Monday, November 30, 2009

1st REAL Haircuts

On Friday we took the boys to get their 1st REAL hair cuts. My mom heard an ad on the radio for $5 haircuts on Fridays so we took advantage of the great price!! The boys were NOT happy to have someone spary them with water, touch their head and hair and then blow dry their hair. They both cried the entire time...oh well I'm sure they'll get use to it...eventually!!

{Jackson behind before}
{Joel & Jackson}
{Joel getting his hair cut}
{Poor Jackson...not a happy camper!}
{Joel afterward}
{Jackson afterward}

Friday, November 27, 2009

Fatherhood Friday's

In the spirit of the holidays there are so many things that I am thankful of
So what am I thankful for? That is a great question. Where do I start?

My parents, without them I would be nowhere. The knowledge and experiences that they have given me have shaped my life.

My wife, the love of my life and my best friend.

My kids, they give me the drive to get up everyday to create a better life for them. She helps keep the whole family organized and without her we would all be lost. Love you Honey.

My friends, every single one of them have helped shape the way I am today.

My job, without it I wouldn't be able to put food on the table, have a house, cars or nice things.

My faith, I thank God everyday for giving me another day with the people I love.

Our military. They have risked their lives to give us the freedom and safety that we love.

I hope that everyone has a great holidays and all of your families are in our thoughts and prayers.


Thursday, November 26, 2009


Thankful Thursday, a perfect title for today since it in Thanksgiving!

I am most thankful for my family today. Without my families I wouldn't be the person I am today.

I am so thankful to have a mother and father who have been and are so supportive and who encouraged me to always follow my dreams and be my own person.

I'm thankful to have a mom who taught me so much about being a loving mother, whether she knew she was or not. It's because of her I am the mom I am today. Patient, kind, loving and caring.

I am thankful to be married to my best friend with whom I laugh, cry and joke with. We have a loving marriage and two beautiful children. I'm so thankful that Jon is a wonderful and loving father to Jackson and Joel. They couldn't ask for a better dad and neither could I and for that I'm thanful.

I'm so thankful to have my brothers. Ben & Michael in my life. I might have always wished I had a sister but growing up with two brother sure had it's perks as well and I love them very much!

I'm so thankful to my brother, Ben who has a wonderful wife, Kyli, who I love so much and together they are making me an Aunt in May. I couldn't be more thankful and happy for them.

I'm thankful to have amazing in-laws and a great sister-in-law who bring so much love to our lives. I love them so much and they love me like I'm their other daughter and for that I'm thankful.

I'm thankful to have two healthy, beautiful and loving children. Being a mother has opened my heart so much and loving my children is a form of love that I have never experienced before and I am so THANKFUL for being able to expeience that not only once but twice!
I hope everyone has a wondferful and safe Thanksgiving with their families and I hope each one of you remember what you are thankful for.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Jackson's eye update

We decided we are going to have Jackson's other tear duct opened up with surgery. He had the same surgery on his left eye in August and his right eye seemed fine at the time otherwise we would've had them both done at the same time. When we went in for the post-op appointment she noticed the right eye was not draining. We went back 3 weeks later still not draining properly. With his eye doctor leaving the practice at the end of the year we have decided to go ahead and have the little guy go under anesthesia again and have the surgery instead of putting it off until the beginning of next year. So we'll go in on the 9th of December to hopefully have a simple, routine, 10 minute procedure to open up the right tear duct.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Yes, two Thursdays ago...November 12th at 7:00PM at night and until 10:30 that night...I was bit by the Christmas bug. I decorated our house for Christmas. I know what you're all thinking..."it isn't even Thanksgiving yet" and yes I am very aware of that...but I can't even put into words how EXCITED I am for Christmas this year and every year for that matter!! I don't know what it is, the smell of the house from the cinnamon stick and creamy nutmeg scent ports from Bath & Body Works, the pine smell of the real Christmas tree, the colors of pretty red, green, gold and silver that takes over my house, having lights up all over, excited for my boys at Christmastime or sitting on the couch with the fireplace on with Christmas music in the background drinking hot chocolate? The last one probably won't happen that much this year with 2 one year olds running around but hey a Mama can dream! Ever since I was a little girl I LOVED helping my mom decorate for Christmas and baking, we always take a weekend and bake lots of goodies...coming up in a few weeks I'm sure!!

I also don't know what I like on Black Friday at 12:01AM for ALL of our Christmas gifts or actually giving to people and seeing them open the gifts that we got them. Gosh I love Christmastime!! So if I decorated 2 weeks early for Christmas you know why and I don't feel bad about it at all!! I think if the tree farm would've let us cut the tree down on the 1st of November when we went to tag, on the first day that they were open RIGHT when they opened by the way we would of!! This Friday can't come soon enough when Jon can go cut it down and we can spend all night decorating it...well I'm sure Jon can wait but I. JUST. CAN'T!!!!

