Monday, January 24, 2011

Belly & Pregnancy Update

I am 21 weeks!! Wow just 15 weeks to go until I'm full-term (36 weeks)! I'm hoping to go 16 more weeks to get me to 37 weeks so here's to hoping! I've been feeling great, really no complaints! The girls are KICKERS! They are also sitting VERY low which is very uncomfortable when I'm sitting up straight at my desk at work, they just kick, kick, kick on the bottom of my tummy where my pants hit.

I'm still wearing my regular clothes. My pants fit everywhere except for my belly obviously so I wear them unbuttoned but zipped with my Bella Band, love that thing! I'm not wearing any maternity shirts either, all my normal shirts. My style this pregnancy seems to be my regular shirts that just fit tight and accentuate my cute belly big hump! My favorite outfit that I wear about 3 times a week at least is leggings with a long sweater, tunic or shirt. You get the picture I like leggings and they are super comfortable! The bad thing with all my maternity clothes from last pregancy is I was bigger when I got pregnant than I was this time so all my pants/shirts are HUGE and don't fit at all AND most are actually spring/summer styles so I can't wear them even if they did fit.

I'm up about 10lbs. from my normal weight, I seem to gain a pound then lose it. My doctor thinks I should be gaining more but the babies are both a healthy size so he isn't all that concerned yet. With the boys I gained 30lbs right on the nose! We'll see what these last 15 weeks bring.

I haven't been sick at all lately so that's a bonus. I'm sleeping really good, I lay on my side and "prop" my belly onto my body pillow so it isn't laying flat on the bed (can you picture that description?) so it's really comfy and allows me to sleep comfortably. I'm a side sleeper anyways so I've never had any trouble sleeping when I'm pregnant.

So that about does it for my pregnancy update. Here are the belly picture updates for the last few weeks. And even though it appears I look bigger (Jon isn't very good about replicating the same picture from the first time) my measurements around are still the same! 40 inches around (every week I measure around my belly so see truly how big I'm getting)!! I grow by the week!

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