Tuesday, March 1, 2011

25 Week Appointment Update

Last Monday I had my 25 week appointment with ultrasound. That marked my last 4 weeks apt. and I go back next Tuesday, the 8th and then I start going every week! It's crazy that I will be 27 weeks next week and that is only 10 WEEKS until my 37 week goal (remember full-term is 36 weeks and I went to 37 weeks 5 days with the boys before they induced me so this time that is the same goal to make it to 37 weeks).

SOOO....it is really starting to sink in that I only have 2 full months of work left! I did look back at my journal from my last pregnancy and I was told to stop working when I was right at 36 weeks since my ankles were starting to swell from no circulation since I sit all day at my job. So I had a little over a week and half at home by myself before the boys were born. Not sure if that will be the same plan this time but I'm planning on it as my activity level is a lot different this time around since I have 2 toddler boys to chase/carry around so by next appointment is when they really start to watch for signs of pre-term labor and could limit activity.

The ultrasound was pretty unproductive. Baby A (whose foot I swear could just stick out down there at any time, I'm not kidding she is THAT low) is breech again. She was breech, then head down and now she's breech. So Little Miss Baby A BETTER flip herself around or I'll be looking at a c-section this time around, something I am NOT prepared for or would be looking forward too since I'll have 4 kids at home and have lots of stairs in my house! My doctor is older and has been in practice for a long time and doesn't care if Baby B is breech because he can flip them after Baby A comes out (unlike A LOT of doctors who will automatically say c-section when one is breech or even just with twins in general) but he said he can't risk flipping Baby A since the heads could get entwined or cords, etc. too many body parts in the way. So at about 30 weeks he said he'll get worried if she hasn't flipped around by then. Other than that, Baby A had a heart rate of 125 and weighed 1lb. 9 oz. and Baby B heart rate at 155 and weighed 1lb. 10oz. I know a HUGE difference in heart rate for being the same sex but nothing to worry about, Dr. D said that just means that one is kicking the crap out of the other!

So I'll leave you with a few pictures and next week is just an appointment (no ultrasound) and I'll do my glucose test as well. I, unlike most people, don't mind the flavor of the juice!
2 heads!

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