So here are a few pictures of how our house is looking thus far. Like I said we have yet to get the tree but soon enough, soon enough! Oh and I guess I really haven't showed off all we did for remodeling but check out the crown molding above the cabinets in the kitchen, the oak cover over the stand that holds the DVR, DVD player, etc. that the TV is on, the painting, new living room and dining room furniture and of course the BEAUTIFUL wood floors!! I'm in love for sure! We are still waiting on our entryway system, that will hold toys/boots/coats for the boys, to be built to go on the east wall (the back of the living room, I don't show it because there is nothing there now but toys and a bare wall) but once that is done hopefully in a few weeks all will be complete!!

{Entryway}{Dining room}{Dining room table...LOVE this...had a fun trip to Pier 1 on Saturday with the boys to get the place mats, napkins and napkin holder. The twigs in the red hurricane are from Michael's}{Living room, above the kitchen cupboards and mantle}{Sides of the TV}{Side tables in the living room}{The living room minus the tree}

Monday, November 23, 2009

Christmas Bulb Wreaths

On Saturday while Jon was at the Iowa game I made these beautiful Christmas bulb wreathes. I found the tutorial here. They were SUPER easy to make and the boys even helped....I mean they took all the glass bulbs and ran around the room with them and thought it was so funny when mommy chased after them! But we had fun and they were entertained for about 30 minutes!
Supplies needed:
Wire hanger
About 40 large bulb ornaments or more if using different sizes.
{I just used all large ones since I didn't want buy multi packs of bulbs and couldn't find an assortment of them in colors I liked.}
Coordinating ribbon
Wire cutters
LOTS of muscle for wire bending!!
Basically what I did was take a wire hanger and bend it into a circle. Unwind the top of the hanger and begin putting the ornaments on alternating colors if you're doing a multi-colored wreath or alternating patterns like I did since I made mine all one color. The tutorial says to use hot glue on all the tops so the bulbs don't fall off the hanger. I didn't have the time nor the patience to do this so I only hot glued the ones that fell off as I was adjusting them, which was only 2 or 3 on each wreath.
Now the final step, making the bow. A tip that might help.....I didn't cut my ribbon before I made the bow because I wasn't sure how big of a bow I wanted. So wrap the ribbon around the top of the hanger and make into a bow. Then cut your ribbon off and then fluff it!! Not going to lie it took me about 20 minutes to get my brown bow how I wanted it the red one was easier once I figured out who I wanted it but I was being super picky. There was too much of the wire showing at the top so I ended up cutting off part of the hanger so the bow would hang close to where I hooked it on the over-the-door wreath hook and to top of the bulbs. For the whole project (doing 2 and minus the extra time I took messing with my brown bow after the boys went to bed last night) it took me 20-30 minutes and that was with all the WONDERFUL help from 2 boys who I was watching by myself!

I love the way they turned out and defiantly adds to the festiveness of the house!! Hope my instructions were easy to follow, the tutorial I used has some better pictures. I didn't have time to take step-by-step pictures. Enjoy!!

Tomorrow I will show you what "bug" bit me last week. If you follow me on Twitter or we're friends on Facebook you know what I'm talking about!! Have a great Monday!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Fatherhood Friday's

Ok so I think of myself as a somewhat of a normal guy. I do guy things like mow the lawn, shovel snow, drink beer, hunt and kill the bugs that get in the house. My wife would tell you different and sometimes she makes me mad, and what guy doesn’t say that? She thinks that I am not normal because I am overly superstitious. I am superstitious everyday in my life. My clothes get laid out every night for in the morning, my clothes for the next day get hung up on the outside of my closet; my routine is the same every morning...cell phone in my left pocket, wallet in my right, work keys in my right, knife on my right pocket and shoes on right first then left. I don’t think of that as being different I just think of it as being organized.

Now when it comes down to the clothes I wear I am superstitious especially for the Iowa games. I wear the same clothes (down to socks and underwear) Friday to work and then on game day I have my jeans, shirt, socks, underwear and shoes (if it is cold I add to it but the basics are the same). Until 2 weeks ago and this is where I get mad at my wife...Thursday night before the Northwestern game I am getting my clothes picked out for the next day and I notice I can't find my underwear or socks. Minutes before this I had taken the trash out for the week and I noticed there were some old clothes in the garbage so I was going to go out and get them out of the trash until she says, “well I ripped them in half since they were mostly ripped anyways!” My jaw dropped. Let me just remind you that since this has happened Iowa’s football team has lost 2 games. Yes, I am blaming these 2 loses on Jennifer Jo Waters. I love her to death but now she is just messing with Iowa’s team! Now there is no National Championship and no Rose Bowl talk. Oh well call me crazy but I guess life will move on. I think from now on I will just not tell her what my superstitions are then maybe she won't mess with them and me!
Love Jon (DADA)

{Joel eating peas...double fisting it!!}

{Jackson with the football like a puppy)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wanna go for a ride Sophie?

