Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ready to Crawl?

We can't believe how fast the boys are growing up and learning new things. Just last week Jackson and Joel learned how to get up on their knees and rock back and forth!! I think it's just a short time before we have two babies who are crawling all over the place! They are both sitting very well and transitioning from a sit to their tummies. They also have gotten so strong and when they grab onto our fingers they can pull themselves up from laying down to a sitting position. Gosh how our babies have grown in these past 6 months...time goes so fast!
It took me a while to get pictures of them doing this, every time I would run to get the camera then they would stop. I still haven't managed to get a picture of Jackson! A couple cute videos below of Joel.
Joel on all 4's with one arm moving forward

Joel reaching for his toys Joel...he's screaming in this picture, I think he's frustrated that he can't go anywhere yet!
Joel on all 4's rocking back and forth. This is super short (1 sec.) I accidently hit stop


Joel on all 4's


Bath Seats

For one of my showers we got these bath seats for the bath tub. We just got them out over the weekend and decided that since the boys LOVE their baths and are constantly trying to roll over in the tub and pretty much face dive for their toys we thought they would like them. They had such a good time and the seats rotate so they can face each other. I think we'll be getting a TON of use out of these as they get a little bit older and we let them just "play" in the bath for any period of time.
Joel and Jackson
Joel and Jackson

Joel Jeffery

Joel is such a happy boy. Probably one of the happiest babies I know. He is ALWAYS smiling or giggling. Of the two I think he is going to be the twin with the laid back personality, never a care in the world and who is completely content entertaining himself. They both play so well on their own but he could just sit on the floor just playing with toys, his hands or feet for hours!! Joel's favorite thing to do is jump and stand. That's why he LOVES his jumperoo. Jon took some cute video of him this weekend in it, he is just laughing like crazy!!

Joel jumping and laughing like crazy!

Happy Valentine's Day

The boys had a great first Valentine's Day. On Thursday, my parents came over and brought the boys these super cute books. One is a finger puppet book and the other is a soft, squishy book. The boys love them...or at least love to chew on them! They also got little ducky blow up baths for the bath tub...we can't wait to try these out!! Jon's parent's sent them these super cute soft cards and money for their piggy banks....they'll have fun spending that some day!

Jackson and his puppet book

Joel and his new soft book Friday at daycare the boys had their Valentine's party. Of course they couldn't do much they hung out in their walkers and watched all the big kids. They did get a cute little Valentine's box made for them to hold all their Valentine's and Lori made them each a heart shaped magnet with their picture on it to put on the fridge...too cute!!

Joel and Jackson at Valentine's Party at Lori's house All the "big" kids having their Valentine's PartySaturday the four of us spent the day together, it was a perfect Valentine's day. That evening Andy, Mindy and Brady came over and we had pizza and just hung out, it was a nice night. The boys all looked so cute in their matching Baby's 1st Valentine's Day shirts.

Jackson, Brady and Joel

Monday, February 9, 2009

We all LOVE the weather!

These last few days have been so nice!! We have been itching to get outside and to get the boys out. Last Thursday and Friday we went for walks when we got home from work. We got the boys all bundled up and put them in the stroller and they loved it. This was a great way to keep them happy before dinner and to give them a change of scenery.
We had a good weekend too. Saturday we went to Marshalltown to see Jon's grandma, she isn't doing very well and is in Hospice care. She was SO happy to see the boys this just made her day. We also got to meet Jackson and Joel's new cousin John Joseph Schoenfelder. He was born 3 weeks early and weighed 6 pounds 11 ounces. He has dark hair just like his mommy. He sure is cute and the boys will have playing with him in about 6 months! We finished off the day with by eating with Jon's family at one of our favorite places La Caretta...the best Mexican food! We stopped at Jenn's parents on the way home to pick up some size 2 diapers that they had. The 2-3 size is a little big still...we found out the hard way Joel had a HUGE accident and there was a mess on the carpet, in his jeans, on his shoes, socks, mommy, the carpet and changing pad...not fun!!! Needless to say he went right to the bath tub. Sunday was a nice relaxing day at home just the 4 of us.

Mommy and her boys: Joel and Jackson
Daddy and Joel and Jackson after walk
Joel and Jackson sitting like big boys!!

New foods

The boys LOVE all the stage 2 foods and we are working our way through all of them. Our routine is still to have Lori, our daycare lady, give the boys their veggie and we do the fruit at night when we have supper. This works out really well. On bath nights because they are so messy we have been alternating between the biter biscuits and the hard toast. They like both of them and just chop on them like crazy...come on teeth!! We also have been giving the boys differnt foods to suck on. We've tried carrots, green beans, cantaloupe and different things like that. If nothing else, these keep them entertained while we making dinner or picking stuff up.
Jackson and his carrot
Joel and his carrot
Joel and his toast
Jackson and his toast

Jackson and Joel and their 1st bites of toast

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Nothing worse than a sick baby besides 2 sick babies!!

