Friday, July 30, 2010

Jackson & Joel

I had so much fun taking the boys' 2 year pictures last Sunday. We headed to a few differetnt places in town and got some great pictures that really capture their true personalities. Here are some of my favorites.
{Jackson & Joel}
{Joel & Jackson}
{Jackson & Joel}
{Jackson & Joel...if you can't tell they are really into holding hands these days...sooooo CUTE!!}
{Joel & Jackson}

Thursday, July 29, 2010

A fun birthday celebration

After a fun day at Adventureland on Saturday on Sunday, the boys' actual birthday, we wanted to spend the day as a family and do things we knew the boys would enjoy. After a yummy breakfast that Jon made we headed out to a few spots in town to let the boys play and for me to take their 2 year pictures. They had fun and were tired so we came home and had lunch (mac and cheese one of the favorites) and then they took a nice long 3 hour nap. I think they were trying to catch up from a long day on Saturday. After nap time we headed to Ankeny's newest water park, Cascade Falls. It was soo much fun!

{Jon & Jackson}
{Jennifer & Joel}
As you can see they had a blast with the slides and I can't even remember how many times we went on it! We didn't get there until about 4:15 so the lines weren't too long.
I just LOVE this picture of Joel. He looks sooo cute and he thought my sunglasses were fun to put on!
After the pool we picked up pizza (another favorite) and headed home and had supper and let them blow candles out of their monster cookies.
Oh and yes they are in their jammies, they wanted to wear them when they went down for their naps so they actually went to the pool in them and came home in them as well. And these are the "yucky" jammies that I wouldn't want them to be seen in them in public but oh well. We thought it was cute that they wanted their jammies on.
We didn't make it to the zoo as we wanted but still had a fun and jam packed day/weekend. And by the looks on the boys' faces they had a GREAT day as well!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Our day at Adventureland

On Saturday we headed to Adventureland (an amusement/water park for those of you that don't know) for Jon's company picnic. We met my parents there (since ya know or if you don't, my dad and Jon work for the same company). We got there around 11:15 and had a picnic lunch in the parking lot before we headed in to spend all day at the park. It was a hot day on Saturday but there was a nice breeze and a little overcast, perfect if you ask me! We went right to the new water park and it was AWESOME!! We had a BLAST and so did the boys. My Uncle also works for Barton Solvents so him, my aunt and 2 cousins were there too. We all took turns going down the HUGE body slides and playing with the boys. I was a little disappointed in the kids area because you had to be like 48 inches for even the smallest slides, which I had Joel go down before getting told he was too little but he loved it and did great and was then disappointed the rest of the time we were there because he couldn't go down! So they played a lot in the splash area and also in the 3 foot deep area where they practiced jumping in and GOING UNDER WATER!! They are so brave!

{Joel and Jackson on a snack break}
So since we were at the water park from 11-4:20 this is what came almost 2 hour nap in the stroller before we had even LEFT the waterpark!

{Jackson & Joel}
After the water park we headed over to where the company picnic was going to be and had supper the boys woke up around 6 and ate like pigs and then it was time to ride the rides!! Last year when we were hear, they were too small to ride anything they only did the teacups and kids where we could go together. This year I was SOOO excited for them to be able to ride all the kids rides but in the back of my mind I wondered if I could even get them ON the rides without us. So we tried the infant ocean/boats first.

{Joel & Jackson}
so far so good. they LOVED sitting here that was until it started moving. Then we went to this....
and this....
...and finally this before the ride FINALLY stopped!
So since the boats weren't a hit we tried the lady bugs and the ride didn't even start before they wanted out and that meant the airplanes, trucks and anything else was OUT! So we went to the tea cups...always a fun time and the boys laughed and smiled so hard and big.
We rode the sky lift twice, down and back and they were really good on it and enjoyed that.

{Jon & Jackson and yes that's my mom and dad in the background with Elmos shirts on. They surprised us with those after we changed from the water park and the boys LOVED them!!}
{Jennifer & Joel...look at that big smile!}
We rode the carousel too and the Ferris wheel, there were hardly any lines and at this time it was about 7:30-8:00PM so it was nice to not have to deal with any lines ALL day!!

{Mama and Joel}
{Daddy & Jackson}
The final ride was the train and there is a little train depot (candy shop) right outside of the train so Nana and Papa took the boys in and came out with a giant freezie Popsicle and they each had a sucker. My dad said that when Jackson had the sucker he looked up at him and he just couldn't say "no" to him!

{Me, Joel, Jon & Jackson}
After the train ride it was about 9:00 and I was wanted to go on a roller coaster...I LOVE LOVE LOVE roller coasters and could go to an amusement park at LEAST once a month, I know a BIG kid at heart! So headed over to the tornado and took the boys with us and my mom and dad went and then they took the boys while Jon and I went. They now take your picture as you're coming down the big hill and my dad bought each of our pictures in a magnet and the boys latched on to them. Ever since then Jackson won't put the magnet down and keeps looking at the picture of my mom and dad and saying "eldo" "apa" "papa" too cute!! We had a great day and finally left at 9:45 (they are open 10 to 10) so we were there almost the whole time they were open!! I can't wait until next year when they can do more things!!

{Nana and Jackson, Papa & Joel who has a mouth full of candy}

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


We had the boys outside one morning around 9:30 playing in their little pool and over walks Brady, the neighbor boy. Then a little bit later Luke, the other neighbor came over. Brady and Luke weren't dressed for the pool and it was KILLING them that they couldn't play in the water like Jackson and Joel. So their mommies put swim diapers on them and they all played around in the pool, the sprinker, the sand box and on the slides while us adults watched. {Luke, Jackson, Joel & Brady}
{Jackson, Joel, Brady}
{Jackson & Joel talking to Bryce}
Before we knew it, it was lunch time! So we threw some burgers on the grill and had some fruit and chips and all had lunch together outside. Then everyone went back to their respective homes so the kids could nap.
{Joel, Brady, Jackson & Luke}

Introducing Madison Kate

My friend Justine asked me to take Madison's newborn pictures long before she was due to arrive. I was very excited that she'd want me to photograph her and Justin's newest addition. Madison arrived a week before she was due but was still sooo perfect. Her skin was flawless and for our shoot she was awake for some parts and then out like a light for others. We had such a fun time and I was able to try some fun things with her. Justin and Justine, I hope you guys enjoy your preview there are sooo many more good ones and I had such a hard time narrowing it down to these few!