I was folding some laundry and the next thing I know Jackson has taken the clothes basket and is pushing it all over the floor! His new obsession might I add, no he hasn't given up the spoon this is just somehting extra! Then to suprise him Sophie jumps in!! She "rode" in the laundry basket all over the floor while Jackson and Joel pushed her. The twins thought she was pretty funny!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wordy Wednesday

My friend Kendra posted last week about how her little girl, Jerzey, copies everything she does read out it here. little Jackie bless his heart he sure love his mama! This is what happens when you have boys who copy everything their mommy does!
Yes, that is Jackson, with my head band on! The little guy saw me put it on, grabbed it off my head, and then put it on himself. I bet he wore it for a good hour and a half the other was so cute he smiled SOO big like he was sooo proud that he could copy me!!

Someday....I'll have my girl and she can copy any "mommy/girl" stuff she wants and daddy won't get all bent out of shape like he did when Jackson wanted to wear my headband or his purple beads.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Phoenix's 1st Birthday Party

One of my good friends, Dani and her husband Daniel, adopted little Phoenix from Ethiopia earlier this year shortly afterwards Dani found out she was pregnant. A few days later they found out they were expecting IDENTICAL TWIN BOYS!! Amazing how God works!! The twins are due in December and little Phoenix will be 1 on Wednesday this week. On Saturday we were invited to go and help him celebrate! We had a great time, the food was wonderful (taco bar) and the dessert...well we left before cake was served so we took 2 Elmo cupcakes home but they didn't make it home with us! Yes, mommy left the cupcakes on the roof of the car!! I'm sure they were delicious though!

{Joel helping Phoenix open his gifts...all of the kids helped otherwise I think we might still be there!! You know 1 year olds...they don't have too long of an attention span!} {Phoenix riding his new little 4 wheeler with his cute little helmet on}

Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekend Recap

What a nice weekend had by the Waters family!! We hardly left the house and we NEEDED a weekend like that. On Saturday I got to sleep in until 8:30 and then the boys napped at 10. While they were napping Jon & I got the Christmas lights put on the roof. "I" stood on the ground and held out the lights while Jon climbed the tall ladder to the top of the house in the cold, so really "I" didn't help much! When the kiddos woke up we had a 1st Birthday Party to go to (more on that tomorrow) and we came home to watch the Iowa Game...too bad they couldn't pull out a win! The boys went to bed by 7 they were super tired and Jon and I caught up on our "shows" from the previous week...gotta love DVR!

Sunday after everyone was up and around we headed to Babies R Us for a diaper run, then to Sam's and Wal-Mart for groceries. We were home by 11:30, had lunch and put the boys down at 12:45. The little stinkers were in their cribs from 12:45-3:15 and DID. NOT. SLEEP!! 40 minute nap all day did not make for a peacful evening for sure!! We all went up for baths at 6 and the boys were asleep by 6:40!! The boys have only been getting 1 afternoon nap at 12:00 and sleeping until almost 3:30 or 4 somedays...not sure how Lori does it because they are sooo tired for us in the mornings but they weren't having any of that afternoon nap all yesterday.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Fatherhood Friday's

This last week has been fun and it seems the boys are learning new things everyday. They have more and more words all the time, although we have a hard time making out exactly what the word is but we know what they are saying because it is the same "word" everytime they point to the designated item. We are also at the point where they know what you are talking about. If you ask them to go get you something they will get up and go over and get it, such as book, diaper, paci, toy, etc. Also, if one of them has 2 of something and you ask them to share with their brother they will do it no problem! I'm sure this sharing isn't going to last for long but we'll see!

Joel has really been loving his wagon rides, the bad thing is that by time we get home it is a lot cooler out and dark! The other night Jen wasn’t home so I took the boys out right after I picked them up and they loved being able to get out and got mad when we stopped and pulled the wagon into the garage.

Both of the boys have also really been into Sesame Street. Ok they are just really into the song at the beginning. Joel will dance all over the place unless there are a bunch of people around it is so cute! The other night my parents came up for dinner and to see the boys and Joel got into it a little but when he saw us laughing he would stop right away so we made sure not to "watch" but only out of the corner of our eyes.

