Monday, May 2, 2011

Girls' Projects

So I said that I've been busy making cute accessories for the girls. Here are a few of my projects!

Little and big flowers to attach to headbands. (I didn't take step by step pictures for these) I bought all my flowers at Michael's. So you'll have a long stem and all you pull the head of the flower off. Then you pull off the center of the flower out and then separate all of the petals to remove any of the plastic pieces that are stuck between the petals (you can use any flower not just Gerber daises to me those are for when the babies are a little bigger so I found a little bit smaller flowers to use as well) if you don't the hot glue will melt the pieces. After you've done that you just glue them back together with a dot of hot glue. Then put a button, jewel or anything in the center of the flower. Then take your little alligator clip and put a dot of hot glue on top of it and then stick on your flower and you're done! Here are how mine turned out....
I was SUPER excited about making korker I watched this video and then got to it! Take your ribbon and wrap around a wooden dowel secure each end with a clothes pin. Bake in the oven on 275 for 25 minutes. Once ribbon cools then take off dowels and it will look like this! Then cut your ribbon into 3 inch pieces and take a piece of embroidery thread on a needle and and put the pieces together in the order you want the ribbon (if doing different colors) for my baby boys I used 7 pieces of 3 inch ribbon. As the video shows you can use many more pieces to make HUGE one but I'm only doing baby bows right now. After you string them on tie a knot and then arrange the pieces of ribbon to your liking. Then glue to your ribbon covered alligator clip and you're done! And then they look like this! My friend Lisa helped make some of the traditional bows, I did the purple ones and all the small little clip bows along with the korkers.
Oh my next cute thing...these little puffs! How adorable are they??!! To make take a boa and cut into little pieces, glue one end to a ribbon covered alligator clip and then make a loop and glue the other end...easy peasy! And of course my storage for them all. Each set of bows/puffs/headbands are in their own little snack sized baggie and then put in these storage containers so they are easy to get to. Finally, I've really wanted some Baby Legs but not for $12-$15 a pair TIMES TWO! So my friend, well I'm calling her my friend, we've talked for months about having two sets of twins, she has twin boys and then twin girls and lives in Minnesota and has started making these adorable leggings and other cute things on the side. So I had to be one of her first guinea pigs for her leggings and at a quarter of the price they are PERFECT! Check out MJ's blog if you're interested. I've figured out how to make my own, now the hunt for cute socks is on! So those are my fun girly projects I've been working on!! LOVE LOVE LOVE making all these cute things, Jon tells me I need to restrain myself but what's a girl to do all day but look for cute flowers online to make and cute ribbon!!

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krmccord said...

Cute bows, Jennifer! I especially like the korker bows. That's cool how you bake the ribbon. If we ever have a girl, we will be in big trouble. T.J. loves all the cute little girl things:)