Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Meeting their BIG brothers and our hospital stay

Monday night Kyli picked the boys up from daycare and the boys stayed with Uncle Ben and Aunt Kyli. Kyli took them to daycare Tuesday morning (a HUGE thank you to them for helping us out when the girls were born!!) and then Jon picked them up around 3:30 and they came down to the hospital to meet their sisters for the first time. Jackson was excited and was talking about meeting the babies, Joel was indifferent. I had picked up a bunch of little things that "the babies" got for the boys and put them in their favorite...Thomas the Train bags!

We put the bags in the baby cribs and when the boys came they brought each baby a purple carniation and "gave it to them" and then we told them to look in their cribs. They were excited and came right over to the girls and thanked them. Jackson even came over and ASKED to hold one of the girls! I about fell out of the bed! I didn't expect it. Joel just watched from a distance which was ok. We have the attitude that as long as they aren't mean to them they don't have to hold them, kiss them or want to help. Although they LOVE to help changed diapers and "help" wipe them off and hold pacis, rock them in their carseats. Little things. {Jackson holding Jocelyn}

{Jackson thanking the girls for his new choo choo!}

Our first picture with the girls!

{Mama and her girls!}
Papa and Nana with their new granddaughters

{Grandpa, Aunt Janna and Grandma with their granddaughters}

{Jocelyn getting her first bath by the nurse!}

{Daddy and his girls after their bath}

{Jocelyn and Julianne after their baths}

We had a good hospital stay. It went fast! Both of the girls were a little gaggy, like they were trying to cough and spit up but couldn't and it was silent and each turned blue and we had to have the nurses help get color back in their faces. It was very scary. We stopped the vitamin d drops as we thought this may be causing it and that seemed to help. We even had to pul the code blue lever in our room at one time. We were scared to leave the room and stop watching them and I was worried how we were going to go home and I was going to take care of 4 kids and still watch them every minute of the day if they were to gag and me not hear them, since they never made any noise. The peditrician said a few days after birth they are trying to get up mucus that they may have swallowed at birth and gave us no reason to worry at home. Although we still did! Since we've been home we haven't had any episodes and they no longer spit up at times, so whether it was the vitamin d or what it seems were all past that now!

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