Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It begins!

The fruit craze that is!

My boys LOVE fruit and seriously some nights...that's all they'll eat for supper! They ask for "berries" or "melon" for snacks about every time they walk by the fridge and on the weekend they are on "full feed" with fruit. Last weekend I cut up 2 large containers of strawberries and they only lasted Saturday and Sunday! We usually buy 4 large packs of strawberries at a time and then send 2 to daycare for the week. Joel is my cantaloupe boy and Jackson is the strawberry boy.

{Jackson & Joel}
{Jackson & Joel hoovering over me as I try and cut up strawberries}
{Jackson...of course they had their stools right there so they could "help" I think they meant "eat" when they said they wanted to help!}
{Jackson & Joel}

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