Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Update on pregnancy & belly

Here are my 32 and 33 week belly pictures! I'm currently 33 weeks and 3 days! Less than 4 weeks to my personal goal of 37 weeks! I had an appointment and ultrasound on Tuesday and my mom came with me this time to check out the babies again. Babies looked great, 2 weeks ago they were 3lb. 9oz. and 4lbs and this time they were 4lbs. 9oz. and 4lbs. 10oz. so they are getting there! Heart beats were 156 and 154 for Baby A and Baby B respectively. Baby A is still in perfect position, head down and head facing toward the back.

After the ultrasound I had my dr. apt. last week, well not even a week from the last apt. 6 days I will still closed (not dilated) but starting to thin out a little. This Tuesday, I was dilated to 1.5-2. So....I was moved from "modified bed rest" to "full/restrictive bed rest" and put on procardia, which is a medication that won't stop contractions but will stop my uterus from dilating that I have to take every 6 hours round the clock. The goal for my dr. is to get me another 2-3 weeks, my personal goal is to get to 37 weeks which again is slightly less than 4 weeks.

So what does this mean....I'm down (laying down) for almost ALL of the day. Before if I was down most of the day I could be up at night and play with the boys a little, read books, give them baths, help get them ready for bed, help dress them in the morning, do some things around the house and be up on the weekends more than I would be during the week so modified bedrest...ALL that was okayed with the dr. NOW...after my apt. on Tuesday, I'm to remain laying down for ALL of the day. more of the above. In the morning I get up after Jon and the boys leave bring my stuff downstairs that I need and then lay on the couch all day. I get up every time I finish drinking my big pitcher of water, go potty refill my drink and sometimes grad something to eat and back to the couch I go. Around 4 I head upstairs and stay there for most of the night (to avoid the boys wanting me for anything and everything and then me feeling bad for not being able to do things with them). Its best if I'm out of sight out of mind.

Even though it's only been a couple days since all this it is REALLY hard for me to be away from the boys and Jon so much and to NOT be helping out with anything. But I know my first job right now is to keep these babies in for as LONG as possible so that's what I'm going to do! No traveling or being out and about. I'm spending these last few weeks on the couch/bed! So keep all of us in your thoughts and prayers these next few weeks.

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love to join you if you are in bed so much mom, no vaginal sex for you but I bet that bum hole would love some action mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nice and tight and I would make you feel sooooooooooo good, just relax and enjoy I will make you squeal with pleasure and beg for more