Tuesday, March 31, 2009

8 Month Pictures

For the boys' 8 month pictures we went back to Sarah McConnell as she did a WONDERFUL job with their 6 month ones. The setting is very relaxed, her price is reasonable, she has some neat props and backgrounds and her and her assistant Jen do a fabulous job getting the boys to smile. We would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone.
On Sunday the boys were SO happy and smiley and we got some great pictures! Sarah has a preview of them up on her website http://www.sarahmcconnellphotography.com/ and will have more where it's faster to look at them at http://www.sarahmcconnell.zenfolio.com/. We had these cute what I would call golfer outfits from Baby Gap, we did a pajama pose with their silky blankies that Great Grandma Schauper made them and their cute little puppies from Aunt Abbey. The final outfit was linen pants and a light green striped polo shirt, we thought these would be good to give out to everyone at Easter.
Jackson and Joel
Jackson and Joel
Joel on Jacskon

Jackson and Joel

8 Months Old March 25, 2009

Jackson and Joel are 8 months old...my little babies have gotten so big and are mobile!! They are crawling EVERYWHERE and FAST!! This is just the beginning of Jon and I chasing them every which way.
On the 25th I took them to the pediatrician for their monthly weight check.
Jackson: 17lbs. 14oz.
Joel: 17lbs. 11oz.
Joel is catching up to his big brother!!

The boys have been eating really well and eating anything that we put in front of them, knock on wood that we won't have picky eaters!! It's so fun to try new foods with them and to watch them eat. They love all their snacky foods: the puffs, wheels, rice husks, dried apples, yogurt, bread and jelly, fruits. We are also down to 3 (6oz.) bottles a days so fortunately I'm also pumping A LOT less!!! They still don't have any teeth so we are still careful of what we give them. I have heard from multiple people and even read that babies that don't get teeth until later are better once they do come in, so let's hope for straight teeth!!

Besides crawling the twins are pulling themselves up to anything and everything they can grab on to. They are still sleeping like champs. They both love to say "hey dada" it's so cute. Jon walks into the room and they crawl over and say "dada, dada, dada". Their new thing is running their wrist over their mouth and making noises, or doing the "Indian call" when you hit your mouth with the inside of your hand and make a noise. Instead of Jackson just being a momma's boy Joel has now turned into one too, there is definitely a good feeling knowing that the only person they want is me. It can be challenging at times, it is getting harder to hold onto 2 babies at once or feed a bottle to them both but they just grab onto me when I'm sitting on the floor and knowing that I'm touching them just makes them sooo happy, it melts my heart for sure.
We are really starting to see their personalities come through as well. Jackson is going to be the one that always pushes Joel around and what's funny is that Joel doesn't let Jackson get to him, which makes Jackson want whatever Joel has even more. Joel will be the little mover he'll just keep moving further and further away from his brother and doesn't really care if Jackson gets what he has. He just picks up the next closest thing and is a happy camper, then of course Jackson goes after that!
Jackson and Joel

Where's mommy??

It doesn't matter where I am as soon as the boys hear my voice they are off to find me. It's so cute!! Last night I was cleaning up the kitchen and Jon was in the living room playing with the boys and he asked me something and the minute I responded both boys turned and looked for me. They saw me standing over the sink and they both just took off crawling after me!! It was so funny!
Joel and Jackson crawling after mommy in the kitchen

Our weekend

We had a great weekend, on Saturday I worked at the Multiples Garage sale, oh and on Thursday when my mom and I shopped we got a TON of great things for our house and hers and I got 2 car seats, now to get 2 more!! On Saturday while I was working Jon's mom and sister came up to spend time with the boys, they were excited to see their Grammy and Aunt Janna. When I got home at 12:30 they were down for their nap. Then my girlfriends, Abbey and Kari came over to play the boys (who woke up at 1:30) they both got to feed them lunch and we all played, they eventually warmed up to them they left at about 4:00 after we put them down for a nap and then my brother and sister-in-law stopped over. Jackson and Joel were happy to see their Uncle Ben and Aunt Kyli. That evening we went to Maxwell to watch their Uncle Michael dance in the All Male dance routine at the Collins-Maxwell dance team's Spring Show. We got home about 8:30 and put the boys to bed, they were exhausted from playing all day!!

Sunday we had their 8 month pictures and then we went to Sam's and got groceries and got home at 5:00 and put the boys down for a nap, since they hadn't slept all day and we had to wake them up at 6:45 to eat supper and have baths...and they still slept all night. They were just so worn out from the busy, but good weekend!
Joel and Jackson standing at their toy box
Jackson getting ready to try and climb the step

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"Momma, can we go outside?"

Last night I had a Multiple Blessing class at Mercy to go and speak at so my mom came over and helped Jon give the boys baths, feed them their bottle, and put them to bed. While we were waiting for my mom to get there we were up by the front door and the boys crawled over and pulled themselves up and were looking out the door!! It was SOO cute! Joel did it first, then Sophie the cat and then Jackson. I was lucky and had my camera and got some cute pictures!! (I keep it on my wrist at all times anymore, never know when their going to do something picture-worthy)


Joel and Sophie Joel and Jackson Joel and Jackson..."help me stand up brother!" Joel playing with Sophie and Jackson looking out the door
I had to go outside and get a picture of Joel looking out..."the view I love the most is from my front porch looking in"

The boys were in the kitchen playing while I was making supper last night before Jon got home...what good helpers they were!!

