Friday, October 30, 2009

Fatherhood Friday's...Carving pumpkins!

Well, Halloween is upon us again. I remember last year....we had these two little peas in a pod that we drove around all over to show off to everyone. We went to Jenn's Grandma's in Ankeny, to Marshalltown to see my parents, to Baxter to see Jenn's friends, to Maxwell to see Jenn's Grandma and out to the country in Maxwell to see her parents!
They couldn’t crawl, couldn’t walk and couldn’t even sit up by themselves. Wow, what a year can change! This year we have 2 little boys sitting on our kitchen table helping us carve pumpkins and they'll be walking all over the neighborhood in their little costumes!

So the other night we carved pumpkins and I must say that we have two of the best helpers in the world! Of coarse, our two great helpers were gone when it came time to clean up, but before that they were great. Joel wanted to help us so much and then there was Jackson who was just happy to be around the family and having two spoons in his hands. He has this thing lately about his hands being dirty, or having soap suds on them (we had a break down in the bath tub the other night becuase he had suds on his hand and when I washed them off he was still concerned that the suds would reapear!)

Jennifer and I had a hard time deciding what to carve into the pumpkins. I wanted A & B (for Baby A and Baby B) but Jennifer wanted the Jackson and Joel. You can see who won this one(the usual one) but I must say they turned out really well!

Tonight we're having Andy/Mindy/Brady, Bryce/Meggie/Luke and Travis/Ashley/Tessa all come to our house and we're all going to Trick-or-Treat around the development together for as long as the kids last. If it's raining, we're going to head to Bass Pro Shop and do indoor Trick-or-Treating. We'll post more pictures next week of the boys and their costumes and our first Trick-or-Treating experience!!

Happy Halloween and GO HAWKS.
Love, Jon (DADA)

{Joel & Jackson digging out the guts with their spoons} {Jackson digging around in the pumpkin}
{Joel getting his hands dirty and pulling out some guts!}
{Jackson getting some guts}
{Joel & Jackson...I think when I said smile Jackie gave me this face...}
{Joel feeling the guts}
{Yuck Joel...of course he had to try them!!}
{Joel was our big helper and wanted to get dirty while
his brother sat back with a spoon in each hand and watched}
{Joel feeling around in the pumpkin}
{The after pictures....I cut Joel's name and Jennifer cut out Jackson's}
{Outside all lit up}

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fun at a wedding reception

{Joel eating chex mix} {Jackson & Joel eating chex mix in their cute sport coats}
{Jackson...I know the spoon gave it away. And yes we DID let him take a wooden spoon to a wedding reception. AND my daycare lady (her son was the one who got married) said that Jackson was the topic and laugh of everyone there and thought it was sooo cute that he just carried it around. My guys are always the topic, laugh, conversation such as, "look how cute they are", or "oh twins how cute", or "are they twins" wherever we go. It's actually quite cute/funny and the boys LOVE all the attention!}
{ Joel eating chex}
{Jackson & Mommy (I think I must be saying "cheese" so Jackson would pay attention and smile or something)}
{Jackson practicing getting ready to do somersaults}
{Me, Jackson, Jon & Joel}
{Me, Jackson, Joel & Jon}
{Mama and her boys, Joel & yep you guessed it Jackson, the spoon man}

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

If you're wondering which baby this's spoon just sticks!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A GREAT weekend to be an IOWAN! AND Helpers...

WOW...what great wins from both Iowa and Iowa State!! I'm not going to lie I was more into chatting with my girlfriends and playing with all the kiddos while the Iowa game was on so I didn't see much except the last few minutes...the only ones that mattered!! What a great catch in the last 2 or 0 seconds!! I was VERY surprised with all the screaming that our boys stayed asleep. The wood floors really make the sound travel more for sure!!

I guess I should back up, before the game we spent all day cooking, cleaning and running errands. Well I did...Jon and the boys played and "helped" in MANY ways.

