Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas at Home

Christmas morning....our best gift...the boys sleeping until 7:55!! WOW, that has NEVER happened but these past few days especially since I've been off all week, the boys have been sleeping until at least 7!! 7:55 felt especially good since it took us an hour and a half to drive the normal 40 minutes home from Marshalltown on Christmas Eve. So after everyone got up we came downstairs and Santa had come and the boys pulled all the goodies out of their stockings and opened a couple gifts. They were most interested in the toys that they had gotten from Jon parents the night before!! After the gift opening we had monkey bread, a new tradition for our family to have on Christmas morning for breakfast. They boys loved it and we ate almost the whole thing!! Jon had to snow blow out the driveway so we could head to my grandma's for Christmas.

{Santa came and filled out stockings}
{Joel on Christmas morning}
{Joel and Jackson with a toy in his mouth checking out the new ELMO computers, yes they each got one}
{Jackson with his new lawn mower...had to have 2 of these too!}
{Jackson's cute little snarl face}
{Jackson and Mommy}

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas with the Waters

Christmas Eve is always spent in Marshalltown with Jon's side of the family. We braved the roads and got to Marshalltown for mass at 4:30. We had supper with his extended family and opened gifts and then they left and we had family with his parents and sister. The boys had a blast and although they weren't super excited about opening gifts they sure liked seeing all the family! They were spoiled rotten and I think they bought the boys almost every Elmo toy their is!!
{Jackson & Aunt Janna}
{Joel and his grammy!}
{Grammy giving Joel a kiss}
{Joel opening with Grammy's help}
{Mama and her boys...all the new toys and Joel wanted to play with spoons!}
{As you can see my baby Joel is in perfect focus and the rest is blurry...well my best Christmas gift was a new lens for my camera, a 50MM and it is AWESOME, my favorite lens and gets me the pictures I've always wanted, crisp subject and blurry background...I'm on my way to keeping up the with REAL photographers....not really I hardly know how to work my camera but I'm learning!}
{Mama and Jackson}
{A couple more picture showing how wonderful my new lens is...thank you Pat & Joan I love it!! Jackson sporting his bruise he got at can't run and carry toys baby boy, you trip and fall!}

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas at Daycare

Last week the boys had a little Christmas party at Lori's house. She bought gifts for all the kids. Both boys got a little tool kit. They have so much fun playing with it. She ordered pizza for all the kids to eat and the boys all chowed down!
{Jackson, Joel & Brady}
{Jackson & Joel opening their gifts}
{All the daycare kids!}

Christmas Baking

I'm a little behind on posting but the weekend before last my mom and I spent all day Sunday and night (until 10:00PM) in the kitchen baking. We made EVERYTHING you could think of and we had a blast...took us longer than it should with all the "extra" help we had but we had fun and the boys thought it was pretty fun to try all the goodies!!

{All our baking stuff picture 1}
{All of our baking stuff picture 2}
{Joel giving Nana a bite of pumpkin bars}
{Jackson getting a scoop of cookie dough}
{This was how most of the cooking holding a baby, this is Jackson helping stir}
{Joel watching and clapping to Seasme Street}

Friday, December 25, 2009

Fatherhood Fridays - Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas travels to all who are traveling over this holiday weekend. Christmas Eve afternoon and evening we were at my parents house. We went to Christmas Mass at 4:30 and then had Christmas with my extended family and then our immediate family Christmas afterward. We got home late but had a great time seeing my family and EVERYONE was spoiled. Today, after we do our family Christmas with the boys we are headed to Jen's grandma's house in Maxwell and tomorrow is Christmas with her immediate family and then Sunday with her other grandma who lives in we all be spoiled AND stuffed all weekend long!! I'm sure Jen will have fun pictures to come next week and more details of all of our festivities.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

2009 Chirstmas Cards

I used a different company this year for our Christmas Cards. This year I went with, a company I had heard about through MckMama's blog I LOVE this website and I'm sure I'll be using it in the future for birthday invitations, future birth announcements, etc. They have so many neat cards and creative ideas. I was most excited because I had it narrowed down between 2 cards, 1 on Doodlebug Dezigns and 1 on Shutterfly, where we got ours last year. Doodlebug Dezigns won me over because Amy at Dooblebug Dezigns sent me an electronic proof within 2 minutes of me emailing her and said she would even send out samples of paper for me for FREE (I couldn't decide between matte photo paper and card stock, we went with card stock since I had that last year) but I was so happy with their service and the speed of delivery. ALSO, Amy moved around the images and flip-flopped a couple pictures (Jon was on the left in the picture of us from behind but she flipped it) to make them look better on the card and put the exact wording I wanted on there and the pictures where I wanted them!!!! AND the final selling point they were about the same price as the Shutterfly card I had picked out. So these came in UPS within 5 days with envelops and all I had to do was stuff them with the letter I had typed up and were all ready to go out!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Advent Calendar

I made this before Thanksgiving but I haven't had a chance yet to blog about kids are WAAAYY more important to talk about! But I did make this in time to use for ALL of December. I used this tutorial. It was super fun to make, I love these types of projects and next year I'm even MORE excited about it because I'll be able to put more meaningful things in for each day such as, watch a Christmas movie, drive around and look at Christmas lights, pick a game to play, pick your favorite story to read versus this year since I just put candy in it, which Jon & I don't eat and I put back in the big bag of it. Jon asked why I even put stuff in it and I said, "because that's the point, whether I eat the SweetTarts or not isn't!" So he left it at that.

