Monday, June 29, 2009

LOTS of cute Videos


Jackson talking....


Jackson and Joel playing....(oh and we don't always sit on folding chairs we moved our kitchen chairs when our house sold the first time!)


Joel dancing....


What did you find Jackson?


Joel...."mama read"


Oh and if anyone knows how to turn the videos so you don't have to view them sideways let me know!! I need to remember to not record them that way!!

Eye Appointments

Ever since the boys were born they, well Jackson more than Joel, have had teary/watery eyes. Our pediatrician told us that they would probably need to have tear duct surgery if they don't open up on their own by around 9-12 months old. On Friday last week Jon and my brother, Michael took the boys to their eye appointment. Their appointments were at 9:15 and 9:30 and we knew that the appointment would be about 2-2.5 hours. The doctor had to dilate their eyes and waiting for them to dilate takes about 30-60 minutes. I had a meeting at work I couldn't get out of so I didn't get there until the last 10 minutes of the appointment. The boys were good for daddy and Uncle Michael, of course they cried when they got the drops in their eyes but other than that they were happy guys, which is good considering it was nap time!

JoelJackson and Uncle Michael
So part of the appointment was that the boys had complete eye exams and as they don't need glasses which was the good news, the bad news or not so good news is Jackson DOES have to have his tear duct opened up, just his left one. Joel woke up with a runny/stuffy nose that morning so as of the appointment he has to have BOTH tear ducts opened. I told her that he has never had problems like Jackson so she does want to see Joel again in 2 weeks when his cold his gone. So hopefully it's determined at the July 10th appointment that he won't have to have surgery at all!

Train Ride

Saturday we took the boys on their 1st train ride! My dad and Jon's work (one in the same) got a flyer from the Union Pacific Railroad that they were bringing in a passenger car and were giving FREE train rides on Saturday to their customers. Since Barton Solvents is their supplier we all signed up to go! We got there at 8:15 and we boarded the train at 9 and we went to Carlisle and got back to Des Moines at 10:30. The boys had fun, although they probably won't remember it, but they were very good. We were surprised they didn't take a nap since it was during their nap time but they were wide awake, playing, looking out the window and eating snacks. We no more than made it out of the parking lot on the way home and both boys were sound asleep...what a rough morning!

Jackson on the way to the train ride...he was sleepy, using his new nap buddy!

Joel asleep on the way to the train rideDaddy and Jackie, Nana and Joel before the train rideUncle Michael and Joel waiting for the trainNana and Jackson Our trainMama and Jackson Daddy and JoelJoel and Jackson looking at their books on the trainJackie...check out those fangs!!Uncle Michael reading to Joel and NanaJoel looking out the windowPapa feeding Jackson snacksJackson looking out the windowDaddy and Jackson, Mama and Joel after the train ride

First time in the pool at Nana and Papa's House

After we got home from the train ride the boys took a long nap and when they woke up we went out to my parents house to take the boys swimming. The water was perfect...88 degrees! The sun wasn't out and it was a little windy Saturday afternoon so we were only in the pool for about 45 minutes. The boys LOVED the water and they really liked being in their floaty. They jumped in off the edge, were able to hold onto the side and kept trying to copy Jon and I blowing bubbles, but they just put their face in instead and didn't was cute. Since I'm a former swimming lesson instructor and I know how important it is for kids to know how to swim I'm adamant about the boys being able to swim at a young age. Being an avid swimmer myself I just hope they love the water as much as I do and as I did as a baby.

Nana dipping Joel in
Jackson in his floaty for the 1st timeJoel's 1st time in his floaty...LOVED IT!Joel, Daddy and JackieJoel getting ready to put his face in and daddy playing peek-a-boo with JacksonMama teaching Joel how to blow bubblesKick, kick, kick Joely!Daddy, Joel, Mama and JacksonJackson jumpin'Joel just jumped to daddyJackson snarling at JoelJackson getting all excited to jump againMama and Jackson

Well now that the boys are all used to the water Jon said that we need to make sure they get in to swim every weekend this summer so they keep getting better!!

