Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Finding out

On October 11, 2010 I was having some cramping/sharp pains that were at times bending me over it hurt so much (I was just 6 weeks) so I was worried and called my OB and talked to my doctor's nurse and told her that I hadn't experienced this with my first pregnancy and that it didn't seem right. Now at this point I'd been telling Jon over and over that I bet we're having multiples again and he's just kept saying maybe the pain wasn't soo bad and I was just REALLY hoping that I'd get called in for an ultrasound so I could see how many babies there were, not sure what it was, just call it mother's intuition or instinct but I just had a feeling. So when I called that day at work she asked me to come over in a couple hours and they'd do an ultrasound to see if I had a cyst on my ovary (which is common in the first trimester I later found out and can be pretty painful and sometimes has to be removed).

So I called Jon and told him I was going in and 10 and he needed to meet me there, ya know in case it wasn't good news or better yet we were to find out if we're having more than one baby. So in I went and they called me back right away. The ultrasound was vaginal since I was only 6 weeks and right when she inserted the wand I IMMEDIATELY saw 2 sacs and said "It's twins AGAIN!" even before she could open her mouth! I started crying tears of joy immediately and then after she confirmed there were 2 sacs (which of course is super obvious) and before Jon could say anything at all I said "Are there anymore in there?" She said she hadn't gotten that far yet but shortly confirmed there were just 2 babies. (I had a few dreams/thoughts a few weeks prior that I was having triplets, girls to be exact!) So Jon's reaction was just wow, actually I'll let him tell more about it on Friday when he does his Fatherhood Friday post. But I knew he was in disbelief and couldn't believe it.

So the ultrasound went on (I just laid there in excitement as I was filling out my paperwork I hadn't finished in the lobby) and everything checked out with the babies just fine. Turns out I did NOT have a cyst on my ovary it was just my body telling me I needed to be seen to get prenatal care faster cause along with multiples comes the need for a prescription for folic acid, which is the main ingredient in the prenatal vitamin but I needed more since I was having two babies. So the babies measured right on at 6 weeks 3 days and looked great and their heart rates were in the 160s.

After the ultrasound, with multiples, I had to see a doctor right away. And my nurse, Leigh, who is Dr. Dornbier's nurse, the doctor that delivered the boys and the dr. that Jon and I love so much, was walking by the hall and the tech gave Leigh my file and said, "We have a twins pregnancy," I heard Leigh shout "AGAIN!" She came into the room and gave me a huge hug and took me back to the room where Dr. Dornbier was waiting and he talked to us and said he hasn't seen this (2 sets of spontaneous twins) since the early 80s. He said, "You know the routine, we shoot for 36 weeks for a delivery (I went to 37 weeks 5 days with the boys before being induced) and we may have bed rest and to take it easy, you can continue your Farrell's workout but don't let your heart rate get above 140," he said so everything I heard last time and then off I went to get my blood drawn.

While we were waiting Jon said right away, "Guess this means you're staying home", "We need to get a bigger car", "We need to get our finances in order", and so on, you know all the stuff guys think about right away! All that's for another day another post. But he was super excited and just in shock and honestly we both were and now that I'm 14 weeks and we've had 8 weeks to sit and think about it and let it soak in, we're slowing coming to realize we're going to have twins AGAIN...WOW! God is so good and we are just soooo blessed, God doesn't give you more than you can handle so he sure has special plans for our family!

But that's how we found out we were having our 2nd set of twins!

{our first ultrasound picture!}


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LOVE it!

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i have been lurking for a while~ my bff has twin boys too! i just wanted to say congrats on your double blessing! how cool is that? i have 4 boys~ all singletons! hope everything goes well for you this time around too! your boys are just precious! much love and blessings from ga~ erin

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Congrats on the twins! Your boys are adorable. Will you find out what you are having?

MJ Lamon said...

Jennifer, this is so exciting!! We love that we had twin girls after our boys. GOOD LUCK!