Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Feeding Baby Brynna

Over the weekend we had an open house/shower for Brynna and Kyli with friends and family. Joel really took interest in Brynna and wanted to help feed her. Jackson really didn't care too much about her but did take interest after his brother did and wanted to help out by feeding and holding her too. They were very good at sharing and offered her mints, suckers, juice and some cheesecake. Someday she'll eat all that fun stuff with you boys! They are sure showing that they will be great big brothers when we decide to have another baby or two!

{Joel feeding Brynna}
{Jackson looking on as Joel feeds Brynna}
Sweet Brynna Addison
{Brynna looking at Joel as he feeds her}
{Jackson taking his turn with the help of Aunt Kyli}
{Aunt Jenni & Brynna}
{Joel helping hold Brynna}
{Joel thought Brynna had an "ouch" it was just a crease in her skin!}
{Uncle Ben and Jackson}

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sweet Shot Tuesday

I haven't taken any pictures of Sophie lately and I happened to catch her licking her lips the other day. She continues to be really good with Jackson & Joel and the boys just adore her...especially chasing her around the house and trying to pick her up and carry her which she isn't a huge fan of but she sure loves the attention!

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Sweet Shot Day

Monday, June 28, 2010

"Rock Spot"

We found a new place
that the boys like to run and
play together.
{Joel & Jackson}
They were having a blast running
around and making all sorts of crazy faces!
Then they decided to act all goofy together
{Joel & Jackson}
wish I would've gotten video
to show how crazy they
were being
because these pictures
don't do it justice!
{Jon & Joel}
I tried to get a good picture of all my boys but that wasn't happening this time.
{Joel, Jon & Jackson}
Jackson spotted the pond and rocks which resulted in lots of rock throwing.
Only a toddler can fit sunglasses around their waist and try and wear them as a belt!
And another attempt to get them both to sit beside each other and smile...not happening!
{Jackson & Joel}
They threw lots and lots of rocks into the pond
and even sat on Jon's lap so he could help them throw them in.
{Jon & Joel, Jackson on other side}
Take 24 of an all boy picture...still not the best!
{Jackson, Jon & Joel}
Oh but what fun it was to drop rocks in this hole and run up and down the little dock retrieving said rocks and scaring away the fish that people were trying to catch. Oh well those people thought it was funny to watch these twin boys drop rocks in the hole.
{Jackson & Joel} So I think this is our new "rock spot" for the boys to play...well, like boys, and throw lots of rocks in water and NOT get in trouble plus its close to home!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Fatherhood Friday's

It seems like we have been so busy here lately. Every night and every weekend we have a list of stuff that needs to get done or a list of places we have to be. With Jennifer now taking pictures her weeknights are consumed with taking or editing the pictures so she is up late doing that after the boys go to bed, the editing that is. So most of the nightly chores go to me which isn’t that big of deal except this week the boys think they have a new bed time of 9 PM. We put them down around 7:30 and they finely quiet down around 9:00 the other night it was 9:30 and they were still up talking and laughing. This also makes for a busy morning. 5:45 comes pretty quickly for the boys and they are never happy when it is time to get up. Jackson will stand up in his bed, point at the door and yell “NO,NO,NO,NO” and want me to leave so he can lay back down. I usually have to hold back my laughs. Then they will both get up after I tell them it is time to brush their teeth, they are both OCD about brushing their teeth which is a good thing I guess. Well I hope that we can try to get them back onto their normal schedule here soon because I am usually worn out by the time I get to work from getting them ready. I hope everyone has a good weekend.

Love Jon/Dada

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Spiegels

I was so excited when my friend Sara asked me to take pictures of her and her beautiful family. These girls were sooo good and smiled at the drop of a hat and so well behaved! I've only met Nate a couple times and he is such a sweet dad to these beautiful girls and loves them so much. I was able to capture some cute dad and daughter shots along with some of the beautiful mama and her baby girls. Nate was such a trooper and even requested a couple shots of just him and his lovely wife! I can't wait to get all these pictures to Sara she'll love them all but I think these will keep her excited about the rest!
I love this shot....Sara requested a "toes" picture and this turned out too cute!
Taytem was in love with the camera and did everything I requested. It was like I was taking her senior pictures. We had fun! I loved this shot I got of her when she was running and I asked her to look back at me. It truely shows off her sweetness.
And then there's baby Peyten. Who would not just want to eat this sweet little thing up! I could look at that cute grin all day and with those two little teeth she was so happy. Daddy sang "patty cake" and she played right along and grined up a storm!
Teytem is such a good big sister and little Peyten watched her every move.
Thank you Sara for asking me to take pictures for you. I had a great time and you have such a beautiful family and could see the love you and Nate have for these girls and each other.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Let's go to the Zoo ...the Blank Park Zoo!

Last Saturday I had tickets from my work to take the boys to the zoo. We had a great time and got there in the morning right when it opened and although there were a lot of cars there the zoo didn't seem busy at all, which was nice! We opted to take the single umbrella strollers versus our double jogging stroller and we're glad we did. The boys liked sitting in the stroller and were very good riders!

{Daddy & Jackson}
{Daddy, Joel & Jackson}
{Joel feeding a goat}
{Joel, Mama & Jackson}
We spent a lot of time in the feeding area, I think the boys could've stayed there forever! They loved feeding the goats. Except one little goat got his head/horns stuck in the little hole and made a weird noise which scared the boys and they freaked and started screaming/crying! It was funny, but I felt bad and of course everyone was looking at us! The little goat got himself unstuck and the boys went back to feeding them all!
We let the boys out to run in the prairie dog tunnel. Jackson popped his head up right away, I was still coming through the tunnel at this point, the ground was hard to crawl on and the tunnel small. Oh well this mama can get down and dirty and I crawled through since Jon couldn't probably fit!
{Joel looking out at daddy from the tunnel}
{Joel & Jackson bent down looking at the cats}
I love this picture of the giraffe it looks like he's blended into the trees.
They were sooo pretty and so close and he kept trying to eat off this branch and wasn't having much luck! We didn't see hardly any of the babies that the Zoo has they all must've been hiding. Maybe we'll catch them when we go back in July on the boys' birthday.
{Joel peering through the fence at the giraffes}
Jackson & Joel spent a lot of time walking up and down these stairs a hundred times as they tried to go up and down without holding onto the railing, they thought they were pretty big boys!
We had a fun time at the zoo and were only there for a little over an hour. Next time I think we'll spend a little more time there and try and catch a sea lion show or something fun like that!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Our new Elmos

Came in the form of a backpack!
The boys LOVE them and want to carry them EVERYWHERE!!They like to carry their cards, books and drinks in them!
I like them too, except now they look like they are about 4 years old and off to preschool..tear :(
Some day they'll be off to preschool but now they just enjoy carrying these super cute backpacks that have Elmo on them!
Thank you so much Aunt Janna we love them a lot!

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Sweet Shot Day