Friday, May 29, 2009

10 Month Old Pictures

We did the boys' 10 month pictures the weekend before they were 10 months that way we could get them back sooner!! Here are a few of my favorites. If you want to view them all go to

Joel Joel and Jackson (Joel has the Elvis lip going on)
Jackson...wouldn't put down the darn cow bell
Mommy and Jackie snuggeling...he was getting tired and wanted to suck, have his blankie and mama
Jackson and Joel
Jackson and Joel

10 Months Old May 25, 2009

Jackson and Joel were 10 months old on Monday, Memorial Day. The boys are growing like weeds! Jackson has 2 teeth showing, his top two and his middle two on the way in. (I'll post on that later) He hasn't been that "crabby baby" at all while getting them so they have snuck up on us!! Joel still has his one bottom tooth and is cutting more as he constantly has things in his mouth, he's working on them. The boys are getting much better and standing by themselves for short periods of time. They want to take a step but just fall to the ground on their knees. They like walking with their little car/cart and that has helped their confidence a lot. They love to copy when we clap to them or move our arms around, and their new favorite thing to postpone bedtime for as long as possible! We put them in their cribs and we can't even get out of the room without them standing at the rail. They will sit and jabber and just giggle like little girls back and forth for a long time. Last night it was 45 mintues!! Then we had to step in lay them down cover them with their blanky and they didn't move again. It's cute, I'll try and get a video of it.
Here are their 10 month stats:
Jackson - 20 pounds
Joel - 20 pounds 5 ounces

Joel and Jackson Joel eating a pizza crustJackson
Daddy and Jackie resting

Memorial Day Get Together

On Sunday night we had people over to our house for a little get together and BBQ. It was so nice out, we hung outside in the yard and played in the house all the kids were so good and liked to see and play with each other.
Jackson playing with Brady Cathcart...Brady says, "Jackson, get off my tray!!"
Jackson eating Brady's toy....Brady saying, "Gosh Jackson, stop messing with my stuff!"
Joel....another one of little Brady's toys
Joel and Tessa Dillinger playing
Tessa and JoelTessa crawling through the tunnel
Tessa sitting in the boys' rocking chair

Playing at Grandma and Grandpa's house...

Last weekend (shows you how far behind I am on updating my blog) Jon's mom and sister came to pick up the boys on Saturday afternoon. Jon and I went to a 50th Birthday party, had a late, crazy night and then on Sunday we headed to Marshalltown to pick the boys up, they had such good time with grammy and grampy and Aunt Janna, oh and little Marley, the mini hamster too!
Joel and GrammyAunt Janna and JacksonDaddy being silly with JacksonJoel stacking Jackson walking with cart Joel touching Marley, Aunt Janna's mini hamsterJackie touching MarleyMarley on Jackson's shoulder and him trying to escape, he didn't like that muchJoel picking up Marley.....and swinging her back and forth....and back and forthand shaking her somemore and enjoying it!!! Poor Marley

Thursday, May 28, 2009

"No new hat Mama!!"

Pajama Party!

Sleepy Joel and Jackson Jackson clapping He says, "Yeah mama"
Jackson in the jumperoo, he looks huge in there Joel standing by the chair
Joel creeping around Jackie and his tongue That tongue again...walking with his cart Nice bed head Jackson Joel looks so innocent here

We love it when mom let's us have no clothes on...

I think if the boys could be naked at all times they would be SO happy. But we must wear diapers otherwise there would be pee-pee all over the place!
Here are some pictures to prove it!!

Jackson Jackson