Monday, August 31, 2009

Update on Farrell's

Well I've been through 4 of the 10 weeks of my Farrell's Extreme Bodyshaping Program and all I can say is WOW! I've always liked to be fit and thin, who doesn't, but I've always HATED having to workout. I know I want my cake and to eat it too!! I've never really had to work hard at staying thin during my school years but after I had the boys and I stopped nursing/pumping (wish I could do that forever, no not really, but it's such a fat burner) I just really started to put on weight and it was hard to keep up on my health. So I knew I needed to do something and something I LIKED!

Running hurts my knee (remember, I've have a full ACL repair and 2 meniscus surgeries and I have very little cartilage left between my bones) so the constant pounding on the pavement is not good on my body. Although I feel like I've always gotten the best workout from running whether it hurts or not. The elliptical is so mundane (plus I don't have time at night to go the gym and it doesn't open until 5, not early enough for me in the mornings). When I started Farrell's I was SOOO excited to be working out but doing something fun!! I love kickboxing and have always liked doing the Billy Blanks Tae-Bo workouts which is like kickboxing. We did a lot of those workouts for track workouts in high school when we needed a break from the running. I've never kicked, hit or punched a bag before and what a stress reliever it is and by far the BEST workout!!

The last couple of kickboxing days have been "all bag" workouts. Typically, we start at 4:20AM do a little warm-up, stretch out and do some kickboxing until about 4:50 and then do the last 15minutes hard on the bag. Not last Wednesday and Friday!! We started on the bag at 4:35!!! If any of you have ever done Farrell's before you know what a FABULOUS workout that is. You are really working your thighs and butt like crazy! 2 things I would like to see A LOT smaller!! Wednesday was really heavy on the upper body on the bag and Friday was heavy on lower body. And in order to go at your "level 10" the entire time, they give you "breaks" about every 5-10 minutes. Now, I know your all thinking a water break, which is what I was thinking my first week. I'm talking push-ups, high knees, fire/fast feet, squats, lunges, 100 round house (sidekicks/fire hydrant kicks whatever you call them) on each side. So not your "normal" break. During these "breaks" your still really fatiguing your muscles like CRAAAAZY!! This "break" is supposed to allow you to hit or kick harder when you go back to the bag.

Every workout is different and that is another PLUS! I hated going out and running 2-3 miles every day, the same BORING route or running the SAME route during lunch everyday it got sooo old! The variety from the day-to-day workouts is what I like too. When I would run I'd think to myself, "oh I can stop or walk a little bit" but I don't ever have those thoughts during my Farrell's classes. I think it's having everyone there around me and I'm working on a team so that keeps me going through the whole workout.

Now remember, I said kickboxing is 3 days a week and resistant training/bands is 3 days a week. So the band days do get pretty repetitious since there are only so many exercises you can do for each muscle. But, during the band workouts I still manage to sweat since we're really isolating each muscle group and breaking it down and burning the fat around it. I really look forward to "band days" for a little break or "light day" as I call it.

Just as important as the kickboxing and bands are so is the eating portion. We have saved SOOO much money on food. We are spending more on groceries each week but we're saving almost twice as much since we aren't eating out 3-5 times a week! I never thought I could shop on the outside aisles of a grocery store but I do!! It's funny because I don't even go down the middle aisles except for bread. We buy TONS of fresh produce, use everything out of our garden and get our meats from the meat counter or turkey bacon from the meat aisle. Think about it, everything like that is on the outside aisles...milk, eggs, cheese, meat, fruit and veggies!! And surprisingly enough the twins LOVE broccoli, cauliflower and other veggies, fruit and whatever meat we eat. So we rarely have to make a separate meal for the kids, they eat as healthy as we do!

We have our 5 week testing this week, I believe on a Thursday night since this weekend is Labor Day weekend. They would normally test on Saturday but figured lots of people would be out of town. So on Thursday night we'll see how far I've come in just 5 weeks! Right now I'm already down a whole pant size, my butt and thighs are smaller, down 10-12 pounds, and I've lost off my chest and arms because my shirts fit better in the sleeves. To say that I'm very happy with my results thus far is an understatement!! I also feel good knowing that Jon thinks I look good and I love to hear the great comments from him too!