{Joel touching the drill}
{Daddy showing Joel how to work the drill}
{Joel helping Mama make beer bread}
{And eating it....he liked the dough}
{Joel helping}
{Joel & Jackson...this is a pretty common sight around our house...the boys sit on the counters and "help" often. They like being up at our level.
We had over some friends to eat supper/grill and watch the game Satuday night. This was a photo op for sure!! Usually what we see is the guys off hiding somewhere while the girls have the kids but here the guys have the kids...minus Joel so it sure was picture worthy!!
{Andy with Brady, Jon with Jackson and Travis with Tessa}
{Cute video of Joel stirring...sorry its sideways...anyone know how to fix videos??}

Do you...

...see something lurking behind the curtains?
...or someone? about now?
Oh it's Joel...
...and Jackson who are lurking behind my curtains!
This is actually one of their most favorite things to do these days. They think they are hiding and they'll even try and trap Sophie back there....poor kitty!

Here is a cute video of Joel...
...and then both of them playing behind the curtains (Jackson & Joel)

Monday, October 26, 2009

15 Months Old - October 25, 2009

We had the boys in for their 15 month appointment and here's their stats:

Height - 31 inches (55th percentile)
Weight - 24 pounds (55th percentile)
Head Circumference - 18.5 inches (50th percentile)

Height - 31.5 inches (75th percentile)
Weight - 24 pounds 3 oz. (60th percentile)
Head Circumferences - 19 inches (75th percentile)

They are both on track developmentally and up-t0-date on their vaccines. They had the 2nd series of the flu shot and I learned a lot about the H1N1 vaccine while I was there talking to Dr. Schutte and she recommends it so long as it is mercury free for children 3 and under. But if the batch of shots come to her office WITH mercury she will NOT give them to children 3 and under. We're still undecided if the boys will get vaccinated. Once I have my mind made up, I hear a compelling argument from the other side or something happens to someone I know and then I change my mind!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Fatherhood Friday's

For some reason this last week has seemed like the longest week ever! Everyone at home is a little sluggish and tired; maybe it has something to do with the crappy weather we are having. The boys are starting to get colds. Jackson woke up the other day from his nap and had a runny nose and it has slowly got worse and worse.

But now on to the positive stuff! Last Saturday we were just sitting around the house and our little Joel was walking around with Jennifer's BlackBerry as he usually does and we heard a voice on the other side. So we grabbed it and hung it up and 2 seconds later it rang again and it was 911! So Jennifer had to explain to them that it was an accident and our kids did it. Gosh how embarrassing!! I was just waiting for a cop to show up at the door but that didn’t happen...thankfully! This last week we also gave the boys haircuts. We just did it at home in the bath tub since they were playing and not paying attention to what we were doing. After their cuts they look so much alike and I have been screwing up on their names all week.

This weekend is our last full weekend at home since there are home Iowa football games the next 2 weekends so I hope we can have some family fun. We are having some friends over Saturday night to watch the Iowa game and that should be a good time as long as the Hawks win! I have been working with the boys on their touchdown signals and they have been doing great. Every time I say, "touchdown" they just throw both their arms up in the air and smile, it is pretty funny! Well I hope everyone has a great weekend and Go Hawks!!


{Mama cutting Joel's hair...I think!}
{Joel..again I think!} {Yep, that was Joel cause this is Jackson}
{ Jackie's new cut}{The back of Jackson's head }
{ Joel's new cut }

Thursday, October 22, 2009

For your Thursday....

...viewing pleasure here a couple videos of the boys!
Jackson dancing...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

These smiles...

...from Jackson & Joel just melt my heart......into a MILLION pieces!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

"Hiho, hiho, it's off to Grandmother's house we go.."

Jackson just loves to pull stuff around on the floors. Pulling his suitcase was no different! He thought he was big stuff wheeling it around on the floor like a big boy!!