Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wordless Wednesday...a fun evening playing with the neighbor boys

{Joel} {Joel} {Jackson, Daddy and Joel running to catch up with book in hand}
{Jackson} {Jackson helping rake}
{Brady and Andy}

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Weekend Recap

Wow...where did the weekend go!!?? Saturday we had a guy come over in the morning and give us an estimate on a radon mitigation system. We are going to be finishing our basement later this summer and know that it is cheaper to put one in an unfinished basement so we are going to have that done mid April.

Jon and the boys headed to Iowa City after stopping in Kellogg to surprise his parents (they didn't know the boys would be going) to head to Iowa City to tour the new press box. Jon will have more on that and their trip on during Fatherhood Friday's so stay tuned! After the boys left I headed off to get a massage, oh it felt wonderful! I had a male massage therapist which I wasn't used to but love the extra pressure that he provided I always get a massage as firm/deep as the massage therapist can go. So this was perfect and my shoulders needed the work! I signed myself up for a membership at Massage Heights and will go once a month for a massage, I think that's a good treat for myself!

After the massage I headed back to the Multiples Garage Sale to work my shift since my mom and shopped like crazy on Thursday before it was open to the public and got lots of stuff for the boys, for Baby G (my soon-to-be-neice) and for Grandma Waters to have at her house. Then I ran some errands and headed home to clean the house in peace and try out my new Shark steam mop. Oh I'm in love!! Hate the cord but love how it cleans!!! Jon and the boys got home at 5 and we headed to Tasty Tacos for supper. The boys slept in until 8 and 8:45 on Saturday so we were hoping for a repeat on Sunday...not so much. 6:00 their normal time. Oh well it was my day to sleep so Jon had to get up with them and had some quality Sesame Street time!

We got groceries and tried to find some clothes at such luck. Then had lunch and put the boys down for a 2 hour nap while I finished laundry. We headed out to my parents for supper and for some playing on the farm. It was beautiful in the sun out of the wind and the boys loved pushing around their toys and playing outside until we ate a yummy supper. We headed home for baths and we all crashed!!

We don't have daycare on Friday, Good Friday so Jon's parents will be coming up to get the boys Thursday night and keeping them until Saturday!! Jon and I are planning a productive trip to Menard's on Thursday night and a date night on Friday. Then we'll head to Marshalltown on Saturday for Easter and then to my families on Sunday. More to come next week on the fun the boys will have at Grandma and Grandpa's house and on the Easter celebrations! Have a great week!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Entryway Redo

This is our new entryway system...isn't it beautiful!!! When I found this entryway sytem from Pottery Barn I knew this is what I wanted to be in our house, just not for the $2500.00 price tag! So I printed it off and asked my dad if he could build it. He said sure but knew that their/our friends dad who does beautiful woodworking could do a better job...and he sure did!! I am sooo happy with how it turned out. Thank you so much Bill! And Jon did such a fabulous job staining it, I love love love the color and am so glad I decided to not paint it!
I thought for sure it wouldn't be any trouble to find baskets to fit the cubby holes. But it sure was!! We didn't plan very well when we were having it built but I wanted them to be perfect so I found a place in Ohio that custom made baskets. After contacting her I knew she would be perfect! She sent me pictures of her process and it only took her 2 weeks to make these 5 beautiful baskets. They cost a little more than what we wanted to spend on baskets but we both agree it was so worth it!!
I'm not sure what we'll put in the top baksets, maybe coloring and craft supplies for the boys in the winter they'll be the home of little hats and mittens.
The bottom baskets hold lots of toys for the little boys. We are soo happy with everything and this redo, well not really a redo since nothing was there before...has given us lots of storage and is a great use of space! This also is perfect because it is a perfect way for us to have a play area for the boys without it looking like one which was my #1 goal for our main level!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Fatherhood Friday's

At the Waters house we are loving the nice weather and getting the chance to get out and play...well at least most of us are. Jackson loves to be outside and will walk around the yard with a shovel or broom (yes I know strange and I'm sure the neighbors will agree but he likes them) all night long. We've been walking up around the corner to play with Luke and Brady and the trike and other toys and Jackson won't stop playing. He doesn't care if his hands are getting cold or if it is getting dark out he just wants to be outside. This is completely fine with both Jennifer and I but not so much for someone else.

