Friday, July 31, 2009

Jackson & Joel's Birthday Party...Part 1 (more pictures to come)

All last week I spent running to the stores every night after the boys went to bed getting items for the party and making up the game we played and getting their time capsule all scrapbooked, an idea I got from my friend Kendra. Thursday we ran stuff out to my parents' house and then on Friday night we got tables and chairs from the school, hung the black paper in the garage and did all the decorating.
The details....I had the invitations (magnets) made at VistaPrint with one of their 12 month pictures on them. Everything was red, orange, yellow, green and blue from the table covers, to the paper products, balloons and punch. I got the cakes for the boys from Hy-Vee (I wasn't about to spend $30 for a "good" cake for them to smash) and I got the cupcakes from Lovejoy's Cake Shoppe in Carlisle with red and blue #1 on them. We had pork loins sandwiches, potato salad, my mom's famous bakes beans and chips for lunch. Probably the best planning idea I had was having a photographer, Allison, (who did a special photo shoot of the boys before their party, click on her name to check out some of those photos) there to take pictures so myself or family didn't have to worry about catching everything! I didn't get 1 picture on my camera!! Everything turned out so good and looked really nice, even the weather was perfect for the party.

We put the boys down for their morning nap at 9:45 and they almost missed their party they didn't wake up until 12:50!! It took a little while for them to wake up and get used to having a bunch of people looking at them as they were eating lunch and blowing out their candles but they were pretty happy for the whole time. I don't have the pictures that Allison took yet (will be getting them today) but here are some great pictures my sister-in-law, Kyli took! Joel Jackson...he didn't want to sit in his highchair Jackson & Joel eating cake Jackson & Joel pushing their carts into each other Daddy and Joel opening gifts Cute Jordan outfits from Uncle Ben & Aunt Kyli...daddy said he wanted one too!! Jackson & Joel Joel & Jackson Mama & Joel Jackson taking a ride in his truck from Travis, Ashley & Tessa Jackson taking a break for a popsicle from Uncle BenJoel getting a popsicle from Nana

Thursday, July 30, 2009

1 year check-up

Jon and I took the boys to their 1 year well baby visit on Monday....they should have called it the massive shot visit, Happy Birthday...NOT!! Poor little guys had 4 shots (2 in each leg) and then their finger pricked. Not a fun day for them but they slept really well at daycare after their appointment.

Everything else is going really well for them, they have been off the bottle for a month now and are eating great!! I told her we were considering taking the pacis but she advised that the dentists want them to have something until they're at least 2 because otherwise they suck on a finger or thumb and that is worse than a paci. So....I guess we'll let them have the paci until we can talk to the dentist. We've only been giving it to them in the car and in their crib and that's it, so I guess that isn't that bad. I did call my pediatric dentist and set up an appointment for them around 18 months, which is when they like to see them for the first time, so we'll see what he says then.

I also asked about the carseats, we have decided we are going to keep them rear-facing for as long as possible, she said that the Academy of Pediatrics has now changed their guidelines and they recommend keeping them rear-facing until they are 2, not sure if we'll wait that long but we will keep them rear-facing for as long as possible, they really don't know any difference and are good car riders. Here are their stats from the appointment:
21 pounds 7 ounces - 30th percentile
30 1/4 inches long - 75th percentile
18 1/4 inches for his head circumference- 70th percentile
21 pounds 5 ounces - 30th percentile
30 1/4 inches long - 75th percentile
18 1/2 inches for his head circumference- 75th percentile

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Birthday Party @ Daycare

Last Wednesday the boys had a birthday party at daycare. On Tuesday night Jon and I made cupcakes for them to take to share with all the kids. We baked white cupcakes with rainbow chip frosting and strawberry frosting...of course I had to sample one before we sent them over to make sure they were edible!
I took my camera over so Lori could take pictures of the boys' first birthday party and I'm so glad I did, she got some great pictures and my of all the daycare kids.
Back from left to right...Kade (grandson), Owen (grandson), Katie holding Brady (Andy & Mindy's little boy), Jackson & Joel (my guys of course), Lori holding Trinity & Dalton (grandkids).
Front from left to right....Caleb and Lexi (brother & sister), Wilson, Madison, Macy & Lincoln (all siblings).