Well this Saturday is one the days of the year that I dread the most! It's the day that we put up the Christmas lights. I am not afraid of heights but I don’t know what it is about climbing to the very top of the roof that I just don’t like. The 2nd most dreadful day is the day I get to take them down. So wish me luck and I hope that I don't fall off so I can write my post again next week.

Go Hawks!
Love Jon DADA

{A couple cute videos of the boys dancing to Seasme Street, notice Jackson...he has the beads. The kid LOVES his beads, you ask him to get his beads, he walks over to the toy box and puts them on!!}



{Jackson chasing after Joel}


Thursday, November 12, 2009

More fun at the tree farm & COWS!!

On Sunday while Jon was tilling the garden and taking my dad's BIG ladder in preparation to put up our Christmas lights Jackson, Joel and I went and helped Nana pick out her and Papa's Christmas tree. I got smart this time and brought Nana's wagon to pull the boys around in so we didn't have to carry them ALL over as we scouted out the perfect tree!! We searched all the trees at the small tree farm in Maxwell but Nana found the perfect one for her house.

{Joel & Jackson walking around looking at trees} {Jackson}
At the very back of the tree farm there were LOTS of cows standing at the fence and instead of shying away they kept coming closer and mooing louder and louder like they wanted us to pet them. Strange cows. But this was the boys' first experience looking at "real" cows!! They pointed and said "caaaw" this was their word for "cow". They had fun and weren't scared at all with the continuous mooing.

{Jackson pointing at the cow} {Joel saying "caaw" and pointing to the loud one mooing}
{Joel & Jackson...notice Jackie's little smile? He was sooo happy to see the cows.}

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Whatcha mixin?

We're not mixin' anything real...we're just pretending to be mixing something yummy since Nana was making a cake we thought we needed to be doing the same thing! {Joel & Jackson}
{Joel & Jackson mixing}
{Jackson mixing}
{Too many spoons and NOT enough hands...of COURSE this is Jackson}
{Jackson eating some deer sausage}
{Cute video of Jackson mixing notice how he "tries" his pretend mixture with the spatula. Sorry it is sideways, I always forget when I'm taking video to NOT turn my camera the long way!!}

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'll feed you Daddy

Grammy made some AWESOME chocolate chip bars to take to the tailgate on Saturday that Daddy LOVES! We're so glad that Daddy brought the leftovers home to share with us!{Joel feeding Daddy}
{Joel & Daddy}

Monday, November 9, 2009

We didn't help the Hawks...

even by wearing our "lucky outfits"....
and we covered our eyes when they had bad plays.....
but smiled when they scored their only touchdown.
Yep, we couldn't do very much to help the Hawkeyes win on Saturday. Daddy was NOT happy when he got home from the game that they had lost and ruined their perfect season! He's still hoping they go to the Rose Bowl because he said he's going to go and cheer them on!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Fatherhood Friday's

Last Sunday we had a fun day as a family. After a long day and late night on Saturday the boys decided to get up extra early with the time change. So we were up early and we had to make the most of it with playing, hitting the cat and waking mommy up with the new Christmas dog that sings.

So Sunday after momma got up the boys rested for a few hours and then we head out to pick out our Christmas tree. The boys had a hard time walking around the tree farm since the ground was not level and a little soft from all the rain we got. We walked all the way to the back of the farm as we do every year but of course we go back to the very first tree we liked and taged that one. It was hot by the time we got done and everyone had to lose their jackets. After tagging our tree we went out to Nana and Papa’s to have some lunch with the pheasant hunters. The boys like playing in the garage and shed, joel even got his pants changed on the creeper! After lunch we went down to the shed to get some of our Christmas totes that have been there since we sold the house and the boys loved roaming around Papa's shed. They have some BIG dump tucks they got for their birthday and they are big enough that they can sit in the back of them and be pushed around. Jennifer and I were standing on opposite sides of the shed pushing them back and forth, Jackson loved it and was screaming like a girl. Joel wasn’t so sure about it at first and then he warmed up to having fun!

This weekend it is back to Iowa City to watch the Hawks make it 10 and 0. Sunday we have a nice lazy day planned hopefully Aunt Kyli can snap some good pictures of us all for our Chirstmas cards! The best news is this weekend it is supposed to be super nice out, so we should be able to get out and let everyone blow the stink off.
Have a great weekend & GO HAWKS!

{Daddy & Jackson}{The boys looking for a tree}
{Mama & Jackson tagging THE tree!}
{Joel hiding behind a tree}
{Jackson, Mama & Joel}
{Jackson & Joel riding on the creeper}
{Mama changing Joel on the creeper}
{Playing on the trampoline}
{Daddy, Joel, Mama & Jackson}