Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's official....{pregnancy & belly update} 31 weeks and 3 days I'm on bed rest for the rest of my pregnancy! Before I get to the details of that let me update you on my appointment I had Monday.

{long post be prepared}

I had my 31 week ultrasound and appointment on Monday and the babies were GREAT...the doctor's words "stop taking those steroids!" That's right...Baby B grew a pound in 2 weeks!! That is crazy considering twins gain 1/4 a pound a week after 30 weeks. So that made Baby A at 3.lbs. 10oz. and Baby B a whopping 4lbs. I'm still 0% effaced or still super firm and not showing any signs of dilating. He still said to make sure I'm not up in the evenings and really watch my activity with the boys. So all in all it was a good appointment. One thing...I need to start counting my contractions...I've been having braxton hicks for a few weeks to a month but haven't counted how many an hour so I'm going to start being a better patient!

Here are my belly updates.... So the turn of events that led up to being placed on bed rest.....

So after my appointment on Monday Dr. Dornbier said I need to be counting my contractions. I've noticed since I've been so busy at work I don't notice anything going on while I'm working (even though things really are) but when I come home and get my feet up my tummy is tight all night I really notice that. So Tuesday I picked a couple hours and counted my contractions, I had 5 one hour and 6 the next hour both more than the 4 an hour I should be having so just called in to my doctor to try and get a non stress test added on to my next weekly appointment. But within 2 minutes of leaving that message I was called back by a nurse and told to head to the hospital. So I picked up Jon, he went to the get the boys and I drove down to the hospital thinking everything was no big deal, I'd be home soon.

I got checked in and got in a room at 5 and by 5:30 they saw that I was having contractions every minute! The babies were doing great, heart rates going up and down perfectly but still my uterus was "aggravated" as the nurse said. They had me drink 2 pitchers of water since I was very dehydrated and they gave me 1.5 bags of fluid. In the mean time my actual doctor called to check on me (he wasn't on call but across the street seeing patients) so he said to give me a shot to smooth my tummy muscles (to stop contractions) and also to do a culture to check to see if I had the protein present to cause dilation.

So by this time it was 6. My contractions had slowed down after the shot and Dr. Dornbier made a special trip over to see me. He told me that I should also have the shots for the babies to develop their lungs. I was a little nervous as I know they usually only give that if they think the babies will deliver in the next few days/weeks. When asked that question Dr. Dornbier said he doesn't think that will be the case. I'm still fully closed and not thinning out at all (of course they did a cervical check). So all great news he just thinks the dehydration was causing the contractions. In the meantime, the results from the protein culture came back and was negative so even better news. Dr. Dornbier did say that because of the preterm labor it is time to go on full bed rest NO more working outside the home. It's time for me to think about me and these babies and to make sure they stay in as long as possible with the goal of still getting to 37 weeks.

Dr. Dornbier left at 7:30 and told the nurses to call him at 9 and let him know how I was doing and he would determine if I could go home. By this time I hadn't had any hard contractions, just a little tightness 2-3 times an hour. So it all seemed to be working. I enjoyed my "me" time (Jon was at my parents eating supper and playing with the boys and then took them home for baths and bed and I told him there was no reason for him to come to the hospital as he wanted to) I just laid there and enjoyed the quietness and really thought about the babies and what this "bed rest" was going to mean.

At 9:15 the nurse came in and said Dr. Dornbier said I could go home but had to come back in 24 hours for my 2nd steroid shot and then have to go into his office on Friday to see him. So I finally got out of there around 9:40 and headed home. The boys were concerned about me, I talked to them on the phone before they got into bed and they said "mama at doctor mama is sick". So I got home kissed them and they were glad to see me.

So this was a very real scare that put into perspective how different things are with this pregnancy. Your body is really made to carry only one baby so to carry 2 babies TWICE is a huge risk and strain on the body. My muscles aren't as tight as last time so may not hold them in for as long, my activity is VERY different having (2) two year olds at home to chase after plus I have the photography I'm doing on the side. So that will all change in the next 5 weeks.

I went into work yesterday for a few hours (way longer than I should've been there) to officially start my short term disability, to put on my out of office, change voicemail, clean out my computer and get my desk cleared off. I put in my letter of resignation last week effective after I'm released from my maternity leave from my doctor. Normally, people don't put in their resignation before they go on leave but in this case if I did my work would be able to replace my position now instead of waiting until like July. I still get my full maternity leave covered at 100% so I didn't feel strange telling them officially I wasn't going to be returning. So I had my very last day at Wells Fargo, kind of a sad day and everyone was shocked it was happening already.

So today is my first official day with nothing to do. I have LOTS of stuff I need to do before the girls come in the next 5-6 weeks that I haven't had hours in the day on the weekends for so I'll slowly do some of that stuff (like making TONS of headbands and bows, updating our power of attorneys, typing up recipes a project I started a year ago and a few other baby things) but spend most of my days either laying in the bed or on the couch.

Jon has been amazing..superdad, superman and of course superhusband taking care of me AND the boys; getting them ready in the morning by himself, taking them and picking them up from daycare and getting home every night cooking and cleaning up supper, taking the boys potty 100 times and, playing with the boys, doing the cleaning, and getting them off to bed all while I lay around. I for sure enjoy my snuggle time with the boys laying on the couch before they go to bed and their bed stories! Thank you so much honey for being so great I love you so much!


Our Crazy Filled Life said...

Jenn, that's kind of how I ended up on bedrest with Evan. I was having a lot of contractions and didn't even realize it. Take it easy, it's hard to be on bedrest but you just have to try to stay positive. Keep those babies in a little longer!

Missy... said...

So glad everything is ok, Jenn! Let me know if you need ANYTHING...I'm just a couple blocks away! Take care of yourself and those sweet baby girls!

Allison May Photography said...

Soooo excited for you! Enjoy your time "resting". You posts about twins makes me miss my twin oh so much! Congrats and can't wait to see the amazing pictures!