Monday, May 23, 2011

Julianne & Jocelyn's Birth Story

It's baby week!! Nothing but updates and pictures of our two beautiful daughters this week!

On Monday, May 16th I was scheduled to be at the hospital at 6:30. We took the boys to daycare at 6:10 and headed down to Mercy Hospital. Jon and I decided that there was no use in him being there all morning while I fill out paperwork get all hooked up and so on. So he dropped me off at the door and he went on to work. This was my before picture I took in the bathroom of my labor room at 37 weeks 4 days!

I was all hooked up to the machines by 7:30 and in came Dr. Dornbier to break my water. He wanted steady labor levels by 9:30 or the dr. should give me pitocin. At 8:45 I asked to get up and walk around a little bit, I was getting bored laying in bed and my butt hurt. Normally, with twins they don't like to take the babies off the monitors but since everyone was doing so well she gave me a half hour. So off I went to walk some laps. At 9:30 she issued pitocin and by 10:45 I called for my epidural. It was getting hard to breathe and talk through the contractions. Jon worked his half day and got to the hospital at 11:15 right as I was being told it could be an hour before I get an epidural! My nurse gave me some meds in my IV in the meantime and only 20 minutes later in came a 2nd anesthesiologist they had called in to help with the back log of patients. So I got my epidural at 12:15 and by then I was already dilated to a 5. At 1:50 I was fully dilated to a 10 and Jon and my mom prepped to head back to the OR to deliver (something they do with patients carrying multiples in the event an emergency c-section is needed). At 2 we were back in the OR and I got moved to a new bed and Baby A was right there and Dr. D said baby will be out in 5 pushes. Sure enough 3 pushes later at 2:08PM Julianne Jane was born!
{My mom was videotaping and taking pictures and was my other support person} This was my first time holding my sweet Julianne!

After Jocelyn was born they immediately put up the ultrasound to see where Baby B was (she was head down while I was laboring but most times after the first baby is born the second baby will flip around because she now has all the room) that was the case with us. He tried and tried to get Baby B to stay head down so he could break my water and he couldn't get to stay. He was making comments about getting anesthesia in the room and where are they and he can't get her to stay put. It was the LONGEST 8 minutes EVER! Between the boys was only 2 minutes. To say I was worried about baby B is an understatement and I could tell Dr. D was really worried too. She had her arm up above her head and was feet first. He ended up grabbing her feet and pulling her out. He was worried about something that popped in her ankle and also her clavicle since her arm was up. So at 2:16PM Jocelyn Jo was born! They whisked her away to the other room and came in a couple minutes later and said they put her on some oxygen and that she did NOT have to go to NICU and all bones were OK! I was so relieved and started crying. Jon went with the babies to the nursery and mom stayed with me until they took me back to my room. {Jon holding Julianne for the first time}
{The first picture of the girls together Jocelyn with some oxygen on and Julianne}
{Jocelyn in the nursery just hanging out after her measurements she was 19 inches long and Julianne was 19 1/4 inches long}

It took them what seemed liked FOREVER for them to bring up Jocelyn to me the above is me holding my second daughter for the very first time! I couldn't wait to see her! Her blood sugar was a little low so they feed her an ounce of formula right away and she downed it! As soon as I was back to my room from delivering Julianne was waiting for me to nurse, she was starving!

So both girls were healthy, things were a little on edge as Jocelyn was being delivered but we are soooo very blessed to have two beautiful healthy daughters and that's the birth story of our second set of twins!


Missy... said...

What an amazing story -- I got the goosebumps!!

The girls are gorgeous!

Congrats again!

Janel said...

Beautiful pictures Jen! LOVE their names. :)

Amber said...

Amazing story, Jen! I LOVE the girls' names!! Congratulations!

Mandy said...

congrats! They are beautiful!!!