Well I'll give another update probably next week after my testing to share what exactly my results were. If anyone is thinking of doing this program PLEASE do it!! You will not be disappointed! Yes, it's a lot of money to get started but being healthier and feeling good about yourselves is a GREAT trade off!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Fatherhood Friday's

This week has been a difficult one for our family. We had to do something that we have never had to do before. Something that we hope we never have to do again.
On Wednesday our little Jackie had to have eye surgery. That's right surgery! They had to put him out and go in and operate on him. This is something as a parent that I haven't had to endure and I hope I never have to again. I know on the outside all of us men are supposed to look tough and strong, but on the inside when I had to hand over my little guy to a nurse and he was crying so hard not knowing what was going on it just broke my heart.
The surgery wasn’t anything too drastic and it was a quick in and out procedure. I think he was back there for a total of 15 min. But it is still a surgery and they had to put him out. The Dr. said there is always a chance that he could die from the whole thing. With her saying that I was a little scared, but like I said the whole thing was 15 minutes. Joel didn’t even have enough time to eat his breakfast in the waiting room. Jennifer got called back to talk to the Dr. while I was feeding Joel and I could hear a kid screaming and yes, that was my Jackie! A lady came out with Jackson screaming and I was trying to get Joel and our stuff all together and Jennifer was nowhere to be found! 2 screaming kids, 2 big bags, food and only 1 person to do it all! We were out of there by 7:25 and poor Jackie cried all the way to the babysitters to drop Joel off and then the rest of the way home. Jackson and I got home and he was just fine after that. We had a really fun day together and played all afternoon.
For those of you that aren't aware or are wondering what type of surgery he had when Jackson was born his tear duct in his left eye never opened up. The Dr’s told us this could open on it's own but if it didn’t by the time he was 1 they would send us to an eye doctor and they would have to operate to get it opened up. Dr. Whang said it took her only 2 minutes to get it all opened up and it took longer to put him asleep and to wake up!
So I leave this week praying for all of those parents out there that have to go through this. It takes a strong person to have to endure their kids going to surgery or being ill. I would like to thank God becuase Jennifer and I have been so blessed to have 2 kids at once but we are more blessed that we have 2 healthy kids!

Jackson had all he wanted...mama, BlackBerry, Paci and camera lens...he was a happy camperMama giving Jackie a hug, Joel was jealousJackson in his gown before sugery, the doctor had to put her initial on his head so they operated on the right eyeJoel eating breakfastJackson at home with daddy eating lunch...the kid was staving he had 15 chicken nuggets for lunch!! He acted his normal self all afternoon!! What a tropper!He was even on the hunt for his Sophie...see she's hiding from him under the couch!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


My friend Jill got the boys these cute shirts for their birthday...Jon loved calling them Batman and Superman all day on Sunday.

{Jackson & Joel}
{Jackson & Joel}

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I have some really pretty flowers that I planted around the garden, they are Zineas. Jon thinks that they are just in the way when we are trying to pick veggies but I just love the way they look and love to have a bouquet on my kitchen table all summer. Plus without them I wouldn't have these great pictures!
{ Joel}{Jackson}
{Joel} {Joel}


Monday, August 24, 2009

I need a BlackBerry please!

We are obsessed with Mommy & Daddy's phones! I want to hold it when I walk...
{Joel} while we look out the window...
{Jackson & Joel} when I come out of the bathroom like I just got off the phone...
{Jackson} or when I pretend talk to Sophie...
{Jackson} or pose with them on the couch.
{Jackson & Joel} I won't even let go while I'm getting a backrub...
or when Daddy is tickeling me.
I just LOVE to talk on my anyone that will listen!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Fatherhood Friday's

Well this is the second week that I am writing on the blog and I am still trying to figure out exactly how I want to do my posts each week. I will start with a review of being a dad in our home this week.

