Friday, January 14, 2011

Fatherhood Friday's

Potty Potty Potty! For a long (but fun, interesting and impressed) 3 days we sat at home and got these boys potty trained. I got up and was thinking that this wasn’t going to be a fun day and would be cleaning up pee all day, boy was I wrong. I am still impressed at how well they picked up on it. What I was really worried about was them going back to daycare. Those 5 days (we had the weekend too) we were 1 on 1 with the boys and how would it be when that 1 on 1 time wasn’t there. Jen and I talked about it and were pretty worried that it wouldn’t work out well, again we were wrong. They have been going strong for over 2 weeks now and you can count the number of accidents on 1 hand!

Then last week it was on to the “big boy” beds. Again we were both nervous that this was going to be a big challenge so we wanted to start it on a Friday or Saturday night so that we could nap the next day if we got a sleepless night. Once again we were wrong! The boys were so tired on that Saturday night from playing all day and not getting a great nap, we put them into the beds and they were out right away. They looked so small in their big beds it was kind of funny to look at them while they were sleeping in there. So over the past few weeks the boys have seemed to grow into kids and it is hard to stop calling them babies at this point. I am just so proud and so impressed by Jackson & Joel and cant wait to see what is next.

Love Jon/DADA

{Joel in his bed}

{Jackson in his bed}



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