As you can see she has a full house during the summers!! Katie, (in the yellow above) is a former daycare kid herself, who helps out during the summers. Katie also bring another girlfriend out with her everyday to help too so really there are 4 adults there everyday, Lori, Katie, friend and Lori's husband, Larry. During the school year the house is much more calm there will only be 4 (Brady, Jackson, Joel & Dalton) kids there during the school year as all the others will be in school this year!!

Jackson & Joel getting ready to open presents Jackson & Joel opening their cards
Great gifts Lori!!
Jackson & Joel getting their cupcake...I can just hear them saying, "Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh."
Jackson & Joel
They had such a fun time and when we picked them up smelled like frosting...I guess they should Lori said they ate 2 cupcakes...that's my boys!! What a fun day they had with all the kids.

Monday, July 27, 2009

12 Month Pictures

A couple weeks ago we had the boys’ 12 month (1 year) pictures taken. I wanted to do some outdoor pictures so we went to the art center. It was such a hot day out, Jon and I were both sweating from lugging around the boys to the “perfect spot”. Sarah’s assistant wasn’t able to be there so I asked my mom to come help…she really didn’t want to knowing how Joel is around her….such a nana’s and grandma’s boy!!! Whenever my mom or Jon’s mom is around the rest of us are well…dog meat for lack of a better word. So not even 10 minutes into the photos shoot I asked her to leave and to make matters worse Jackson was being SUCH a crab!! I wasn’t really happy with how the whole outside pictures went, but oh well we all have those days. Sarah did manage to get at least 1 good shot of Jackson in each outfit. After the Art Center mess we went back to Sarah’s house to finish up the photo shoot and we ended with the infamous cake smash!! The boys had a blast during that…well Joel did for sure!! Here are a few of my favorite pictures. If you want to see the whole sessions check them out at
Jackson & Joel Daddy & Joel, Mommy & JacksonJackson JoelJacksonJoelJackson & JoelJackson & brother have some blue frosting on you!Jackson & JoelJackson

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A letter to my twins on their 1st from mommy and one from daddy

Happy 1st Birthday Jackson and Joel

If you both only knew how much love I have for you. Just thinking about how much I love you and miss seeing you all day as I sit here and type this tears are brought to my eyes. I never thought I could have so much love for two little boys. Your smile makes my heart melt and when you say “Mama” I just turn and look at you and say, “What honey” and you flash me a big grin! I love hearing you call my name and being called “Mama” is one of the best names that I could have. I’m so lucky to be your “mama”. And a year ago from this very minute you both made me a “mama” your mama! Ever since you were born my world has revolved around you both and I wouldn’t change that for anything!

Deep down I secretly love how you both are such mama’s boys and you only want me. For instance, first thing in the morning when you wake up you want mommy to hold you both; that’s our time to snuggle and then I sit you both on the counter in the bathroom and you watch me as I get ready for work and I honestly cherish every morning like that. It’s also ok that you are both shy around new people and you only want mama or daddy, it makes me feel good to know that you want me over anyone else and again I secretly love that! I know there will come a time when daddy will be much cooler than mommy so I’m cherishing every moment where I am the one you want.

Jackson, you are quiet and reserved. You are happiest when I’m holding you or when you are eating fruit. You have the cutest little curls in your hair and I’m dreading the day you’ll need your first hair cut. I love your 2-fanged smile and the way you want me or daddy to chase you around the kitchen and how it makes you giggle so. You love to bring your books to me to read but only want a few pages read before you close the book and bring over a different one. Sometimes, I don’t even read what’s on the page and just make something up to make you smile or sing something and you love that.

Joel, you are a loud little guy and you always make your presence known. You love to jabber to us and are so happy when you are pushing around your little cart. You love to dance on your highchair (or anywhere you can hold on) to us singing “I like to move it, move it” you flash a giant grin and bounce up and down it makes me laugh so hard which makes you dance even more. You are my little book worm, you want anyone to read books to you and you’ll sit so patiently with such a serious look on your face as you listen intently.