Jackson, Joel and I have had a ton of fun this week. It started Sunday with a great day at the pool in Ankeny. The boys love the water and the zero depth entry. They can walk right into the water and Sunday they wanted to walk all the way to the deep end. They thought they were invincible! The twins had so much fun and Joel was his normal self, talking the whole time to everyone that walked by, we can't take that kid anywhere without him "yelling/talking" to EVERYONE! We are really practicing with the boys to put their faces in the water and blow bubbles. The other night they wouldn’t stop doing it in the bath. After they put their face in they would look up to Jen & I like, "Did you see that I did it" and we'd clap and say, "Yay, good job!" It was pretty funny! Since we have been home every night this week we have been able to have a lot of fun right when we get home from work. Both Jackson and Joel love it when I get down on the ground with them and chase them around the kitchen to the living room to the bathroom and back to the kitchen. Jackson was laughing so hard the other night he was crying. I just love hearing them laugh and giggle.

What I have learned this week, well, I didn't really learn it this week, but it became more apparent this week, is that the boys really love their mommy. They like to hang out with me and play with me more than mommy but right when they get up in the mornings they need their mommy, when they are tired at night they need their mommy, and when I chase them around and they fall and bump their head, you guessed it, they need their mommy! And that's ok with me and I know it makes Jennifer feel good, she LOVES a good snuggle with her babies.

So with every weekly post I think that I am going to have a weekly question, thought or suggestion. So for this week I would like to know how many men read these blogs? I never used to read blogs until I got sick of my wife saying “I was reading this blog today and…". Now when she says that I can stop her and say “Yes Jennifer, I read that this morning!” Sometimes she doesn’t like that but oh well I think she'd rather tell me all about it. But with me reading the different blogs it helps me keep up with what our friends are doing, plus it sparks some good ideas for our family and some good dinner time conversations. That wraps up another week, everyone have a great weekend!

DADA aka Jon
{Daddy & Jackson} {Jackson, Daddy & Joel} {Daddy & Joel}
{Daddy & Joel} {Daddy & Joel}

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bubbles & Pool time

What kid doesn't love bubbles?? {Joel & Jackson} {Joely}{Joel}
Joel, mad cause Daddy won't let him have the wand
We knew that the Ankeny pool was closing on Tuesday so we wanted to get the boys there and we had a great day last Sunday to do it. The weather was perfect and there were only about 20 cars in the parking lot!! It was so nice. Our friends Travis, Ashely and Tessa Dillinger met us there and we all had fun.
{Joel & Tessa}
{Sweet Jackie}
{Jackson & Joel}

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

These diapers are in the way!



Oh Jackson...he's sooo funny!! Not sure what bugs him so much about these diapers but he is ALWAYS taking them out of the diaper caddy and throwing them over his shoulder.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Weekend review...

This was the weekend we decided we were going to move back INTO our house!! AND also Jon and I were going to have a date night!!
Friday our daycare lady was off so Jon's mom and sister came up to watch the boys. They had such a great time with them and we're so thankful that they were able to come up and help us out. I got groceries after work and picked up 2 Redbox movies, The Haunting of Connecticut and He's Really Not That Into You. The Haunting was good, kinda scary and Jon doesn't like scary but he did some work while watching it. The other one, not so great...we didn't even watch it all.
Saturday morning was my day to sleep in, so I got up at 8 and Jon went to workout and then I went to my Farrell's class at 9:15. While I was gone at class for an hour Jon had the boys napping. He then headed out to my parents to bring back some of the 85 totes that we had packed!! He got about half that trip and got them unloaded in the garage. I got the boys lunch and then around 2 Uncle Ben and Aunt Kyli came to get their nephews! They were going to keep them over night so we could go out to eat and go to a movie and sleep in on Sunday!! It was nice for them to get them so early in the day then I was able to go with Jon and help him on the 2nd trip with the last of the totes.
We cleaned up around 6 and headed to Chilis for supper. I was CRAVING french fries like no ones was my free day so I was bound and determined to eat them!! We caught the 7:30 showing of The Ugly Truth, what a funny movie, and were home and in bed by 10!! It felt good to sleep in (8:00) on Sunday and start putting things away before Kyli dropped the boys off at 10.
Now this week we'll be spending every night after the boys go to bed upacking totes, hanging up clothes in our closet, hanging pictures and so get our bedroom furniture back and then we'll be all set! Well at least until I start in with the BIG list of projects I want to do to the house now that we are staying for 5 or so more years!!

View from Behind

What is it about photos from behind that always make me want to take more and more?? I think that it's that my subjects always look completely innocent and so into whatever they are doing. Here are a few of my favorites.