Thursday, October 14, 2010

What we're into these days

The new favortie in the house is Sid the Science Kid...a pretty interesting show! They'll understand it more in a year or so but they sure love it when Sid sings with all of his friends!

The boys alwasy have to have their "hi's" they take them to bed and pretend to text each other from across the room. My mom bought the boys some toy dinosaurs at the multiples garage sale a week ago and they LOVE them! I'll have to do a post just on them but Jackson is obsessed with lining them up!

Coloring will never get old and that makes me excited! I LOVE to color and craft and so do the boys! After they color or we let them use markers too all over a page they take it to the kitchen and hang it on the fridge they are sooo pround of their art work!
And of course Sesame Street, they are so excited there are new ones that record everyday and now there is a "Super Grover" part similar the Elmo's World so they really like that. Grover was my favorite growing up and they seem to like him too!

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