Wednesday, January 28, 2009

6 Month Pictures

This past Sunday we took the boys to have their 6 month pictures taken. Jon and I decided we are doing pictures every 2 months until they reach a year old. Since we are doing them so often we don't want to spend a lot each time. We have gone to Target, JcPenny and Portrait Innoviations. We have had ok luck at each place but I really wanted to find a photographer that we can use FOREVER to do their pictures and family pictures as the boys get older. My friend from college, Jen, told me about her friend who was just getting her photography business started and that she is very informal, patient and loves taking pictures. So I checked her out and made an appointment for the 6 month pictures and I couldn't be HAPPIER with them!!!
She did a fantastic job, it's hard enough to capture 1 baby in a good mood let alone 2. We started on Sunday at 9:15 and were done by 11:30. It was a long morning for the boys but it was VERY relaxed, we fed them and played to keep them in a good mood while her and her assistant changed backgrounds. She takes them at her home but will travel to your home if you wish, she is very flexible. We are so excited we were introduced to her. And she is very reasonable!! She is $35 and that includes the sitting fee and she edits every picture, if need be, and gives them to you on a can't beat that!!! So I'm very happy to say that we have found our photograher!!! Please check her out, her name is Sarah McConnell and she lives in Urbandale. Her website is Here are a few pictures that she took on Sunday. Go to her webiste and click proof gallery 1 to view the rest!!
Joel and Jackson Jackson and Joel Jackson and Joel
Daddy and Jackson Jackson and Joel
Family: momma and Jackson and Daddy and Joel
Jackson and Joel
Jackson and Joel
Joel Jackson and Joel Joel and Jackson
Jackson and Joel
Joel and Jackson


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

6 Months Old on January 25, 2009

Jackson and Joel were 6 months old on Sunday...gosh has time flown by. We are so excited that our little boys are growing so well and getting so big. They have accomplished so much in the past few months. Both of the boys are sitting up pretty well, they are rolling ALL over the place and jabbering A LOT!!! We still don't have any teeth but their gums are a little swollen so maybe we'll see that first one soon!! They continue to sleep really well and love their bath time. Jon and I just can't get in enough time with them, the evenings during the week go sooo fast!!! We really cherish our weekends when we have them for 2 full days!!!

They had their 6 month check-up yesterday and all was well. The pediatrician was very pleased with how healthy they are and how well they are doing for being twins. She said, "now is the fun time" we get to start a lot of new things with foods. We will be moving on to 2nd stage foods and we can give them some of our food mashed up or hold a green bean or whatever in our finger and let them nibble/gum at it. This teaches them to bite with their front soon to be teeth instead of pushing the food to the back of their mouths like they have been. We can try the teething biscuits and toast this will help with teething and at this point we also will start to introduce the sippy cup. She said that they might now actually "drink" out of it but again this teaches them to hold something a different way so by 9 months they are proficient with a cup. She recommend letting them try and drink from whatever we are drinking from, and her words "to have fun with food and drinks in this stage there is no right or wrong way to be doing things."'s to having fun and getting messy!!!

Here are their stats:
16 pounds 3 ounces - 40th percentile
26 3/4 inches tall - 40th percentile
17 inch head circumference - 70th percentile

15 pounds 12 ounces - 25th percentile
27 inches tall - 40th percentile
17 inch head circumference - 75th percentile
Jackson and Joel

Jackson and Joel

Jackson and Joel
On Sunday we did their 6 month pictures and from the preivews I have seen they turned out SOO good!!! I will post on those when I have some to show!!!

Reading is so much fun!

Jon and I both know how important it is to read to babies so every night before bed we read a couple books, their favorite are the board books or the big soft plush books that they can put in their mouths. Jackson and Joel both sit and listen for the first few minutes but by the end they really just want to put the book in their mouth!!!
Mommy reading to Jackson

Jackson distracted by daddy taking pictures
Mommy reading to Joel and Jackson

Snow babies!!!

