Thursday, December 2, 2010

Decorating the tree

Jon went and cut the tree down on Friday after I got back from my all-nighter Christmas shopping with all the other crazies. I put the lights on it Satruday and got it all ready for the boys to help us decorate Sunday night. Jackson was SOOO into it, it was just adorable. He wanted to help and kept saying, "Mama I help" "I try" "I do it Mama I can help" over and over again for EACH ornament! It looks great I'll have to take an after picture but every.single.morning and night they both say "tree I helped" they just love looking at it and love the lights! Joel wasn't as excited as Jackson but did want to help just cause his brother was. I'm MOST excited about this Christmas because they will "get it" for the most part, kids sure make you realize how special the holiday season is!

{Joel was more excited about playing with the containers}
{Joel and Jackson}
{Joel's turn}

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