Monday, April 18, 2011

Cooking day

I spent all day Friday gathering recipes and making a grocery list and Friday night I sent Jon to the store to buy 3 carts worth of groceries at 2 different stores! He got home about an hour and a half later and stayed up that night until 3AM cooking chicken and prepping for Saturday. My mom came over Saturday at 8AM and her and Jon started the cookfest! This is what the kitchen looked like all day! This was the rigatoni (8) and meat loaf (8) ready to be wrapped and wrote on...that was my job...well actually I didn't even do that I really didn't get off the couch that much and when I did I was on little boy duty. The garbage was emptied about 4 times! This was HALF of the pasta that we used!

My mom makes the best meat loaf and I HATE meatloaf but do eat hers and this is how she makes it...yes it was a giant blob all over the counter!!
And here is the final shot....59 meals!! All frozen and ready to be cooked and eaten when these baby girls arrive. Now this isn't everything...Jon's mom is making over 20 more meals (my 2 absolute favorite meals 10 of each) along with a few of her specialities as well! We will put a few more in our new upright freezer and then we also have our chest freezer to put more meals in!
This was a HUGE task that I was able to check off our "before babies to-do list" we will be sooo thankful to have all of these for the next 4-6 months to eat off and on! Thank you so much mom for spending your whole Saturday over cooking...and a HUGE thank you to Jon for taking on MY task that I wasn't able to do!

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The Bormann Family said...

I have a rule with meatloaf...only eat your moms:)

That is a lot of food! If you think you want to cook anymore, one of the best things we had prepped/froze pre-babies was bags of browned hamburger. It wasn't quite as good as cooking fresh, but if we wanted tacos or hamburger helper or spagetti, we just pulled one of those out and it was nice and quick not having to brown the hamburger.