Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We started our Thanksgiving celebrations on Thursday at my Grandma Schauper's NEW house in Maxwell! It is so nice in there and she had all the food going and smelling wonderfully! We told all of our extended family that we were expecting twins again so they were all excited to hear our news. We had a great lunch and there was a lot of leftovers! The hit of the afternoon was the sno cone machine that my mom brought in! The boys and Owen loved it!
{Owen & Joel}
{Owen & Joel}
{My Aunt Nancy and Jackson}
{Nana & Joel}
{Daddy & Jackson...Jackson is saying burrr cold}
{Joel feeding Nana a bite}
{Jackson trying to make his own}
{Joel's turn}
{our one family picture from the day}
We left my Gram's around 2:45 and headed to Marshalltown to have supper with Jon's family. We got there around 3:30 and the boys napped in the car until 4:30 and everyone started getting there and we shared our news once again with his family. Everyone just couldn't believe it and was so excited for us! We had a great supper with all the fixings and stuffed ourselves once again. I managed to sneak in a nap or 2 since I was heading out shopping later that evening. There are so many kids these days at our get togethers on Jon's side. 9 of them to be exact and there will soon be 2 more we'll add to the mix in the spring!

{Joel & Maddy playing with stickers and coloring}
{JJ, Maddy, Jackson & Joel}
We had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving with all our families and we have SOOO much to be thankful for, God is sooo good!

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