Tuesday, February 8, 2011

22 week ultrasound

On February 1st (last Tuesday) I had what I thought would be my last 4 week appointment and I would start going every 2 weeks, which meant I got ultrasounds more frequently! So I was excited going into my appointment. The ultrasound and babies checked out great. Baby A (who is the presenting baby, meaning the closest to the cervix) her heart rate was 133 and she weighed 1lb. right on the nose and is head down. She is literally right at my underwear line or lower, quite uncomfortable when I'm sitting up straight, I constantly getting little taps huge kicks on my belly telling me to lean back and give her some space! Baby B weighed 1lb. 1oz. and had a heart rate of 154 and is right under my ribs, as high as she can be and is laying transverse meaning side to side. So even though they are as far apart as they can be they are doing great!

{Baby A's profile}
{One of the babies yawning...see that big open mouth? Cute huh?!}{No wonder I feel short of breath sometimes, Baby B, under my ribs, is constantly sticking her feet out as straight as can be!}
After my ultrasound we saw the doctor (me and Jon he likes going to all the appointments). He said I was boring, which is great news and said he wanted to see me again in 4 weeks! Which is good but I was a little disappointed since at 20 weeks with my first twin pregnancy I was being seen every 2 weeks already! So I was 23 weeks (as of Sunday) and to have to wait another 3 to see them again! His words, "you're a pro and had a great first pregnancy and I don't need to see you so often!" I guess that's a great report!

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