Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bryce & Jill Halter's Wedding

Last Saturday we went to the wedding of my friend Jill and the love of her life, Bryce. It was such a nice, sweet ceremony. There were lots of smiles from the bride and groom and from the close family and friends at the ceremony. After the wedding we headed to White Oak (Cambridge) for a reception at the White Oak Vineyard. What a beautiful place, and it was decorated so elegantly. We had a great time, the boys LOVED walking around and looking up at everyone. My friend Jessica and her twins were there, Dylan & Carter along with LOTS of other kids. The whole bunch occupied the dance floor for a few songs and how cute it was to watch them all dance!

{Jon & I} {Kari, Me, Jill & Abbey}
{Jackson & Joel playing at the table}
{Joel dancing...with his hands behind his back...ALWAYS!}
{Jackie was only interested in my camera cap}
{Daddy & Joel}
{Jess's boys...Dylan & Carter?? (Jess you'll have to correct me if I'm wrong!}
{Joely having a good time on the dance floor}
{Joel what a ham...he's dancing to the music}

Oh what a fun and FUNNY night we had watching the boys dance. We left the reception around 8:30ish to get home for the second half of the AWESOME Iowa Game!! To say that my hubby was a little excited about the win is a HUGE understatement!! I think he even did a high karate kick after one play and I heard him yesterday say he thinks he pulled his hamstring from the kick...what a goof!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

PurpleStride Iowa Walk

On Saturday morning my family participated in the annual walk for Pancreatic Cancer. In April of 2005 my grandpa. my dad's dad, died after a hard fought battle with pancreatic cancer. This was our first year participating in this event and we had a blast and raised money and awareness for a good cause! It was a dreary morning for the 3.2 mile walk but it was very peaceful walking around the lake at Raccoon River Park. The boys did really well being strapped into the stroller the whole time. At mile 2 we stopped for a potty break and they walked and we carried them on our shoulders for most of the last mile.

{Joel & Nana before the walk} {Jackson before the walk} {Cute outfit Jackie!!}{Jackie trying to get ANYONE to read his book to him...he did this the WHOLE morning!}
{Jackson, Daddy (in a LARGE shirt...a little tight, ya think?), Uncle Michael getting drinks before the walk begins}{Team Dean Gander before the walk my family, minus Kyli, Ben's wife, she was coaching Ankeny Volleyball at a tournament in Johnston} {Joel & Uncle Ben}
{Nana & Mommy giving Joel & Jackson a lift}
{Uncle Ben & Joely}
{Joel with his balloon after the walk}
{Daddy put Jackie in the milk crates...silly daddy!}
{Mama and her Joely}
{Mama and her kiddos...Jackson & Joel}
{Our family after the walk...Jackson wondering what Joel is eating and why he doesn't have a carrot!}

Friday, September 25, 2009

Fatherhood Friday's

We can offically say that the floors in our house are DONE!! (Jen will post pictures next week I'm sure). We still have some little things to do: hang trim, put baseboards back on, etc. but nothing like laying the whole flooring! The boys love the new floors and they stomp around in their little shoes. This weekend we should have it all finished up!

I know I've said it before but the boys love it when they can get outside. They love to walk up and down the driveway, play around in the grass, and chase Sophie around the yard. We have two little slides in the backyard and the boys go up them but usually they just sit at the top until we pick them up. Just the other night Jackson went up the slide as usual, which isn't the stairs but climbing up the actual slide, and sat there at the top then all of a sudden I look over at him and he got himself all positioned so I counted 1...2...3 and he went down on his own! He was a little surprised when he got to the bottom but he got back up and we could not stop him from going up and down over and over. He kept giggling at himself, it was cute.

Yesterday, I picked the boys up from daycare and got them in the car and we have books for them to look at while their in their carseats; so I gave Joel his book and he was flipping through it so I asked him, "Joel, where's the puppy?" He flipped the pages until he got to the puppy and started pointing at it and make a weird hissing sound, which I've heard him do when he points at the neighbors dog. His weird hissing is his way of saying “woof woof". Just another proud daddy moment.

It seems as like our twins are growing so fast. Everyday they have new things they are doing and changing so much. It's kind of sad that this whole experience is going so fast, but each day is a joy seeing the boys do different things.

This weekend we have the PurpleStride Iowa walk for pancreatic cancer. Jen's grandpa died of pancreatic cancer in 2005 so we're excited to go and support this great cause. The boys should like being pushed in the stroller and being able to walk a little bit of it. Saturday night we have a wedding to go to at the White Oak Vineyard, we've never been there so we're excited to get to go and check out this great winery. Then Sunday we'll be finishing up the house, getting our trim up, crown molding on the cupboards, and a new faucet in. Should be fun but busy weekend!!

Jon (DADA )

Thursday, September 24, 2009

1st Trip to the Dentist

Last week we took the boys to their first dentist appointment. It went as excpected...they cried when we laid them down for the "lap exam" but other than them being scared to lay down everything else went well. They sat intently on our laps while Dr. Mancuso talked to us about the use of a paci, brushing their teeth and eating/drinking habits.

So far we're doing everything right. We brush their teeth twice a day and he recommened NOT using any of the infant toothpaste becuase it is sooo sweet it is hard to wein them off of when it is time to switch to Crest Kids at their 1 year appointment. We are down to 1 paci only and they only get it in their crib or the car he said USE a paci now versus taking it away because he'd rather have to get rid of a paci versus them sucking a finger which can go on for years and years! Our intentions have been to get rid of the paci by the time their 2 so we're on track! They don't take bottles anymore so he was happy about that and they drink from staws and sippy cups so all is well!!

The boys each have all 4 molars right there, he could see all of them, no wonder it's been a rough couple of nights mixed with mild fevers! They will return to the dentist in a year he advised!! The best part about the visit besides it was short and sweet, it was FREE!!

{Dr. Mancuso and Jackson}

{Dr. Mancuso examining Joel}

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We can....

....drink from staws like BIG BOYS!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

At the park....

...we swung together....and laughed
....really hard!
We tried to climb the ladder
...and play peek-a-boo.
We went down the slides A LOT with Nana and Mommy
...and even by ourselves! There were these wood chips all over the ground that were cushy to walk on
...and fun to put in our mouths.
Nana & Mommy kept telling us to spit them out and stick our tongues out so they could wipe our mouths off
...but we didn't mind the dirt, we're boys and they were so fun to play with ...and eat...even while laying on our tummies!Joel even tried to head butt the pole...silly guy!At the park we had a lot of fun with Nana
...and Mommy while Papa and Daddy were at the football game!
A cute video of the boys making mounds of wood chips between their legs, putting nasty things in their mouths and just being typical boys...always in the dirt!


Monday, September 21, 2009


Last Thursday, my mom and I went to Hilton Collisum to see Sugarland with guests Matt Nathanson and Billy Currington. I was super excited since I'd been waiting almost a YEAR to see them since they cancelled last October. I've been carefully hanging onto my tickets and was anxious to use them!

{Matt Nathanson with Kristian Bush singing "Come on Get Higher" one of my FAVS!!}{Billy Currington}{Billy Currington}{Sugarland singing "Stay", one of my FAVORITE songs}
{Sugarland}{Jennifer Nettles singing "All I Want to Do"}{Jennifer Nettles}Towards the end of the concert they got into they blown up balls, similar to hamster cages and "rolled" out onto the audience!! It was SOO cool!!! They went super fast as if the air supply was limited in the balls. Very neat effect!{The end of the show, and a great one at that!!}