You both are growing and changing so fast and I’m so excited for all the great times that we’ll have ahead and all the special times that we’ll share as mama and boys. I love you both so much and you’ve both made this the best year of my life!

Love, Mama ____________________________________________________________________

First of all I want to say that I love you boys more than anything. I remember the day that we found out we were going to have a baby. It was such a happy day and your mother and I felt so blessed. A few weeks later and your mother being sicker than a dog we found out that we were having 2 babies. At this point I knew we couldn’t be more blessed. Ultrasound after ultrasound we got to see you guys but we just had not been able to hold on to you and kiss you. When you were in your mother I would talk to her belly to you guys and tell you about the day we had and all of the dreams we had for you little boys. We didn’t know if you were boys or girls (I was hoping for 2 little boys) so I know we had some weird conversations about girl stuff and boy stuff. Then the day finely came. I know you guys didn’t want to come out of there too bad but we wanted you out so that we could hug and kiss you. I remember sitting there holding your mothers hand and Jackson coming out and the dr congratulating your mother and I on a baby boy. I know that I had a stupid smile on my face but I was the happiest person in the world at that very minute. After a bunch of pictures and plenty of hugs and kisses we got to head home and start our lives together.

From that day we came home to where we are today we have been through a lot. I remember some of those nights thinking how are we ever going to get through this and all I had to do was look at you 2. Every time I see you I get that same stupid smile that I had when you were born. This first year has gone by so fast but it has left so many memories. I would not give this first year back for anything. You 2 have taught me so much about being a father and I hope that I have taught you 2 some stuff along the way. It seems like each day is a new milestone for you guys and each day we are seeing more and more of your personalities.

Jackson: I love your happy fanggy smile. All I have to do is look at you and you smile which in return makes me smile. You are pretty laid back (like me) and let your brother figure stuff out first, if he gets in trouble then you just watch and if not then you start in. I remember when you were born, you were longer, weighed more and now your bother has surpassed you. You still act like you did in your mother sometimes and steel stuff from your bother. After dinner each night if we cant find you I know to look over under the table and most of the time you are there eating the food that has fallen off the table. Jackie I love you so much and I would do anything for you.

Joel: the little baby. You were so small when you were born and you wouldn’t know that today. You are super outgoing (like your mother) and you are usually the first one up in the morning and the last one to bed at night. You have so many different faces that you make they are all so cute, especially when you show off your pretty teeth. The last couple of months you have been a big dancer. You will crawl up to anything that you can stand next to and just start dancing and now you have your brother doing this as well. I love how in the middle of the night when you wake up and need something the first thing that you say is “DADA”. Joels I love you so much and I would do anything for you.

I am sitting here writing this letter and it brings back so many memories. It makes me sad and happy at the same time thinking about how many more we will have. I know right now you 2 are kind of mama’s boys but we will get that changed here before too long. I cant wait to get to do some many boy things with you guys. Everyday your mother and I center our lives around you and cant wait to get home each night you hold you and play with you. You 2 bring so much cheer and happiness to our lives. We love both of you so much.

Happy birthday
Jackie and Joels

Love you lots and forever.

12 Months Old July 25, 2009

Today...our 2 baby boys, Jackson John, born at 11:18PM at 6lbs and 19 inches long and Joel Jeffery, born at 11:20PM at 5lbs. 4oz. and are 12 months (1 year) old!! It seems just like yesterday that I was giving birth to them.

Our very first family picture
Jackson & Joel's 1st picture together Jackson & Joel after their 1st bath in the hospital
Jackson & Joel - going home dayWOW this year has just gone so fast but we have enjoyed EVERY minute of it. At first, we didn't want them to grow up and wanted them to stay babies forever but with every month came a new stage and something new that they would WOW us with.

Like the first time they smiled.....

or the first time they sat up by themselves.... or crawled for the first time!

When they got their first teeth we were so exicted.....

and we clapped and cheered for them when they started to walk

With every day there is a new adventure with the twins. As their mommy and daddy we are so proud to be their parents and are looking forward to many more "firsts" with them in the years to come!