They are a little big but they'll fit perfect in a couple weeks. Jackson and Joel are proficient rollers from their tummies to their backs, they love their cereal and their veggies and will be starting on fruits on Tuesday. Both of the boys are so close to rolling from their back to their tummy, they get that leg over but can't get the arm out once they roll over and then flop back onto their back. They have also really been getting their legs up under their tummies and rocking back and forth, I'm sure it will be awhile be they start to crawl but they are getting there!!

Another big accomplishment...they are going to sleep on their own!! Jon and I would usually sway them back and forth in our arms and walk around with them until they were almost asleep, just last week we started laying them in their cribs and to our surprise they are falling asleep all on their own!! Which mommy loves by the way, my back was starting to hurt from constantly holding a baby for 40 minutes every night!! Both of them are making all sorts of weird sounds with they mouth and are getting better at sitting by themselves.

Merry Christmas!!

We hope everyone had a great Christmas we sure did. We feel really blessed to have been able to spend our Christmas with our baby boys, Jackson and Joel. It was a GREAT 1st Christmas as a family.

Jennifer was off work on the 24th and will be off work until January 5th, when our daycare lady returns. On Christmas Eve we drove to Marshalltown to see Jon's Grandma Mary Ann before mass. She hadn't seen the boys since they were 2 months old. She was VERY excited for us to stop by even though it was for a short time. We then went to mass and Jackson and Joel were SO good. We got there at 4 even though it didn't start until 4:30 and we fed them and they were awake and happy the whole service! The hour service seemed to fly by having them their to tend to. After church we went to Jon's parents and had soup and sandwiches and opened gifts with his family. We were all spoiled with gifts and the boys got some great toys from Grandma and Grandpa Waters and some cute Iowa clothes from Aunt Janna.

We then headed to Maxwell and stayed at my parents house. We have stayed there every year since we've been together on Christmas Eve and read the Night Before Christmas...we figure this may be the last year we do this since we'll be starting our own tradition with the boys at our house, but we'll see what next year brings. We got up Christmas day around 9 and fed the boys and opened gifts with my family and got ready and went to Grandma Schauper's for lunch. We had turkey and the whole 9 yards...what a great meal!! After lunch we opened gifts and had dessert and then headed back to Nana and Papa's house where we exchanged gifts with Ben and Kyli as they spent Christmas morning with her parents. Once again we were all spoiled with all the great gifts that we and the boys to find somewhere to put everything. Actually we have that decided Nana and Papa are having a toy box made for the boys, that was part of their gift to them and us.

We got back to our house Christmas night around 8 and put the boys to bed and left our living room a mess as Jon and I were both tired as well. Then on Friday since Jon had the day off we all got up and had our 1st family Christmas. We had a great day and exchanged our gifts and stockings and then we headed out with all the crazies and did a little shopping and returning. We had a nice relaxing day and got home Friday night around 6.

Saturday brought our final Christmas for the year. We spent all day at my Grandma Millie's in Ankeny. The adults do a white elephant gift exchange something we all look forward to every year. For the final time the boys enjoyed unwrapping their gifts, with our help of course.

We had a great 1st Christmas with the boys and look forward to many more!!

Jen, Jackson, Jon and Joel

Jen, Jackson, Jon and Joel

Reindeer outfits...mama's favorite!1

Daddy and Jackson playing cards

Jackson and Joel and their stockings

Santa came!!!
Christmas at Jen's Grandmas Schauper's house

Joel and Jackson in their new wagon

Joel in a gift bag

Jackson and Joel in their Christmas Santa pjs on Christmas morning

Jackson and his new toy
Joel and his new toy
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Our family on Christmas Eve after mass


Well we are on our second to last veggie and yet another green one. Oh well they seem to like it as well, typical boys garbage guts!! Hopefully they stay this way and continue to like a variety of foods.

Joel 1st bite of green beans

Jackson 1st bite of green beans

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Boys will be boys...

Joel has been suck a stinker to Jackson lately...he is only exploring his surrondings but since he's been reaching so much he is always pulling on Jackson's bid, reaching for his toys and pulling pulling his ears...I'm sure this has only begun!! Enjoy the cute video of the boys talking. Nana and Papa were holding the boys and they just started jabbering to each other.
Joel and Jackson trying to roll over
Jackson on Joel
Joel reaching for Jackson's toys
Joel pulling Jackson's bib and Jackson pushing him away!!



Back to the orange ones, we started carrots on Sunday and yet another one that the boys liked. I'm so glad that they are such good eaters!!

Joel 1st bite of carrots
Joel and carrots
Jackson 1st bite of carrots
Jackson and carrots

Even Sophie liked Carrots!!!

I'm going to eat you daddy...

Joel has been reaching like crazy for everything lately and the 1st thing he does after he gets a hold of it....trys to put whatever it is in his mouth!! we had just got done feeding the boys and Joel was trying to pull on Jon's face and eat him. How cute!!


Santa Claus

On Saturday after the pictures at Portrait Innovations we took the boys to Valley West Mall to see Santa Claus. The line wasn't too long I think we waited for only 20 minutes. We knew we were getting close to eating time but we thought, "Hey they only have to sit there for a second," well it was a second too long!! Joel was not having any part of it and was not happy at all. Oh well I took a picture and we bought the one that they took even though he wasn't happy.
Joel and Jackson and Santa

5 month pictures

The boys will be 5 months old on Christmas...gosh how time flys!! I wanted to go and have some Christmas pictures taken so we went to Portrait Innovations on Saturday and they turned out sooo good!!! Here are a few of them.

Joel the flyer
Jackson and Joel in boxes
Jackson and Joel
Jackson and Joel
Jackson and Joel


Well last Thursday the boys got their second veggie...peas. And they LOVED it too!! I was surprised because I'd heard that they don't like the green veggies as well as the orange ones but they were troopers and ate the whole thing. typically after we give them their veggie we give them cereal too and that is their supper and then they get a bottle before bed. So we are down to 4 bottles a day with cereal for lunch and then veggie and cereal for dinner. When we start fruits we'll do the veggie at lunch with the cereal and then they'll have the fruit and cereal for dinner.

Joel 1st bite of peas

Joel and peas
Jackson 1st bite of peas

Jackson and peas

Sophie was going crazy for the peas, she even dug through the garbage to find the containers!!!