Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The boys

Thought I would give everyone an update on how the boys are doing and what they are up to these days.

Potty training, well they are officially potty trained so I should stop saying that...anyways, them wearing their underwear is going really well. They have had a few accidents off and on at different nights/times and we can pin point the reason which is that we let them drink too close to bed time so our faults not theirs but it's a good teaching point to tell them to continue to wake us up when they have to go. They love picking out their "choo choos" and INSIST that they both have the same pair on. This goes for their clothes too. They ALWAYS wear the same thing, even when picking out their outfits for daycare, they want to be in the same clothes. Now to just get them to get up on the potty (we still make them sit to pee) by themselves and to put on and take off their clothes by themselves. They have enjoyed their new freedom of peeing outside. Daddy taught them that and it really is easier when we are at the end of the yard by the sandbox instead of running into the house and getting sand all over :)

We've done a little bit more of separating them and taking them by themselves with one of us. It's fun to see their individual personalities come out. It's no secret that Joel is a BIG follower. He does/copies/says WHATEVER Jackson does/says. It's a little sad sometimes to see him just watch his big brother and do whatever he does from hand placements on his face or his hips like Jackson to always moving and sitting beside him or before he takes off his sunglasses in the car looks to see if Jackson has taken his off. For instance at the gas station picking out juice: Joel had picked blue, Jackson picked red but when Joel saw Jackson had red he cried until we put his blue away and got him red. So not sure how we can try and individualize them anymore especially since Joel doesn't want that but it is clear he does have his own opinions when we have them one-on-one so we'll just have to keep doing more of that for sure!!

Neither of them are thrilled at the idea of wearing shorts. We tried to put them on them this weekend and they kept trying to pull them down to make them longer. They are such creatures of habit and get into one-track mind thinking same goes for wanting to wear their heavy winter coat to daycare when it has been 60 degrees out! We have these battles ALL THE TIME and they always end up crying over these issues. I love that they are growing up but at the same time it's hard getting use to have 2 more personalities/opinions/thoughts to deal with around the house.

They still LOVE choo choos. We watch Thomas all the time and they could do sit and play with their trains for long periods of time each night. They like to watch Word World (my favorite PBS show) and also really like movies: UP, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Bolt, Monsters Inc., and all of the Toy Story movies. When we want them to wind down at night we typically put on a movie and they will sit and watch the whole thing with us, we get in lots of snuggle time during these.

Bed time...has been somewhat challenging. They could seriously talk back and forth in their beds for hours on end if we didn't interfere. We have the monitor on and even watch them. They exchange blankets, their rarrs, and pillows and just pass stuff back and forth. Very annoying when it's sometimes 10PM before they are asleep and then don't want to wake up at 6AM the next morning. The past week we've learned that at daycare she is separating them during nap-time and they go right to sleep. So we've tried it at home and it works. BUT there are nights we've done that they have screamed and cried for the other one to be back in their room and we tell them that if they go into their bed that we better not have to come up again and that works too. So we threaten them with separating and sometimes do separate and put one in our bed until they are asleep and we're ready for bed and then carry him back to his own bed. So we're working out bedtime. It was just sooo easier when they were smaller and in their cribs. I don't think the big boy beds are the issue it's just that they are little gabbers and want to continue to play with each other!

Jackson and Joel both have gotten really good at using their words. They speak in full sentences, although sometimes they are choppy we understand pretty much everything they say. They will still talk to each other in "their language" (like the twin boys video that is on youtube that has been going around on facebook like crazy) it's funny. Jon and I will catch just parts like "yes, no, my choo choo" and so on. I guess they still need their own time to talk in their own language with each other.

With the weather getting nicer they love to be outside all the time. They have a hard time sharing with other kids still. Daycare says it isn't an issue but I see it at home. They share well with each other but get VERY protective when another kid tries to play with Jackson's toy, Joel will just flip out and start saying "No Jackson's" and visa versa. It's cute that they are so protective of each other but at the same time they need to learn to share with other kids and it's ok with someone plays with Jackson's toy even when he isn't using it! Another example of how protective and caring they are for each other....Joel was crying the other night and was upstairs and wanted his "B" (his blanket) and I said, "Joel it's downstairs you'll have to go get it if you want it" and Jackson said, "I get it Joel" and ran downstairs for him and brought it back and gave it to him. Same with getting a Kleenex, I'll say, Jackson get a Kleenex and Joel will run to the bathroom and say, "Here Jackson".

They have really been "picking" at each other lately. I know it comes with age but gosh, they chase each other around the house all the time and then will pull on each others shirts and push and just keep their hands on each other constantly for periods of the night. We then tell them to stay on opposite sides of the room or sit on opposite couches away from each other and it's so hard for them to resist touching each other!!

Well I think that's enough for this time this was a long post with no pictures but you get your update on them and I'll be back to posting fun things they are doing (we have some worm and birdhouse stories to share) and I have more of the girls' room I want to share!! Stay tuned!

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