I can't wait for those summer nights when the weather is warm all night but someone will. That someone is our little Joely. I don't know what it is, whether it's just that we've always came home and gone inside and turned on Sesame Street or if he has been outside enough for the day at daycare (she's had them out almost everyday the last few days) or what but he would rather be inside on the couch watching his Sesame Street with a book next to him his milk in one had and snacks in the other.

Every night when we go outside he will disappear and the next thing we know he's whining by the door in the garage trying to get in to watch his show or read his book. I hope by the end of the summer this will start to work itself out and he will be better otherwise we'll have the kid in the neighborhood who cries all summer cause neither Jennifer nor I are willing to give up our outside time when the weather is nice.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fun with sidewalk chalk

I picked up some sidewalk chalk at Walgreen's for $1 the other day and it was nice and sunny on Sunday when my parents stopped by that I got it out and we introduced it to the boys. Their first reaction....put it in their mouth but then they got the concept to draw with it. We were only out for a short time but had fun drawing on the driveway....and them drawing on Nana's coat!!

{Joel with his little Tigger hooded sweatshirt}
{Nana helping Joel}
{Papa making Joel & Jackson laugh}
{Jackson running from Papa}
{Our "chalk" family drawn by my mommy}
{Papa jumping out from behind the garage and scaring the boys. They thought it was hilarious that my dad was chasing them around. Their favorite game to play in and outside is "being chased"}
{Nana with Jackson & Joel}
{Nana with Joel & Jackson heading down the driveway for a walk}

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Can't wait to show you next week!!

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Watching Basketball

On Saturday night we went over to our friends, Andy and Mindy's to watch the big UNI vs. Kansas game. We all shared appetizers and LOTS of wine and played with the kids until we all put them to bed and reconvened with just the adults. I, like 90% of the people who picked Kansas to beat UNI were in shock as the Panthers knocked off one of the #1 seeds of the NCAA Tournament. Because of UNI's great win my bracket is now a bust, but what win for UNI and for the UNI program. I think we're all reconvening on Friday to to watch them play Michigan State and hopefully witness another win! Maybe a little less drinking this time by all since last Sunday was a very unproductive day for our household!

{Brady having a treat}
{Travis & Tessa}
{Andy reading to Luke}
{Luke on the zebra}
{Luke reading to Jackson}

Monday, March 22, 2010

Food: This is how we do it!

Since I've lost weight I've had a lot of people ask me questions about the food we eat each week, how I stay organized and on track to being healthy. Here is what I do that works for us!

Every Sunday I spend about 30-45 minutes in the kitchen getting our food ready for the week to come. I boil eggs, put bread in baggies, cut up fruit and put in containers and get every meal that we're going to eat for that week in order and put in separate bags to go in the fridge so everything for each day is in it's own bag. I have my menu made up for the week on Friday or Saturday and have already shopped for everything I need for the week so we're all in order and no one is left wondering what we're having when. I started this when I began Farrell's last August. It was a way for me to measure out the food I was eating and get a handle on what portion sizes I was supposed to eat and how many proteins and carbohydrates I'm supposed to have for each meal.

Jon & I eat 5-6 meals a day with a protein and carb in each meal and then as many veggies as we can eat and here is the breakdown:
Meal 1: I will sometimes have a small glass of milk before class in the mornings
Meal 2: Breakfast for me between 5:30 and 6 and for Jon between 6:30 & 7
Meal 3: Snack at 9:30
Meal 4: Lunch at 12 or 12:30
Meal 5: Snack at 3:00 protein only meal which falls in line with the Farrell's eating plan.
Meal 6: Supper around 5 or 5:30

So all that goes into each bag (except supper meals)...see I have it lined up by day below.
Breakfast for Jon is pretty much always the natural peanut butter on toast. Me it varies from day-to-day, I make eggs, turkey bacon, oatmeal or will have a Mojo bar. Jon's favorite 9:00 snack is 1/2 cup cottage cheese and triscuit crackers, me it's cottage cheese and an apple or grapes. My favorite lunch is a half of a pita sandwich with avocado, tomato, lettuce and a little ranch dressing. We go through a lot of string cheese a week as our 3:00 snack is usually nuts or 2 pieces of string cheese or hard boiled egg.
Then all of the breakfast, snacks and lunch go in bags and I label them for the day of the week and they go in the fridge so every morning after class or the night before I put it all in our lunch bags and we're all ready for the day. Now supper....we always have it set out the night before, thawing or cut up or whatever so we don't have much prep to do when we get home from work and make it. We have about 10 different meals that we have for supper over and over again, I know boring right? But we're creatures of habit and I know that what we're having is good for me and doesn't have any of the "bad" stuff in it I shouldn't be eating!
This is what works for us and keeps us eating healthy and on track and cuts down on LOTS of time during the week. Now don't get me wrong...we have our nights when whatever is on the menu doesn't sound good and we'll order pizza or go out but we try and limit that happening to only a couple times a month. Past experience has shown if we allow ourselves to do that then we both feel miserable cause we're gaining weight, not sticking to our menu, and so on the story goes!!

