Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Here are a couple videos of the boys doing somersaults their new favorite thing to do...now to jusy get videos of the ones they do in their beds and do naked across their livingroom floor everynight!

Monday, August 30, 2010

"Cheese peas"

This little guy could eat cheese 24/7!
Joel always goes to the fridge to get it out and eat chunks out of it and he wants it on his food ALL.THE.TIME!
It's cute and I guess a little cheese won't hurt anyone. Heck I remember going to the pizza places growing up and pouring piles and piles on my plate and then I'd lick my finger to get it wet and then proceed to eat all the cheese off my plate with my finger...guess we have that to look forward to!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Fatherhood Friday's

We have had a long week with a couple of crabby kids. We have started moving back bed time since the boys would just sit up in their cribs till around 8:30 and mess around. So we are trying to put them down around 8 or just a little before. The thing that we are running into now is at 6:00 when it is time to get up we have 2 bears that have sunk into the boys cribs during the night and don’t want to get out! We walk in open the curtains, turn off their music and all we hear is “GO” and “NO”. They have both been going to bed fine and they aren’t waking up in the night so I think that they are just getting to the point that they need more sleep. We have also been having a problem right when we get home from daycare and one of them wants to watch something while the other wants to watch something different,I know it's just begun! Then the meltdowns being as do the timeouts. After we can settle on something to watch we don’t have any more problems unless one of them sees the remote which for some reason now they think is a toy. I think they are looking forward to sleeping in this weekend just as much as we are!

Have a good weekend
Love Jon DADA

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Playing naked in the pool!

The boys wanted sooo bad to play in their pool and I didn't feel like running into the house to get swim diapers so off their clothes came and the diapers and in the pool they went! They thought it was HILARIOUS they got to run around without diapers on! Then Brady wanted to come over and play and at first his daddy wasn't going to let him in the water but he gave in and off Brady's clothes and diaper came and all three boys were going up and down the slide into the water! It was just too cute and they had a blast!


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Jackson LOVES helping Daddy!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New playset

For the boys' birthday we decided to put in a playset, I thought this would be the perfect gift from Jon and I and both sets grandparents! Not just any playset, but one Jon, my dad and his dad could build! I had bought a kit a few months back so we got all the wood and other features and they built it in a couple days.
{My dad taking a break with my mom and Jon's dad}
It was soo hot the first day they worked on it, heat index in the 100s that the sweat was just running in their faces so Jon decided to wear one of my old sweat bands...it was pink nonetheless!
Well Joel & Jackson just love their new playset. They enjoy drinking juice boxes by it
climbing up one of the two ladders to the top
and going down the big 10 foot slide
or going down the 8 foot slide.
It is VERY large but we for sure have the yard for it and couldn't be happier with how it turned out! We have a swing for each of the boys, a spot for a baby swing someday, the bronco glider and 2 sand boxes.
{Jackson & Jon}
Jackson & Joel just love swinging! They have a hard time boosting themselves up in the swings and actually pumping their legs but they love being pushed!
Sometimes it's just easier to swing on my tummy mama!
I love it that Jon and I can both swing at the same time and hold a baby in our lap which they think is hilarious as we go really high!
{Me & Joel}
A huge thank you to both of our parents for all their help with the playset we love it and so do the boys!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Week/Weekend Update

On Saturday I had two photo shoots in Marshalltown and then I picked up the boys from Grandma & Grandpa's house. They had been there since LAST Sunday...wow that was a long time, and we sure missed them but we stayed SUPER busy as I hauled Jon to all my photo shoots last week and we didn't get home until at least 9:00 every night.
The boys sure were NOT short on adventure either. Everyday Grandma, Grandpa & Aunt Janna took the boys somewhere fun! They went to the aquatic center, to multiple parks every day, took numerous wagon rides, played like crazy, and were spoiled rotten! They had a blast keeping the boys for a week and I know the boys had a great time too! Thank you guys for watching the boys for a week!
Saturday night, Jon, my dad and the boys went to our neighbors wedding reception while mom and I went to the fair to see Sugarland! Mom and I split a tenderloin, gyro, ribbon fries, funnel cake, deep fried twinkie and deep fried snickers...we sure ate our way around the fair but had a great time! We also rode the sky glide, the HUGE slide and the double ferris wheel after the concert. We had a great night and I know the boys all did too!
Yesterday was a day to lay low and just enjoy having the boys home. We played, swam in the pool, played on our new play set (I'll show you that tomorrow) and just really enjoyed each other today as we prepare to get back into the swing of things this week since Jon & I were off work Friday and the twins haven't been in daycare all week.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

this and that

I think the last I told you about my 96 year old Grandma is that her house was struck by lightening...well all is almost well in her world! Her new beautiful 1800 sq. ft. ranch house with a full basement underneath so 3600 sq. ft. house has been ordered and will be ready in 4 short weeks! Meaning that the basement work will get started this week since it has to sit for 2 weeks before the house can be put on top. I guess I should back up.....she is moving to the other side of Maxwell (north) and bought 3 lots that are perfect for her. She'll have plenty of area for her garden and some nice trees and plenty of yard! She's very excited to get her new home and I'm excited to help her shop for furniture and all things decor for inside!

