Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend Recap


* photo shoots at 9 and 10AM at my studio

*Jon and the boys got ready to spend the day at my parents

*We headed to my parents to eat lunch and get ALL the boys' baby clothes and all things baby for the girls

*The boys napped while Jon and I (ok Jon, I just watched while he did all the lifting) moved 12 totes of baby clothes and stuff back to our house

*Jon loaded 30 totes on the truck and trailer to take back to my parents house to store since we're thinking we'll move my photography studio to the other side of the basement and finish off the current half I'm using for our growing family in the next year

*Boys woke at 4 and we headed back to our house

*Headed to my Grandma Millie's for her 74th birthday supper: roast, potatoes, carrots and corn with homemade rolls and texas sheet cake and homemade ice cream for dessert

*Left the boys with my parents and Jon and I snuck out and went to a movie we saw The Dilemma


*Had a GREAT nights sleep, we both needed that

*Had 1 photo shoot at the studio and then 3 at the Botanical Center!

*Boys played at Nana and Papa's and rode their tractors they got for Christmas and had fun playing in the snow

*Boys got home around 1:30

*We all took naps!

*Ran errands and had supper out

We had a great weekend! Now I'm excited to have today off work, boys are at daycare, Jon's at work and I'm going through 2 years of boys clothes to sell at the Multiples Garage Sale coming up in March!

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