Thursday, May 19, 2011

Craft area

This is my new FAVORITE thing in our kitchen/play area! My friend MJ who lives in MN picked it up for me from Ikea and just love where we chose to hang it. Now the boys can display all of their artwork and coloring and not take up ALL of the space on the fridge.

I had Jon hang it on the back of our little island type thing so they move their table and chairs right under the pictures and do their coloring/painting/drawing/etc. and then they can hang them up!

Now the excitement...since I'm going to be home and need LOTS of crafts and activities to keep the boys happy, plus I LOVE LOVE LOVE crafts and coloring so I needed some space that was convenient for me/them to get to. So in our bathroom we have a coat closet. Since I won't be working I don't need all my fancy JCrew coats so I put them all away and left only 2 coats for me and the same for Jon and same for the boys. This made lots of room for coats of our guests that stop by and gave me lots of space to put all the craft supplies. I didn't get a before picture but just image this being packed with all my coats/and on the top shelf little buckets that held gloves/diaper bags and on the floor there was a 3 drawer organizer that held hats and scarves. All that is now gone and it looks like this!!

I love it and have lots of ideas on how to use these supplies and stuff all ready to go. One of my many projects I accomplished while on bedrest!

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