Jackson and Joel got picked up Sunday evening to go spend the week with Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Janna in Marshalltown. They'll have lots of pool time, wagon rides and get spoiled liked crazy! Jon and I miss them already and when we got home from work last night we BOTH went upstairs TOGETHER to change out of our work clothes, and BOTH made supper. Usually one of us is manning the troops while the other changes, cooks supper, etc.

Since we're kid free you ask what we'll be doing all week?? Every single night I have a photo shoot!!! I know busy, huh? But gosh I'm so happy and excited! Jon and I will be doing some traveling this week for some shoots whereas if the boys were here I wouldn't take on many shoots during the week. Speaking of Jon, he'll be my assistant! I'm so excited, him maybe not so much, but I love having him help me out and do this photography thing together! I did my first senior session with a nice young man from Slater (Ballard High School) last night and Jon was a great help I could get used to having a helping hand every time! The shoot...it went great I was a little nervous starting with a boy but gosh he was easy! His mom just laughed when I said that!

I don't think I'll have much else to blog about this week ya know since the boys aren't here and our life is pretty boring without them. So you'll have to come back next week for more pictures and updates of the boys and what is going on. Me, I'll be working on pictures every night this week until probably early morning so if you want to see what I am busy with this week go to my photography blogsite and check out my latest work! Jon, he'll be mowing the yard, putting the finishing touches on the playset, and doing some things around the house he's been wanting to get done. Playset you ask? Yeah come back next week to hear about that!

Have a great week everyone!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Twins Contest

Last Thursday was the annual twins contest at the Iowa State Fair. Last year, the boys got 3rd in the most alike category. This year they got 1st place! We were excited and they got a big blue ribbon! There were 8 twins (only 1 other set of boys) in the 2 year old most alike category. Usually...the girls win because they are always dressed sooo cute in their little dresses but I must say that my boys looked even cuter in their plaid bib overalls with no shirt on! Who wouldn't think that is just adorable?!
{Joel & Jackson getting their numbers on}
{Trying to get a photo before the contest...Jackson & Joel}
{After the contest Jon, Jackson and Me and Joel}
After the contest we zoomed through the animal buildings and the varied industry building before I took the boys to daycare and we went back to work. What a fun time we had even though we could ring water out of our shirts because we were sweating so much!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Fatherhood Friday's

22 days and counting!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


I've been meaning to share these two projects that we crossed off our to-do lists but I got all caught up in photography and life in general. I got this tutorial at Knock-off Wood here
we tweaked it a little bit to add a lid that opened and stayed open but also that would close easy enough. My dad and I went and got all the wood and him and Jon took a day to build and construct it and then Jon did all the staining to make it match our entryway system. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE it and is sooo nice to have on the main level to tuck away all those large toys!

I had it made so it fit perfectly behind our leather chair and wasn't too deep that got in the way of going out to the back yard from the sliding glass door. The 2nd project they did that day was to build 2 of these kids picnic tables! Yes you read that correctly you can build this for $15 or LESS!! I think ours were about $10 and I love it! The boys constructed them and my mom and I stained them. They kept one at their house and we have the other one. I'm so glad I have a handy daddy who is willing to help me and Jon build whatever we need done and Jon loves doing little projects too!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Looks like someone is trying to cool off in the boys' sandbox!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fun at Old Settlers

On Saturday we headed to my hometown of Maxwell to participate in some of the Old Settlers activities. The parade was in the morning and the boys got sooo much candy we had to make it disappear at nap time! They had their Elmo Easter baskets and Jackson's was stuffed to the top! After the parade we headed down to the park to use up the ride tickets that Nana and Papa got the boys! They loved this little ride...similar to the tea cups at Adventureland but you can spin this center thing to go super fast in a circle...something we didn't do!!
I bet we rode this ride 6-8 times!
Then they also rode this little "Wild Child Caboose" it was a cute little train that went SUPER slow!
After their naps we headed back into town and finished the last few ride tickets (and a few others had given us) and the boys rode this fast swing thing that goes really high in the air and the little carts fly out to the side.
As you can see below Jackson was NOT a fan and the guy operating the ride saw this and stopped it and reversed it and let Jackie get off. I was glad he did because it wasn't even up to full speed yet!!
Joel on the other hand LOVED.IT! He was giggling and just having a blast with Nana in the little swing.
There's that huge smile again I'd look back and see, he had fun and wanted to ride again! I love all rides spinny and fast and this was a lot for me and since Jon and my dad can't do anything spinny he only got to ride it once.
Jackson hanging out with "Papa" after he wanted off the ride. He's wondering where Joel, Nana, and Mama are!
We had a fun time at Old Settlers and I got to see some of people I went to high school with which is always nice and we ate lots of yummy fair food...to prepare for the big Iowa State Fair that starts this week!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Bath time Fun!

The newest craze for the bath tub is these fun colors! The boys LOVE LOVE LOVE to color every night when we get home and it just continues when they get into the bag tub as well!

Besides coloring they like to dump water with these watering cans on each others heads.

I just LOVE this picture!! They love to lay down side-by-side on their tummys or they'll even roll over to their backs and act like they are floating. It's super cute and they probably won't fit side-by-side like this for very much longer!

{Joel & Jackson}
Notice how there are no bubbles in the tub...they aren't fans of bubbles and freak out when they are on their hands or body so our baths are bubbleless...not much fun if you ask me! But the boys sure like their baths and like to stay in until the very last drop of water is out and then they flop around on the bottom of the tub like little fishes!