Jackson and Joel

We have 2 crawlers!!

Well this Sunday the boys have officially learned to crawl!! It is so fun to watch them. At first they would crawl for 4 tries and then fall back to their knees and army crawl and then get up and crawl and fall back down but within the same night they were going like crazy!! (I need to get it on video) I forgot to tell Lori that they were crawling when we dropped them off on Monday and when we picked them up she said, "oh my gosh, they are crawling...EVERYWHERE!!" I said, "opps we forgot to mention that this morning." She was a little shocked but did predict that by this week they would have it down, just a little sooner than she expected! I just love that they are moving, it just makes my heart melt when I'm in the kitchen or laying on the floor and they come crawling over and pull themselves up to my legs.
We also realized this week that we need to lower the cribs. I walked in Monday morning and Joel had pulled himself up to the rail and was standing there like jumping up and down...little turkey!! So that is a job for Jon to do one night this week. It's interesting to see how their interests have changed whereas before they would want to sit instead of laying down, now they want to pull themselves up and stand and practice walking....ALL the time, we're sure getting busy!!!

Joel getting ready to stand up to his walker

Joel standing at his walker...so big!! Jackson snuggling with his blanky watching Wheel of Fortune Momma, Jackson and Joel snuggling before bedtime

Wagon rides

Gosh the weather was gorgeous this weekend!! We had fun outside and pulled the boys around the yard in their wagon. We threw in some toys and a blanket for them to sit on and they thought it was pretty fun. Jackson was not too excited about it, I'm not sure what his deal is lately about being in the stroller and the wagon, he just wants you to carry him..which is hard when we're jogging with the stroller or roller blading!! But I did make him sit in the wagon for a while and he fussed but he'll get used to it, it will be a long summer for him if he doesn't!! Joel on the other hand LOVES to be pushed, pulled or whatever as long as he can look around he is happy!

Jackson and Joel in the wagon...Joel trying to pull himself up and escape

Joel dead to the world after a long day of being outside

New Clothes

This past weekend I got out the boys' 9 months clothes and washed and ironed eveyrthing and put it away. The boys thought that they were being good helpers by eating the tags and hangers as I was removing them all. We all had fun and they got to try on some cute new hats that I got them...these will be cute for their 8 month pictures that we are doing this Sunday.

Jackson and Joel on their clothes pile
Jackson and Joel in their cute hats

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Jackson and Joel wish you all a Happy St. Patrick's Day!
I snapped this at 6AM....they look a little tired don't they?

Monday, March 16, 2009

Great weekend weather

The weather this weekend was so nice...it just really makes me want Spring and Summer to arrive quickly. That also means we're out of cold season...which I can't wait!!! The boys are still recovering from a cold which means snotty noses and lots of coughing....at least they are sleeping well still!!! Jon and I have also had sore throats, runny noses and coughing so hopefully warm weather will also make us well!
Saturday morning we all went to the gym and got a good workout in, the boys played in the kids room and then I went to Maxwell and got my hair done and visited my grandma. Jon stayed home with the boys...they played and took a short nap for him. That afternoon we headed to Marshalltown for little JJ's baptism and then left the boys with Jon's parents for the night. Jon and I headed to a surprise party but still managed to be home and in bed "early". We got up on Sunday around 9 and met my parents at the gym again and hurried home to get the cleaning and laundry done before the boys got back home. They were good for Grandma and Grandpa but didn't want to sleep much so they were SOOO tired yesterday afternoon and last night. They slept for about 2.5 hours in the afternoon and then didn't move all night!! They were dead to the world!! We did manage to get in a wagon ride yesterday while it was nice!!
We are SO looking forward to warm weather this week and lots of walks after work!!

Mommy and Jackson and Joel

Joel and Jackson in their wagon...with their little lumberjack hats on!

Jackson Joel...this was such a cute picture...he kept turning to see where daddy was pulling him Joel's poor little spike has reached it's max. height, it started to curl over it was so long. So on Saturday I decided that I would trim it down a little.

Jackson entertaining Joel while I trim his spike.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Our weekend....

We had another great weekend at the Waters household. On Saturday, since it was so yucky out we went to the mall and did a little shopping. We ended up back in Ankeny at Menards where we picked up our material list to start finishing our basement. We also bought our toilet, vanity and fixtures for the basement bathroom! We are SOO excited to get started on this and have more room in our house. My dad is going to be doing most of the work and hopefully teaching Jon a few things in the process. In order to get ready we've been selling LOTS of things on Craigslist and taking stuff to Goodwill. On Sunday, we slept in I think it was 10 before we were all up and around. Jon took Joel downstairs and I slept while Jackson was still sleeping. That afternoon Joel and I went with my mom and brother to get his senior pictures taken. Joel was such a good boy at Sarah's house during the photo shoot (the photographer who took the boys' pictures) and while we were driving around Des Moines. We got home that night about 5:30 and Daddy and Jackson were so excited to see us!! I think the boys missed each other that was the longest that they have been separated since they were born!!!

