Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Feeding their babies

This weekend the boys latched on to their babies again, they don't play with them very often but when they do it's sooo cute and gives us an opportunity to talk about how they will "help" with their baby sisters.

{Jackson & Joel}
As you can tell Joel is way more serious about it than Jackson is, just look at his face!
They did a good job feeding and I tried to show them the best way to hold them but they wanted to hold them on their lap and by the neck!
Then they thought there were cold and needed their hats on, so Daddy helped with that
{Joel & Jackson}
After done feeding they put in their pacifiers and what was the next logical thing...BED TIME! We thought they would take them up and put them in the baby cribs. Instead they took them to their room and said "night night baby" and asked me to help close the curtains and blinds. They said "dark mama, no see...shhhh" clearly they wanted them to go to bed. As they were both walking out the door they were blowing kisses to them like Jon and I do as we leave at night. Then they slammed the door! Just too cute!!
{Joel covering up his baby...all the way over its head}

Even if there is a little jealousy when the girls are born Jon and I are going to have two very proud and helpful boys who are going to be GREAT big brothers! I can't wait for this next chapter in our lives and for our family, the best is yet to come for sure!

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