Thursday, December 9, 2010

Telling our families and friends

On November 13th we invited both sets of our families over for soup for supper, we had 3 different kinds and some other sides. RIGHT after I sent the email out to everyone my brother, Ben, emails me and says, "What are you going to announce you're pregnant again!"

So people probably assumed that's what we were going to do but NO ONE had a clue that we would drop the bomb that we were having twins again! So I'd had these super cute shirts made for the boys to wear. Kyli was the first to get to the house. She saw the shirt and said, "Ahh I knew it congratulations!"Jon and I both said, "yeah but did you READ it ALL?" So we held one of the boys still until she could read the whole thing....and that's pretty much what we had to do for everyone that came over!

My parents were next to get there and then Ben and then Jon's family and they all had the same response..."Really, how does that happen? you're having twins...AGAIN!?" So shock was the response of the night! So I grabbed my ultrasound pictures that proved it and showed off the cute little peanuts.

So we all ate supper and talked about the chances and how things will go for our family in the future and so on and everyone left in excitement but shock at the same time. It didn't help that we wouldn't let them tell ANYONE else yet.

So the next week on the 19th we had our neighbors over and broke the news to them...again they weren't shocked that I was pregnant as they knew we were planning to have another one before the boys turned 3 but jaws dropped when we said we were having twins...AGAIN!

Then on Saturday the 20th I had my friends over to do some crafting, we made an advent calendar with the cute boxes...remember I made one last year. And after we'd had lunch and started working on it and so on, I told them I was pregnant and they said, "oh congrats, I figured it would be coming soon" and then I said..."there's more, we're having twins again." I said, if you don't believe me you can see pictures and they both said "YES we want to see them!" So out them came again!! So shock was still the theme as would be expected! And my friend Abbey, whose identical girls are 6 months old, said "I'm not telling Kyle, (her hubby) he'll never want to have more!"

So that brings us to Thanksgiving and the boys wore their shirts and that's how we told our extended families. Everyone was shocked but excited and by that time our parents had a week and a half to let it sink in and it seemed more real to them!

FINALLY, on the 29th of November my boss, who was on maternity leave, was back at work and I had a meeting scheduled as a "first day back thing" and broke the news to my work (Jon told his too) and finally it would be out in the open for everyone. Of course it spread like wildfire around the department and I spent all day telling people and explaining everything and showing off pictures. It was a great day! At this point I was 14 weeks and showing so I was so tired of hiding it! It's been nice getting back into my regular clothes and just letting my shirts look tight...who doesn't love a cute little baby bump!?!?

So, that's the story of how we told family, friends and ultimately our works!

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Lori said...

So it wasn't "just soup" afterall! We teased Joan, thinking that was what the soup supper was, an announcement. But when she came back to work, she said, "just soup". She knew! That stinker! She didn't tell!