Joel Joel and Jackson in their Levi outfits

Joel and Jackson in their little corduroy coats

Monday, March 9, 2009

Photo fun...

My friend Kaylan tagged me in this blog photo fun game. You are supposed to open your 6th photo folder and post the 6th picture on your blog. Here is what I came up with.
This is Jon and I at our friends, Andy and Liz's wedding in October 2007. Jon was an usher in this wedding. What a great time we had at the wedding and reception!!
Now I'm tagging some friends to do the same...Janel Sullivan, Kendra Haluska, Mindy Cathcart, Mindi Bailey, Dani Chrisco and Kathy Bagby...you all do the same!!! Can't wait to see your pictures!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

I stand corrected....

Just when I posted yesterday that Joel hasn't been saying "dadda" or waving bye-bye...he does it!! Last night he was just a jabber jaws and kept saying "dadda dadda dadda" and the cutest thing is that he would look at Jon when he would say it or if I said "dadda" he would turn and look for Jon! These little moments just melt my heart!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Patty cake, patty cake.....

Just on Monday this week Jackson has really started to do patty cake. Lori has really been working with them both on patty cake, bye-bye and saying "momma" and "dadda". So far Jackson is the one who is doing everything but saying "momma". He only says "dadda" usually when he is jabbering on like crazy, and usually in the evenings when we're getting ready for bed. It is so cute to watch him do patty cake or wave bye-bye. He gets SOO excited and has the BIGGEST grin on his face!!! I've posted a video of him....so cute it makes me laugh when I watch it!
Jackson making himself smile as he does patty cake
Joel isn't really interested in waving or playing patty cake with us. He REALLY just wants to stand all the time!! The minute I put him on the floor he is scooting/army crawling over to me and climbing up and standing and when I grab his hands to try patty cake or to show him how to wave, he immediately stands up. It's fun to see them interested in different things and at different stages.

Ducky Bath!!

For Valentine's Day my parents got the boys duck bath tubs. This goes inside the regular tub and is just a small blow up bath tub. Well we used only 1 the other day, we haven't tried to see if 2 will fit, but the boys thought it was pretty neat! The beak of the duck makes the "quacking" noise when you push it. We did squeeze them both in at the same time to snap a cute picture. I really like it because they can sit up and play with their toys which they try and do without the duck bath tub and I'm scared that they'll just face plant in the water. Usually we lay them side by side on a sponge and they just kick like no other, Jon is soaked from giving the bath, the walls in the bathroom are all wet and they are really upset at each other because they get water in each other's eyes...so the ducky tub was a nice change!
Jackson and Joel


Sophie has started to really walk by Jackson and Joel and act like she wants them to pay attention to her or give her attention. The twins still aren't that interested in her. Just the other day I was holding Joel and walking through the kitchen and Sophie was on her perch, the ledge above the sink, and she just jumped onto my shoulder between myself and Joel. I was so shocked!! Joel of course wasn't sure what to think so he did the whole wide open mouth bite on her back...she didn't care and wasn't about to move. Kinda like she was giving him the ultimatum, you get down or I'm staying here!! Gosh she acts like she is attention deprived!!! So she just hung out while Joel pulled on her and everything....what a good girl!

Joel wondering what Sophie is doing

Joel, thinking "Sophie get off my momma!"

Joel really gettin' Sophie

Monday, March 2, 2009

A relaxing weekend...

This was such a relaxing weekend for the 4 of us, it was so nice to not have many plans. Saturday we took the Highlander to Ames to the Toyota place for an oil change, we had lunch at Hickory Park and got a few things at Sam's. That afternoon we watched Brady (our friends Andy and Mindy's little guy). We had so much fun with 3 babies and Brady was so good for us. Jon put Brady to sleep and we played with our guys then when Brady woke up he really enjoyed watching the twins roll around on the floor and all 3 of them jabbered back and forth. Then Jackson and Joel took their nap and we fed Brady and played on the floor with him and then his mommy and daddy came to get him so it was a nice few hours!

Jackson, Brady and Joel

Jackson, Brady and Joel
Sunday we dropped our measurements for the basement off at Menard's to get a material list so we can get started on the basement....we NEED MORE SPACE so bad!!! We got a lot of ideas and found things that we want for that project and then we took a drive that afternoon to see Ben and Kyli. So it was a nice day with NO scheduled plans!!!

We think the boys are REALLY getting teeth, their gums feel rough and they didn't want to sleep much this weekend, we put them down at 7:30PM and they woke up at 4AM wide awake but then wanted to go back to sleep by 6:30 or 7 and they didn't nap hardly at all, maybe 30-45 minutes at a time...I hope the days of 1.5 to 2 hour naps aren't gone!!!! We took a couple car rides this weekend to get them to sleep more.

Daddy, Jackson and Joel reading or eating the Sunday paper

Daddy and Jackson resting...so cute!

It's really fun to watch the boys interact with each other, I'm not sure who is going to be the instigator of two. As you can see below...Joel is quiet the little devil...always picking on his brother.