Monday, December 13, 2010

Working vs. Staying Home

One of the first questions we get after we tell people we're having twins again, after of course, "Are they natural?" which I have a whole other comment for and is another blog post for another day, is "Are you going back to work with 4 kids 2 and under?" And the answer we give is "No!"

How we came to this decision, well it was quite easy and made very quickly the first time we talked about it! Right after the ultrasound as we were waiting to talk to the doctor Jon said, "Well, I guess his means you're staying home!" So after we let it soak in a little bit we got things all worked out on paper financially and determined that we could in fact make it work on one income.

Which after we thought about it we thought some more, was I even the right parent to stay home? I make a little bit more than Jon does and my insurance is a little bit cheaper per month. So we worked the numbers again and determined that we could in fact make it work on Jon's income alone. Plus, I have about 2 weddings a month lined up starting in June through November and thought any photography income I have will be our fun money.

So right now, we're paying off the last little bit of credit card debt we have so come the first of the year we'll only have the car payment, house payment, my student loan and then utilities to pay for each month which will make saving for these two little peanuts and our transition from two incomes to one and a family of 4 to 6 a little bit easier.

I'm really, really looking forward to being able to be a stay-at-home mom. And being with my kids every single day! I never thought growing up that I would like to stay home with my kids, I've worked, I've always worked, it's what I've done but as soon as I had the boys and my 16 weeks was up being home with them I've wanted to be home ever since! It didn't work out financially for us at that time, we have a great daycare that is very reasonable and I had/have a great job. But every single day I went to work I dreaded it and wanted to be home and now as the boy are older and they say each morning, "Home mama, home, no We's (our daycare lady is Lori and they call her We) it just kills me to go to work every day.

I've looked into EVERY.SINGLE do it yourself, at-home business, make money from home scam, or anything you could think of in order to be home with the boys. And nothing panned out. I started doing photography on the side officially in August as just a passion and hobby and as September passed I thought, "I could do this on the side and be home with the boys and by golly I'm GOING to do this and make it work and show Jon this could be my passion, a job I love AND I could be home raising our kids!" So I worked really hard this fall and we had even planned that I could quit as soon as everything was paid off as we were planning for another baby. But when the news came there were two again, the decision made itself! And I couldn't be happier! Everything seems to be falling into place.

So the next question..."Have you told your work you aren't coming back and what do they think?" Honestly, if you think about it, 4 kids 2 and under in daycare and the cost of daycare what would be your first thought? And that was the same thought my boss had, you'd be working to pay for daycare! And although we'd have enough to pay for daycare and then a little more this opportunity is just too good to pass up to NOT be home. So yes, my work knows I'm planning to not return to work after the babies are born and my 6 or 8 week maternity leave and they are ok with that and completely understand and are sooo happy for me and this opportunity that our family has.

Any other questions? I'm really hoping that these posts I do on having and preparing for multiple multiples will be helpful for other parents who may be in the same situation as us. There's not much out there (as you can probably guess as this isn't very common to have 2 sets naturally) and I've been looking for other blogs where people have 2 sets of multiples and looking for advice and ideas so I hope these posts will help out someone else too.


Kendra Dawn said...

I am so excited for you to stay home...I know you will LOVE it! I can't imagine it any other way!!!!

So So So So So So HAPPY for yoU!!!!

jill said...

we don't know each other, but have a mutual friend, angie allspach-pietig...anyway, as i was reading and you are looking for other 2 sets of multiples, a blog i follow came to mind... don't know them either, but you may find it helpful, thought i'd offer it. and congrats by the way.

Our Crazy Filled Life said...

Jenn, being home with your kids is so rewarding and you'll never regret that decision for even a second! It sounds like things worked out for you guys the same way they did for us. Having 2 kids 15 months apart and looking at doubling our daycare expenses. I was making enough money that it would've worked but then you it really worth it? And in the end, it isn't! I'm so happy for you guys and that you have the opportunity to do something that you love that will make you money as well as being able to be home with your kids. It's just a fabulous job!!! :)

Janel said...

Oh Jen, I am also so happy for you that you get to stay at home. It's quite the transition when you are used to 'going to work' most of your life, but what better place to 'go to work' than right in your own home with four lil angels anticipating every day with you. Your children will reap the rewards from this! Yay!!!!!