I've been wanting to take the boys out in the snow to see what they thought about touching it, so last Thursday it was really nice the 40s so we put their coats on and put them in the snow bank....they weren't quite sure what to think!! They did like to taste it, I'm sure it felt good on their gums.
Jackson and Joel 1st time in snow

Mommy and Jackson 1st taste of snow

Daddy and Joel...1st taste of snow

Jackson and Joel on bench

Joel in his hat

Baking brownies

Jon and I were making brownies one night last week and the boys were in the kitchen with us helping...or I guess trying to eat everything so we had a little fun with them!!
Joel eating the brownie box
Jackson with the mixing bowl on his head

Monday, January 19, 2009


I am very PROUD to say that we have conquered nap time!! For the longest time we would put the boys in their car seats to nap and then swing them, you can imagine how sore our back, hands and arms were from this. So we thought since they go to sleep so well at night it should work during the day, right??? So about 2 weeks ago on a Saturday we tried it....and it worked!! All Jon and I did was lay them down in their cribs and they went to sleep, we are so happy and so are our backs that they have outgrown the car seat sleeping. Now that the boys can roll over they have discovered sleeping on their sides and their tummies. I don't have a problem with them sleeping in either position as long as we keep a close eye on them. Our video monitor has come in VERY handy!! We have also tried to not swaddle the boys as much either, we will start with both hands out then if they get restless put one wing in and one wing out...they seem to like this way that way they can play with their blanky and their babies in the crib.

Just on Saturday I went up to check on the boys and I caught Jackson on his tummy with his arm over the bumper pad hanging out one of the rails of the crib, he looked so peaceful as if he planned to sleep that way I couldn't help but get a picture!!

Jackson napping

Joel napping

A good weekend to lounge at home

This weekend was pretty uneventful. Friday we had some friends over and then Saturday we slept in a little, the boys woke up to eat at 7 and then went back to sleep until 9:45 and we fed them at 10 and finally got downstairs at's just so nice to be able to get around at our own speed on the weekends. Jon and I went and had lunch at Chili's and got grocerys the boys had their short morning nap while we were out and about. We got home and fed them their lunch and played and they took at 2.5 hour nap. They got up at 6 and we fed them supper and my mom had stopped over and brought vegitable beef soup for Jon and I to eat for supper before we all went to Michael's basketball game at North Polk. Jon then had what he thought, his well overdue "guy's night" and had Travis and Andy over to play darts in the basement. He got to bed at 1:30 after the guys left...they had a great time and said it had been 2 years since they hung out, played darts and drank beer...I'm glad they got to do that!!

Sunday was again a lazy morning with about the same schedule, we made breakfast and then took our bi-weekly Sam's Club run and did some cleaning around the house. The boys were angels all weekend and they go by WAY TOO fast...we LOVE the time that we get to spend with them on the weekends.
Mommy and a sleepy Jackson at Uncle Michael's game

Joel...helping mommy do laundry...he loves it when I carry him downstairs in the clothes and push him around on the floor, he couldn't stop laughing!!

Brothers Play So Well Together!!

Well as of last Wednesday Jackson can now roll from his back to his tummy. We were quite proud of him...I think he just kept watching his brother roll and move all over that he wanted to get in on the fun. The boys are so cute when we put them down on the floor together, they talk, touch each other and try and roll over each other. At the bottom are a couple videos, one of Jackson and Joel rolling and the other of Joel talking.

Joel rolling

Joel biting his lip

Joel getting Jackson

Jackson getting Joel

Joel getting Jackson....again

Joel and Jackson

Jackson getting Joel...again!!

Joel all smiley!

Jackson getting Joel..."eat my hand brother"

Jackson and Joel playing on the floor

Jackson and Daddy


Joel and Jackson rolling all over


Joel talking like CRAZY!!

Bath time is so much fun!!!

Jackson and Joel LOVE bath time, they can't splash hard or fast enough!! For the first time we decided to try and put both the boys in the tub together...they had a FABULOUS time!! It was so fun to watch them splash and splash and splash and talk...we let them play in there for probalby 20 minutes!! Here are some cute pictures of them.
Joel and Jackson
Joel and Jackson...Jackson eating Joel's hand

Joel an Jackson eating their letter

Hanging out with our friends...

Well Friday night our friends Andy, Mindy and their son Brady and Ashley with her daughter Tessa (Travis, Ashely's hubby couldn't make it) all went to Hy-Vee for the all you can eat Chinese buffett. It was so yummy and great to get out and socialize with our friends we hadn't seen since New Years. All of the kids were great while we were there from 5:30-7:00. We had everyone over afterwards to our house to just hang out and chat. What a nice night it was and great to catch up. We put the boys to bed at 9:45 and everyone left shortly after and we went to bed too.

Jackson, Brady, Joel and Tessa

Jackson, Brady and Joel

All the mommas and their babies!!