Monday, December 6, 2010

Belly Updates

Today starts my belly updates for my second pregnancy with twins! I took pictures each week starting at week 11 with the boys and Jon even made me measure how big around I was. I got a good laugh when I was looking back at all the pictures getting this post ready. This time I wasn't quite so on the ball but, here are weeks 12-14! I feel huge already and I'm almost 15 weeks. The first time around I journaled everyday of my pregnancy, easy to do when you don't have 2 two year olds and working pretty much 2 full-time jobs (my real job and photography) so this time around I haven't been so diligent but have been journaling all my major steps/days, telling family, friends, work, when we found out there were 2 babies, etc. I'll have to share sometime. Until then, some pictures of my nice tight tummy the first time around and now full of stretch marks!


Missy... said...

LOVE the belly updates! You're adorable!

By the way, you ARE journaling's called blogging! Give yourself a break, Mama! :)

Michelle said...

Wow how blessed you guys are to get two sets of twins. My twin granddaughters are now 3 mos and I could never imagine having two sets of them. I am so happy for your family.