Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas with the Ganders

On Sunday we spent the day at my parents house for Christmas. We had a yummy breakfast, I'd been craving MORE monkey bread so we ate and played outside. Joel face planted in the snow so that ended him being out and Jackson can see he had a blast! Papa even attached the sled to the tractor and pulled him and Nana around in it. I remember those days growing up as a kid with our sled attached to the snowmobile flying through the fields, not fun during the years when there was corn in the fields, those stalks hurt! But what fun that my kids, er kid could have some of the same fun.
This was day 3 of no naps over the weekend so they were starting to get growly by dinner time, which was amazing french dip and roasted potatoes. We then opened gifts with everyone.
{Jackson checking out his new flash light}
{Joel opening his fishing pole, that should be fun this summer!}
{Brynna opening her gifts with Nana and her daddy's help}
And the BIG gift for the boys were these awesome John Deere tractors that they can ride and pull a trailer behind. One was from my parents and the other from my Grandma Millie.
They loved them and of course wanted to ride it NOW, it came in pieces and wasn't put together but they still managed to pretend and make all the tractor noises while sitting on it!
Jackson having a turn
Joel REALLY attached to Sarah, Michael's girlfriend, and wouldn't leave her side! It was soo cute!
Papa and Nana with Joel, Brynna and Jackson on Brynna's new wagon!
Another fun day we had celebrating Christmas. We were spoiled by everyone and Jon and I were excited to get our car seats for the girls that match the stroller we got from Jon's parents. Thank you mom and dad for a fun day!

We have our final Christmas tomorrow with my Grandma Millie and my Aunt and Uncle who will be down from Minnesota, I'm excited to see them and spend the day over there!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas at my Grandma's

Christmas Day we went into my Grandma Schauper's house. By the time we did our Christmas home, ate our monkey bread that we have every Christmas morning and then picked up my Grandma Millie it was 11:30 close to noon when we got in there. We had a fantastic lunch: pork loin, turkey, mashed potatos and all the other sides you can think of! It was YUMMY!

This year the adults decided not to exchange year we will!! But everyone bought for the kids and my grandma.

{Joel, Jackson & Daddy}
{Owen, my cousin's little man}
Everyone watching my Grandma open...and a little glimpse of her is PERFECT for entertaining sooo open, LOVE it!!
Owen had gotten this "fart" stuff kinda like Gak, remember that?? Anyways, when you stuck your hand in it, there was a farting noise. Joel thought it was hilarious!!
Fortunately, for Jackson and Joel the treat table was right at their level! They kept running over and stealing cookies and candy!
We had a great time and it was nice to be able to relax there we headed home around 5:00 and were home at a decent time! Tomorrow...a recap of our FINAL Christmas with my parents (until this Saturday with my Grandma Millie!)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Our Christmas

We had a great Christmas with the 4 of us. The gift the boys were most excited about...those capsules that are filled with foam creatures that grow when placed in hot water. They were sooo excited to get more "rarrs" (ya know dinosaurs) and wanted to "grow" some right away!! The next favorite gift, a deck of cards and a deck of Thomas cards! They were thrilled to have choo choo cards! Santa did manage to forget C batteries for their new vacuums, they had to wait all morning until we could make a pit stop at the gas station. Jon and I got each other some new perfume/cologne in our stocking and that was our gifts to each other. Here is our morning in pictures!

Santa came...
Joel sleeping in on Christmas morning...we had to let Jackie wake him at almost 8:30!
Daddy bringing the boys down the stairs to see their stockings....
Joel opening his stocking...
Jackson digging into his stocking...
Jackson SOOO excited about his Thomas cards!
Joel helping daddy.....
Jackson helping mommy...
Joel opening his Santa presents.....
Joel wanted Mama to help open his present...
Jackson playing with his new choo choo....
Here are our shots at getting them both in their cute PJs in front of the tree! We buy new jammies every year so they can wear them Christmas morning!
Jackson & Joel

And beacause Christmas wouldn't be complete without a couple videos of them opening gifts...

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas with the Waters

On Friday we headed to Marshalltown to spend the day with Jon's parents. This was the first year we didn't have to hurry to open our gifts before we left for the night. We ate breakfast, then opened our gifts around noon and then the boys played outside with Jon, Grandpa and Aunt Janna. They had a BLAST! Then we all got ready for church at 4:30 came home and celebrated with his extended family and we headed back home around 8:00. We all got SPOILED, I was super excited to get the double jogging stroller that will hold both of the car seats. I'm excited to get that all put together for our little girls! The boys' big gift was DVD players for the van and then a kitchen, large tool bench and LOTS of movies and accessories for their kitchen! We'll have lots of fun playing this week!! Thank you all so much for a great time on Friday we love you all!

{Joel opening his big tool bench}
{Jackson opening his kitchen}
{Jackson helping Grandpa open his gifts}
{Jackson helping grandma}
{Joel under the box!}
{Jackson making a snow angel}
{Joel and Jackson building a fort with Grandpa, Aunt Janna and Daddy}
{Buildng away}
{Jackson going through the tunnel!}
{Joel going through!}
Joel & Jackson beating up on Grandpa}
Opening gifts with the whole family

Monday, December 27, 2010


...have strong heart beats...146 and 154
....are movin' and a groovin' look at that foot a kickin' away!
....AND they are GIRLS!!!!

WE are sooo excited! I knew we said we weren't going to share but I just couldn't contain the excitement and had to share for a number of reasons!! Names we'll keep a secret and we're working on those. But in the mean time, we're thinkin' pink in the Waters Household and planning for our 2 little princesses! You know what goes with that going from ALL BOY to a VERY VERY girly room and all the fun and fluff and bows that go with it!! OH I CAN'T WAIT!!