So my step-by-step instructions are as follows:

1. Buy 24 small boxes, I got mine at Michael's and they were $.50 each (1/2 off)

2. Next go to the frame section and buy an open frame and lay the boxes out to make sure they all fit. My frame was a 16x20

3. Go to your favorite scrapbook store...mine is MemoryBound in Ankeny and get 12-24 different pieces of scrapbook paper in coordinating colors. Also buy Modge Podge and numbers for each day of December. I had all that stuff so I just picked up some new paper!

4. Spray paint all the boxes...not as big of a deal as the gal who wrote the tutorial made it sound like. Mine were painted in 1 coat and dry in 30 minutes.

5. Take all the lids and trace around them making the shape on the scrapbook paper

6. Brush modge podge on the back of the paper and put on top of the box lid

7. Brush a coat of modge podge on top of the paper you just put down. This will seal the paper. Actually what I did was I cut out all the shapes, then modge podged the paper sticking it to the lid then went back and put the top coat on them all.

8. After they have dried, your next night as I did, glue magnets to the back of the boxes. My glue was $.94 at Wal-Mart.

9. Find a piece of metal/tin. This was the hardest part. I wanted my dad to get me a piece but I wanted it NOW and didn't want to wait for him to get me one. So I drove to EVERY. SINGLE. STORE in Ankeny that would sell such a thing. Menards, Home Depot & Ace Hardware did NOT have anything that I could use and if they did it was $35 for a sheet that I have to cut, which I didn't have anything to cut it dad did but I.DIDN'T.WANT. TO.WAIT.FOR.HIM!! So I spent $21 on magnetic paint from Home Depot and this did not work!! I put on 3 coats like it said and if I shook the frame the boxes fell off. Not acceptable when there are kids/cats/people pushing open my doors!! So I waited 3 days for him to get me the perfectly cut piece of steel.

10. Have your hubby staple the metal to the frame...I wasn't about to use something like that myself!!

11. Get some pretty ribbon and staple to the back of the frame and hang from wherever you want.

12. Place pretty and filled boxes onto frame and then it's done!!

{The finished project!}
L.O.V.E how it turned out...this will be sooo much fun for sooo many years!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


For about a month now the boys have been eating with real silverware. We can no longer give them a "baby" spoon and expect them to think it is the same thing, which clearly it isn't. They do really well stabbing their food and feeding themselves...yet another milestone!!


Monday, December 21, 2009

Lounging around the house...

{Joel & Jackson resting}
{Daddy & Joel resting}

Friday, December 18, 2009

Fatherhood Friday's - SNOW

How fun was the snow as a kid? I know that I loved it and couldn’t wait to get out there and play in it. So after having kids I would expect the same out of them. With it being so cold we had to wait a few days to get the boys outside but when we did they had a good time.

Joel wasn’t too sure about the snow but he did like to eat it. He would walk over to the side of the driveway and just fall into the snow. His poor little face and hat was all covered in snow. Joel also wasn’t much of a fan of the sled. I think it had something to do with who was pulling it and she wasn’t going fast enough.

Jackson on the other had had a blast and didn’t want to go inside. I pulled him around the yard about 50 times and he just kept on giggling. He wasn’t too big of a fan of walking around in the snow but the sled kept him safe and was more fun.

I hope that we can get some more snow so that we can get back out there and play. All of the snow right now is covered in ice so it is kind of hard to pull the sled through the yard. I also cant wait until we get to go to the big hills and sled down those but I think we better wait a few years before we do that one. I would also like to wish everyone a happy and safe Christmas.

Love, Jon AKA DADA

{Jackson smiling/snarling...notice Joel toppled over in the background!}
{Joel getting his first taste of snow}
{He didn't really care for it in this picture but wanted to eat on his own}
{Joel & Jackson playing...these 2 are always "touching" each other it's so funny to watch!}
{Jackie sledding}
{Joel not liking it so much}
{Daddy pulling Jackson around}
{Inside to warm up with some puppy chow!}
{Joel helping to give Jackson a lick of the chocolate}

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bowls, Spoons & Magnets

When I'm home and trying to make supper, which isn't very often I'm not ashamed to say that I don't cook but Jon sure does...anyways when I'M cooking the boys want me to hold them while I'm trying to make supper. If you can imagine 2 hands and 2 babies doesn't work out too well for cooking. So I get them some bowls, spoons and magnets and let them go to town with MIXING!!

{Joel & Jackson}

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Jackson's Surgery

Well this morning at 6AM Jackson was in such a good mood running around the waiting room, looking at my People magazine and just having a good morning just him, mommy and daddy. That soon changed when we took him back to the pre-op waiting room where Jon took his temperature and put a pulse thing or whatever on his toe. He was screaming and NOT excited to be in his new surrounding. A nurse came around 6:50 to take Jackson back to surgery and he screamed as he watched Jon and I leave the waiting area. At 7:12, Dr. Whang came out and said that the right eye was not very tight and she was able to remove the blockage without having to put in a stent. So we were very happy with the success of the surgery. A few minutes later we were able to go back to see Jackson, who we could hear crying hysterically, as we stepped into the post-op waiting area. He wanted his Mama so I took him and he didn't want me to help hold his blanky, his paci, his drink, his cereal or anything he just wasn't him self. Almost in a mean demeanor...he was throwing anything we gave him and if Jon looked at him and smiled or tried talking to him he would become hysterical again. Poor guy!! So we quickly dressed him through screams and hurried to our cars. Jon took him home and he's spending the day with Grandma and Grandpa Waters while Joel is being the king at daycare. It's so funny because when one baby isn't around the other acts so in-charge!! Jon said that Jackson wanted right down when he got home and ate a whole container of guys sure love their fruit!! I'm sure he'll be eating a lot and resting a lot today as he recovers!! But all is over and BOTH eyes have now been cleared!! Here's hoping to a surgery-free 2010 and beyond for our boys!!
{Jackson before surgery with his Mama}