Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Sunday Photo Shoot

The boys looked soooo cute in their Easter outfits on Sunday when they went to lunch (Jon had a coordinating shirt, I did too but didn't get off the couch to get all dressed up since I couldn't go anywhere) and I wanted to do a quick (serisoulsly like 3 minutes is all I got) photo shoot with the boys. They look so big and grown up! Gosh 2.5 years really does go by so fast!

{Joel & Jackson}
{Joel} {Jackson} {Jackson}

{Joel & Jackson}


Kyli and Ben said...

They look so handsome! :)

Missy... said...

Too cute! I LOVE the one of Joel with his hands in his pocket! Such little men! :)

Kendra Dawn said...

I think the boys are going to be models...they have had such great practice getting their pictures taken and if you can get all these great pictures in 2 or 3 minutes.....THEY ARE PROS AT 2 YEARS OLD!!!!!!!! :)