Oh you might be wondering about Saturday and Sunday. Saturday we call our "cheat day" we usually eat out or have whatever we want. If you're into ice cream or chocolate (which I'm not I prefer chips) you can have that on your "cheat day". Then on Sunday it's back to our healthy foods. Honestly, on Sundays we don't usually eat that much for some reason we're so busy usually grab a couple pieces of string cheese or fruit throughout the day and then we have supper.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Fatherhood Friday's

The boys love to feed the dogs out at Nana and Papa's house; I guess the dogs love it to! It is pretty funny to watch them do this since the dogs are about the same size as the boys, well Jessie IS bigger than them, a small horse if you ask me! Jackson & Joel stand there and giggle when the dogs come up and lick their faces and hands when they take the treats. Unfortunately, the boys also like to eat the treats, especially the bacon strips I've heard that Jennifer use to eat cat food when she was little so maybe they get that from her!
Everyone have a great weekend!
Love, Jon Dada.

{Jackson feeding Jazz} {Jackson & Max}
{Joel feeding Max}
Here is a video of the boys feeding the dogs

Thursday, March 18, 2010

First weekend of nice weather and celebrating Papa's birthday

Last Sunday we headed out to my parents house to celebrate my dad's birthday by having lunch. The boys saw Papa walking up from the shed and took off to meet up with him.

{Papa, Joel in front, Jackson behind} The boys FIGHT over this little rocking caterpillar thing my mom has. Joel sure was having a fun time riding him falling off of him so Daddy would catch him.
We all sang Happy Birthday and Joel was taking it all in...Jackson...not so much he was burying his head in Pap's chest he was being shy.
Another good one of dad and the his grandsons

{Papa, Jackson & Joel} It was sooooo nice out the boys were out in just their onesis!! I realized when doing my dad's birthday post last week I don't have ANY new pictures of him with the boys, they were all from a year ago...shame on me! So I was sure to get some good ones!

{Papa & Jackson} {Joely being his bossy self, Jackson & Papa}Uncle Ben found this cool hat for the boys to put on Jackson had to try it first.... ...then Joel had a turn......then...of course...they fought over it!

{Joel & Jackson} Jackson & Joel then got their clothes back on and their boots so they could walk around and play with some toys in the shed.

{Papa & Joel} The dogs are also big hits at Nana & Papa's house and they follow them around all the time

{Joel & Jackson walking to the shed through the water}
My mom bought these cute tractors for the boys a year ago at the Multiples Garage sale and this was the first time they got to play with them. They'll be a hit this summer!

{Jackson} I think they had more fun pushing them around, through the water

{Uncle Ben & Jackson}
Joel preferred to carry his! Jackie was sticking his fingers in the puddles of water.
Uncle Ben was throwing snowballs at Jackson and he thought it was sooo funny! He laughed the hardest when Uncle Ben actually hit him with one!
Then Uncle Michael actually showed Jackson how he should "ride" the tractor and not push or carry it! He thought that was pretty funny!
Little Joely was in Uncle Mikey's back pocket when he went on an acorn hunt. He was looking for the tops of acorns to blow through, making a whistling sound.
He was trying to copy what Uncle Michael was doing he couldn't quite get it down.
Then daddy got out the balls to kick up and down the hill.
{Jackson in front, Joel by daddy} We all just couldn't believe how NICE it was out...Nana thought Joel needed his hood up...but that didn't last long cause I told her he didn't need it!
A wagon ride, or Jackson helping daddy pull the wagon was the end of a perfect spring day on the farm. We're looking forward to spending more time there as the weather gets warmer the boys should really enjoy the pool this year and all the fun toys!
We had to come inside about 3:00 and get the kiddos a snack and we all rested and watched some Sesame Street. Jackson crashed right away on me! This has NEVER EVER happened before!! He played soooo hard!
Daddy and Papa rested too......Joely...nah, he was a little fire ball dancing all over and eating his snacks!