Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Party at Daycare 2010

On Tuesday the boys had their little Christmas party at daycare and I send my camera again this year. Actually, it was complete chaos with all the kids especially since the school aged kids were there, she had a mess when we went to pick up the boys! Jackson and Joel had a blast at the party and LOVED their gift! Wooden choo choo trains that have a peg that hooks each car together, 5 in total! They push them around, ask to take them to bed! They are SLIGHTLY obsessed with trains the past few weeks!

{Jackson and Joel sitting on Katie's lap, she helps Lori during the summer when all the kids are there. When we picked them up, Jon said, "oh Katie's here" they said, "friend, friend" so yes Katie is their friend!}
Joel eating a snack Jackson having a snack
Almost all the kids!
{L to R: Landon, Kade, Joel, Dalton, Kale and Trinity, Jackson, Owen and Brady. Not pictured baby Alexanderia}

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