Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Visiting Santa and a train ride

Last Friday night we headed to Valley West Mall to take the boys to see Santa and ride the train. The train was a hit AFTER they asked if I would go along..."Mama go, mama ride please!" was the request and the gal working said I could ride along, so we had a great time on our train ride and then came Santa.
We had to wait in line for a little bit but the boys enjoyed playing with all the books along the way and checking out all the neat decorations.
We prepped them and told them that Santa was giving out coloring books and colors and they said they would sit on his lap for coloring books. They watched the other kids and were excited.
And when time came...Jackson climbed up (Jon prepped him the most) and he climbed up on Santa's lap all by himself....Joel on the other hand....
You can see what he thought. Which made Jackson cry, so not good but I at least got a picture to replace my one from last year!

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