Monday, January 31, 2011

Celebrating 97 Years!

On Saturday we headed into my Grandma Schauper's house to celebrate her 97th birthday. She won't actually be 97 until Wednesday but we took full advantage of celebrating a few days early! For supper we had her favorite, grilled hamburgers and hot dogs with cheesey potatoes and baked beans! And for dessert....Dairy Queen ice cream cake! It was yummy! The boys loved playing and running around with Owen (my cousin's little guy) and Brynna she had fun trying to keep up with all 3 boys! She is getting really FAST at walking behind her dinosaur! It was a great night and so glad we were able to go and celebrate with everyone.

{The birthday girl!}
{Brynna trying out the ice cream cake!}
{Brynna walking behind her dinosaur!}
{Jackson going for a horsey ride}
{Jackson riding on Brynna's dinosaur}
{Jackson & Joel playing with Owen}
{Joel & Brynna}

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