Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter weekend

We had a great Easter even though we cancelled our Easter plans and stayed home since I'm being a good patient and obeying my strict bed rest rules. Saturday, Jon took the boys up to Maxwell to the Easter egg hunt. My dad met them in there and the boys had a great time and got TONS of eggs. Then Grandma and Aunt Janna came to Ankeny to spend some time with them they had a good lunch (brought me home something yummy from Sports Page in Ankeny) and played some more.

Sunday we got up and the boys followed their trails to their Easter baskets! They loved it!

{Jackson & Joel}{Joel}

After they went through their Easter baskets they had a small egg hunt in the house. It was cute watching them run around they just followed each other around and shared eggs instead of finding their own.

{Jackson & Joel Easter morning}
Right before lunch the boys had another little egg hunt outside. They each ran in opposite directions and hunted their own eggs this time.

Jon, the boys, my parents and my grandma ate lunch at Applebee's for Easter dinner and brought me back my favorite an Oriental Chicken Salad! For the rest of the afternoon the boys played outside and I kept my place on the couch watching "Say Yes to the Dress" marathon! Jon was Mr. Mom and the maid and got all the cleaning, laundry and outside stuff done. It was a nice weekend although we missed out on a lot of family time it was best for me to be at home resting and for Jon to be here in case something were to happen. We hope everyone had a fabulous Easter weekend!

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