Thursday, March 24, 2011

Storage Bin Update - {project 1 of girls' room}

These are the storage bins that we used in the boys' room under the changing table. There are 4 of them. Then my hubby made little decals to put on them like: Blankets, Diapers, Toys, Lotions and they worked out perfect. Well of course they needed an update if they were going to go into a girl's room! So they went from this...
{I had torn the white decals off before I took the picture so that's why the word is a little sloppy looking}
To this! And yes they are VERY pink! And this is a little insight to the girls' room. That color is the color we painted the bottom half of the it!! It is VERY girly, exactly what I wanted going from ALL boy to ALL girl!!
Jon made new decals and we are now all organized for the baby girls!

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joe said...

Nice blog. We have 2 sets of identical twin girls. One set is 2 months old another are 4 years. Never a dual moment.