Friday, September 10, 2010

Fatherhood Friday's

There is a new love in our house. The boys have always been fascinated with dogs but last weekend it was taken to a new level. We have free movie channels so we have been taping all kinds of movies and we got a good one here. BOLT. Wow, I have never seen the boys or any kids want to watch something so bad. All they ever talk about is the dogs, we turn it on while getting them dressed the morning, when we get home from work and while they are getting ready for bed. When we pick them up from daycare the first thing they say is “DOG”. We also have the Monsters Inc. movie and they like that one but not as much as Bolt. They even wake up first thing in the morning and say "dog"! It's soo funny! I must admit it has been kind of nice not having to watch Sesame Street all week.

Love Jon DADA

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