Thursday, February 3, 2011

Girls' closet redo

Shame on me I didn't get a before picture...just imagine this teeny tiny closet with NOTHING in it, one shelf at medium height and that's it! Not really ideal for a closet for two people let alone girls who have TONS of accessories! This was one of Jon's projects over the weekend and it turned out just the way I had imagined. He added 2 more shelves (adjusted the height of the one that was in there) to give lots of hanging space and yet allow room for the 3 drawer plastic storage container at the bottom. While I was out doing lots of shopping on Friday one of my tasks was buying all the storage for the closet...I did happen to pick up about 5 outfits a piece for the girls and a few other girly things!

{Newborn and preemie will go at the bottom shelf then 0-3 months in the middle and 3-6 months at the top. Then misc. stuff in the little tubs on the shelves and then in the 3 drawer will be extra bedding, onesis, gowns (sleep sacks) and whatever else we come up with.}
On the door hangs a shoe organizer that will be home to many hair bows/bands, tights, hats, booties and shoes.
I think we did a great job with the closet considering it is so narrow and really deep. Can't wait to continue to fill it!


Missy... said...

Looks great! Way to get creative with your space!!

We have those clear hanging shoe organizers in just about every.single fact, I was just going to do a blog post on them! :)

dawn said...

We do too! I think I might be approaching 10 of the shoe organizers and none have shoes in them :) They work perfectly!

The closet looks great...look at all that pink :)

Anonymous said...

You are so darn organized. You remind me of me!!

Carla said...

It's Carla. I didn't check anonymous!!

Our Crazy Filled Life said...

I'm jealous that you get to buy cute girly things! But you definitely did an awesome job on the closet!