Well we had a very LONG weekend. Saturday we ran errands, got our house and food ready for our Super Bowl party that we were going to have on Sunday and took care of the boys. Sunday we went to Jenni's grandma's 95th birthday party in Maxwell and came home and rushed around and got things ready for the Super Bowl. To top things off both of the boys were sick, we just thought it was the normal cold that they had the past 2 times they got sick. On Sunday, we noticed that they were really coughing, more than what I thought was normal, they didn't want to be laid down to sleep, again I thought just because they were stuffy and couldn't breathe. Some of the friends we had over said it sounded like their kids when they had ear infections....I was hoping and praying it wasn't this!!
On Monday Jon and I decided to take the boys to the doctor. Of course with it being last minute we couldn't get in to the Ankeny office so we went to the downtown office...really liked the setup of this one, they had 2 separate entrances one for the sick kids and one for the well kids and they had NO toys in the sick kids side!! What a great idea!!! The Ankeny office just has a "well kids" room with toys and of course the sick kids want to go in the room to play, whereas downtown the sick kids can't see the well kids side so no toys to tempt them!! We may go back there in the future...we'll see.
So, we saw a nurse practitioner, she was very nice and looked in their ears and said they looked great, so I thought, "ok one obstacle beat" then she asked if they had been exposed to kids who had RSV. Well both of the kids who were over had RSV within the past couple months so she wanted to test them for that. Now we started to worry!!! But she came back in and said, "good news, it isn't RSV bad news they have influenza string B". I thought, well this is better than the latter. I explained to her how at our 6 month check up they wanted to vaccinate for the flu and I said no, they were getting enough vaccinations that day and now I'm kicking myself that I didn't do it. She said it wouldn't have helped because the vaccine for them at that age is a 2 part series 30 days apart. So I felt better knowing that I couldn't have prevented them for getting it. My thoughts turned to my daycare but all the kids are school aged and are required to have the flu shot and my provider and her husband also got their vaccine over 2 months ago. So i guess this was something that they just caught. She gave us a prescription for albuterol and sent us on our way.
One of the side effects of the medicine could be a fever so we decided to keep the boys home again on Tuesday so Jon and I were both home then too. Today, Jackson is feeling much better, Joel is probably at his worst day and will hopefully feel better within the next day. When I called Lori to check in she said they have been great...I was very surprised and she said they slept good this morning...hopefully that continues for her this afternoon. They slept good last night too from 7PM to 3AM and then at 3 we just patted their butt a little since they couldn't take their pacifier since they couldn't breathe and they went right back to sleep until we woke them up at 5 to eat before we left for the day.
Mommy and a sick Jackson
After wondering where medicine, Kleenex, the bulb syringe, Tylenol, Vick's and everything else was we got smart and put everything in a basket...this goes everywhere, even to daycare!!
Mommy, Joel and Jackson: even sick boys want to playJoel
Joel and Jackson playing
Joel sitting all by himself!!
Jackson and his boppy

Biter Biscuits & Sippy Cups

Well last week we tried some new things with the boys to help with teething and to get them used to using a sippy cup.
First we tried the biter biscuits and boy do they make a mess!!! No one told us how messy they are so if your going to try them with your baby watch out!!! They are like a really hard graham cracker. We gave them to Jackson and Joel in their highchairs after we fed them supper and on a bath night!!! They still had on their plastic bibs...thank goodness!! The boys loved them despite how messy they were!!! They just kept drooling and when they dropped them they would pick them up and put them back into their mouths. I didn't like touching them much, they were super soggy!! But boys will be boys and they loved this sort of thing!!

Joel and his 1st bite of his biscuit
Joel and his biter biscuit
Jackson's 1st bite of his biscuit
Jackson and his biter biscuit
Over the weekend we introduced the sippy cup. First Jon and I showed them how to hold the cup and then to move it our mouths hoping that they would mimic us....well they mimicked us alright....but instead of sucking they were chomping on it!!! I think we need to do a little searching for ones that almost have the texture of a nipple that are soft instead of hard. Since they were doing this we took out the spill proof part so they could taste what was in the cup thinking that if they knew what was in there they would try harder at sucking it. Joel got the hang of it right away after we did this, that boy wanted his juice...which was I'm sure less than an ounce. Jackson struggled a little bit to sip but his juice level kept decreasing so I know he was drinking some of it but it took him a little bit longer. Since the first time we tried the cup with water only once. We were just talking this morning that we need to make sure we are "practicing" with them everyday!!

Jackson and Joel and their sippy cups Jackson and his sippy Jackson drinking from his sippy Jackson getting the hang of itJoel and daddy and his sippy cup Joel getting every last drop of juice Joel, gosh this is good juice momma!!