Date Night: Destination Keith Urban & Taylor Swift Concert at Wells Fargo Arena

Saturday after we were done swimming Jon and I got ready and left the boys at mom and dad's for the night while we met my brother, Ben and sister-in-law, Kyli at their house and we headed out to eat at Raccoon River Brewery downtown for supper before the Taylor Swift and Keith Urban concert. We had a great time and the concert was really good. I love Taylor Swift's songs, her performance on the other hand was a little strange, very dramatic, but Keith Urban was very good. He was much better than when we saw him at the Iowa State Fair a few years ago. We had fantastic seats. The downside of the night, they took my camera when we walked in and made me and hundreds of other people with "professional" cameras check them at guest services, although I don't consider my camera professional. But I did go up before the encore of Keith Urban and got it so I could get a few pictures of him!!

2nd Day of Swimming

Jon and I slept until 10 on Sunday morning...gosh that felt good! We did some cleaning, went and got groceries, hung laundry out on the clothes line and then headed to mom and dad's to see the boys. We got there around 12:45, the boys were getting fussy but we wanted to take them swimming again before nap time. The water wasn't as warm..only 86, I know ONLY but I love it when the heater is on and it's close to 90. But the sun was out today, although still REALLY windy the sun made it really warm. The twins were braver in the water today and wanted to jump in again, and again and again! After swimming the boys had some fruit and then we put them down for a nap around 2:30. Jon and I wanted to get some sun so we volunteered to mow the yard, Michael was VERY happy to have us both on the riding mowers helping out. We stopped at 4 and went in the boys were still sleeping so we headed home to make the bed and vacuum before we had people come to look at the house at 5. Mom and dad brought the boys over at 6 they left and then and we played, ate supper, had a bath, played some more and then crashed for the night! What a FUN and busy weekend we all had!

Joel, Mama and JacksonJoel splashing us Joel jumping to DaddyJoel Joel Jackson jumping to Daddy
Jackson Jackson
Jackson Jackson
Jackson and Joel

Friday, June 26, 2009

11 Months Old June 25, 2009

11 months ago Jackson and Joel were born and goodness how fast these 11 months have gone!! I can't believe our little boys will be 1 year old next month and Jon and I will be parents to "2" 1 year olds!! WOW!! New developments in the past month include both of them, yes BOTH of them, taking steps to walk! After they walk about 3 steps they fall into your arms and are SO proud of themselves they smile and giggle like crazy. Joel just LOVES his books, he'll crawl over to the basket get out a book and say "Eh, eh, eh", translated to "read please". Then he'll bring you the book and crawl on to your lap. He is my little book worm, he just melts my heart. Jackson likes to be read to but he would much rather shoot baskets and throw balls or boogie down. Any music will come on and he'll be dancin' like crazy. Both boys are getting pretty good about sorting shapes and putting them in the correct holes and stacking blocks and of course knocking them over! They are both saying "Mama" all the time and I LOVE IT!! It just melts my heart. Joel says either "Naw naw" or "Ni Ni" my sitter thinks he's saying "night night" but I think he's trying to say "Nana" my mom was pretty excited when she heard him say that, although he not only says it when Nana is around but all the time! They both have about 7 or 8 teeth that are either there or making their way in so they hold their little mouths funny and make strange faces all the time.
The twins also are lovin' this warm weather so they can be outside in their pool or the pool at Lori's with all the other daycare kids, she says they think they are pretty cool when they get to hang out with all the big kids, they say, "eh, eh, ehhhh" really loudly and try and get them to pay attention to them. They are still REALLY good eaters and we have yet to find anything that they won't eat, although with all the varitey of foods they eat at the end of a meal our floors look terrible. We really need to get a dog to elimate some clean-up, Sophie does ok but she gets full easy! They have also graduated to their big boy carseats and they love them, I like not having to carry those things around anymore.
In the mornings and at night before bed they both still want mama to hold them the same time of course!! So that's what I do, I lug around 40 some pounds of baby all the time!! Jon gets tired easily when he has to hold them both, he's not as tough as a mommy is! Of course when they are close together and one has a paci and one doesn't they take that opportunity to "steal" from the other one like the picture above; Joel took the paci from Jackson. Jackie didn't seem to care he has his mama and that was all he wanted at this point.

Here are their 11 month stats:
Jackson - 20 pounds 1 ounce
Joel - 20 pounds 11 ounces