Wednesday, January 26, 2011


this is what my entryway/play area looked like! This is 2+ years of boys clothes/shoes/bibs that needed to be gone through, matched with it's mate, priced, and tagged to sell at the Mother of Multiples Garage Sale.

Now all that stuff looks like this..... That's 12 totes of clothes all tagged and ready to be hung on hangers to sell! I'm looking for someone who is having twin boys in the May through August months who would be interested in going through my stuff, I'd love to have someone to pass all these clothes to as the boys outgrow them! So if you know anyone, pass my name along!

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Katrin said...

Holy Clothes Batman! Wow. I would´ve never felt like going through all of that and then also tagging them!

Good job!

I hope you´ll find somebody to pass them on to.

Oh btw, super cute twin bump in your last post!