Wednesday, May 18, 2011

This is how we'll roll

So as I'm going to be discharged today this is how we'll all be going home! As you can see the girls are in the 3rd this seems to be the easiest way to get them in because we can load them through the trunk and the 3rd row of seats recline making it easy to lift the carriers over the seat!Earlier last week I went to the police station have the car seats all checked out and make sure this was the best way for a set up. Good thing I did because we had all 4 incorrectly installed! With the boys every time we changed the seats up I went there and had them show us how to install them. And since this time we have a different brand of infant carriers and bases I'm sure glad I went and the best's FREE! Here is a look from the driver's side.
So when you see us out and about in a parking lot don't laugh at us as we load our babies in through the trunk!

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